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    6.4 hemi truck motor (silly srt oil requirement)

    My 2017 Ram 2500 with the 6.4 Hemi engine calls for 0w40 and is pretty vague about recommending/requiring ONLY Pennzoil 0w40 SRT specific oil. This is not an SRT motor. The truck used quite a bit of oil in the first 5k miles on the factory fill. It was quite un-nerving to say the least...
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    2000 Land Cruiser 2UZ-fe 4.7 v8

    Anyone have any opinions on choosing an oil for this thing? Doing my usual oil OCD with this vehicle I found some interesting stuff. This vehicle is the same the world over. Same motor, same tune, same everything. They make a diesel version but as far as the gasoline v8/"petrol" engine it is...
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    Review:99 Jeep Grand Cherokee 145K

    I wanted to share some thoughts on my current ride. So here we go .............. This 99 Jeep WJ (grand cherokee) is 4x4 and was purchased very well maintained from a relative. The vehicle has 143K miles and I am the third owner. First let me say this thing is RELIABLE but not durable...
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    Motorcraft vs. Pennzoil YB 5w-20

    Motorcraft is marketed as a syn blend but is it anymore synthetic than PYB which is marketed as a conventional? I am using PYB 5w-20 in my Ford 5.4 3v but wonder if Motorcraft adds anything over the PYB?
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    Bye Bye to my Toyota !

    Finally had all I could stand of my 08 Sienna. Traded it on a lightly used Expedition Eddie Bauer. I got a big fat number on trade because of toyota's "reputation" and got a great price on the gas hog expedition. A large third row vehicle is the smallest thing my family can happily live with...
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    cartridge filter? why?

    I just got finished with the first oil change in my new sienna. The cartridge filter is a major PIA. Why make something that is easy more difficult? It is not hard but it at least tripled the time spent doing the oil change for no logical reason. I will be doing long oci's on this vehicle.
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    Toyota cartridge filter

    I have a 2008 Sienna. I have been able to find these oil filters for the vehicle: Toyota 04152-yzza1-made in Thailand Wix 57047-made in South Korea Napa Gold FIL 7047-must be same as wix? S korea? Fram ch9972-made in china where are these filters made: Champion p967 Mobil 1 ep m1c251...
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    2008 Toyota Sienna CE

    I finally bit the bullet and bought a new mini van. We have three small kids and usally have a minimum of 5 in the van at all times. We started out looking at a Nissan Quest due to a very low price advertised in the paper. We looked at a base model that was 16995 before taxes. We...
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    Wal Mart Supertech by region

    Here in east TN all the supertech is the WPP. I understand in other places it may be SOPUS or Exxon-Mobil. I am going to south Florida in a month and would like to try some of the different supertech. Can anyone advise the type of Supertech sold in Florida? I tried searching for about 30 min...
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    long oci questions/recommendations

    I take care of the basic maintence on my mom's car. She is not very good about doing maintence so I do it. Her car is a 2005 Camry 4cyl. I hauled the car to the dealer for free oil changes until they ran out at 30K miles (5K oci). I am just too busy to do 5k oci's on her car so at 30K I put...
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    additives that actually worked for you

    It seems that additives in the trans or engine seem to get picked on around here so I thought I would ask what additives have worked for you guys. I have never used a engine oil additive but I have used some stuff in a transmission with instant results. Smartblend <a...
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    best product for a plastic lawn tractor hood?

    I have a John Deere lawn tractor and need to know what kind of product should I use on the plastic hood to make it look nice. Should I use a polish, wax, cleaner wax or what?
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    making pull-start easier

    My mom has a heck of a time starting her push mower. She told me to pick her out a new very basic push mower (not self propelled). I planned on running her new mower on 5/10w-30 for easier starting. Would one of the fancy super duper spark plugs help? Any other ideas? Any mower...
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    10w-30 is no good for my engine

    I have a John Deere lawn tractor with the 17hp kawasaki engine. I recently bought one of those john deere maintenence/tune up in a box kits and it came with two qts of JD turfgard 10w-30. My machine uses about 8 oz. of oil all summer on Pennzoil hd30. After I put in the 10w-30 I used 8 oz...