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    Battery Corrosion through the terminals, warranty?

    My wal-mart battery just started leaking acid through the terminals. Is it considered defective? I'm still within the warranty period. Thanks!
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    Consumer Reports Car Seat Reviews?

    Does anyone have a current subscription to Consumer Reports on-line or in print form? I am in the market for a Stage 1-2-3 Convertible car seat and was wondering what the recommended products were. Thanks for any help!
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    Any comments on Goodyear Eagle GT-HR's?

    The only experience I've had with Goodyears have been terrible (the goodyear eagle), but that's the only tire they had at Discount Tire and the tread pattern looks decent. It's a quiet ride so far, but when I turn, there is a strange thunka-thunka sound. Like the engineers didn't account for a...
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    No warm up, straight to highway speeds in the AM, any problems?

    I live beside a highway and in the mornings when I leave for work, there isn't a way to get the engine to operating temp before I hit 70mph. How long can I expect to keep doing this before my engine decides to call it quits? I drive a honda accord that gets all preventative maint. done...
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    How can I tell my car is misfiring?

    Someone suggested that I might have a general misfire at idle (to account for the loud engine noise). I've got a '95 Honda Accord EX with the 2.2L Vtec engine. I've replaced everything other than the plug wires during a tune up which was less than 10k ago. Could the wires be causing the...
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    Honda engine sounds like a diesel when idling

    I own a 95 accord and it's had regular service since new. I've used gunk engine flush once (yeah I know, silly) and seafoam in the oil (once) and through the pcv quite a few times. Up until a few years ago, it was rather quiet, but now it sounds like a diesel. Runs fine, mileage is decent...
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    MPG issues

    I own a '95 Honda Accord and the EPA estimates have me at 23 in the city and 30 hwy. I can agree with that. It also says that my combined gas mileage should be about 26 or so (which my friend with a 97 does get). What I want to know is why I'm getting a combined trip of 23 mpg and my friend...
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    Brake pedal falls to floor at when sitting in traffic

    When pulling out of the driveway or slowing down in traffic, the pedal is fine. When sitting at a light, the pedal will drop to the floor and I'll have to push harder to stop the car from rolling. I have no idea if this has any bearing on the problem, but the rear calipers make a clicking...
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    How do you remove the rear hatch lift supports on a 2001 Pathfinder?

    I can't find any info online (b/c I don't know where to look) and I don't have access to a service manual at the moment.
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    Does anyone drink cheap vodka and use brita water filters?

    go to they use cheap vodka and brita filters to strain out the impurities that turn nasty vodka into something more refined. it's fun for a laugh if nothing else.
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    What should I use to lube my power antenna?

    The manual doesn't list anything, but in this cold weather it tends to stick and makes this horrible popping noise, like gears are turning but the mast is frozen.
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    Never pay DVD rewinding fees AGAIN!

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Too many DVDs, and CDs and not enough time to rewind? Are your DVDs running a bit too slow? The DVD rewinder...
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    reinventing the wheel. Tweel

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a> <img src="" alt=" - " /> <img...
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    Popping sound when I turn.

    I just had the cv joints replaced on my car (both sides - under warranty). It has less than 45k on the odo, less than 3k on the cv joints/half-shafts. Just recently, when I turn sharply, I'll hear a "pop!" noise from the drivers side. It happens whether I turn left or right. I am currently...
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    Does advance make a filter similar to the P24458?

    I was hoping to get some more filters during Advance Auto's two for one deal, but they didn't seem to stock a filter that cross referenced to the Purolator Premuim Plus 24458 (to go on my accord). Anyone know if I am wrong and they DO stock them?
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    Bardahl Ring-eeze similar to Auto-Rx?

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a> <blockquote>quote:<hr />Bardahl has developed a means of dissolving deposits and keeping these deposits in suspension. Bardahl RING-EEZE contains patented...
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    PO401 code in a 97 honda accord, has anyone had the problem and know how to fix it?

    My friend just got the code and I wondered if anyone here know where the EGR system was located and how to repair/replace the parts affected? Thanks.
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    What is the best 1 man brake bleeder?

    I hate having to ask someone to pump the brake pedal for me. Does anyone know how to activate the ABS pump on a 95 accord to change the fluid?
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    Is it OK to use stick on wheel weights on a alloy wheel that uses the hammer on kind?

    Does my question make any sense and if so, would it cost any extra? I'm tired of seeing scratch marks on my wheels after getting new tires or getting them rebalanced. I like how the wheels on a BMW use stick on weights from the factory. Are they any less accurate / will they fall off easier...
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    who actually calls a dealer when there's no price in ad?

    i never call a dealer, since they will always try to sell you something else or jack the price up. research is your best friend. a friend of mine only buys his cars online. he'll get a listing of all the dealers in his area and a couple of states away. he will email all of them with the...