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    DI engines and coaking

    I remember a few threads a few years ago where the (then) new Direct Injction engines (from Audi and others) were showing unusual coaking of the intake valves even when proper oils and OCIs have been followed. Can anyone comment on the current state of these kinds of engines and oil? And...
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    Looking for SAE paper

    I am looking for an SAE paper on the effects of vicsocity on the ring package in automobile engines. If I remember correctly, this paper came to the conclusion that a lighter weight oil lubricates the ring package better than a heavier weight oil Thanks
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    SM oil issue

    We have a late 1960's air cooled flat 6 race engine (8400 RPMs; 2.0 litres 245 HP) that has started to consume camshafts and followers since we changed* from SL oils. ran out of our stock of SL oils on the shelf. We used to get 100+ hours on a camshaft (3-4 rebuild cycles) and almost never wore...
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    Active Noise Cancellation on the New Honda Odysey

    Been used for a long time* in refrigerators and dishwashers. long time = ~6 years.
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    What to do with "lightly" used oil

    I would not save the oil, but if you do try to save the oil, let it sit for the duration and skim the top 9 Qts off the top and leave whatever falls out of the oil in the bottom of the storage container. I can remember on racer I knew that blew an engine and did not fully clean out the oil...