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  1. Braapdaddy

    P0300 only the dreaded random misfire

    Like the title says the recently purchased CLA250 4MATIC 2014 throwing this code but no others Wife was on the way home from work .....stumbling and shaking she was able to get it about 1.5 miles to a acquaintances house until I could get up to see Code reader only gives p0300 and the car...
  2. Braapdaddy

    30lb keg R12 never cracked open

    Hello friends ran across a full never opened keg of R12 and 6 regular small cans I know most systems are long dead or converted over but I looked and these are going for nearly 1k on the internet I will take $ 700 for the whole bunch packaged up safe for shipment You pay the shipping cost...
  3. Braapdaddy

    BLACKSTONE-NEY Ultrasonic

    Hello BITOG friends got this Blackstone-Ney Ultrasonic cleaner CH-2418 among various items when I bought a bulk warehouse of industrial goods ...... it's been wrapped in plastic and brand new unused but about 6 years old or more trying to decide if this is something I want to put to use or find...
  4. Braapdaddy

    Industrial grease for wind industry

  5. Braapdaddy

    Fram PH4967

    Hello Bitog friends look what I found in a warehouse I bulk purchased .....some would say pitch these in the trash but I say they have value to someone with a shop or a lifetime of filters for one person Lots of Castrol industrial products and tons literally of 3M abrasives
  6. Braapdaddy

    Castrol OPTITEMP SW1 Grease

    Hello friends I ran across some of this stuff while cleaning out a friend's warehouse definitely not automotive but industrial any guess on the intended usage?
  7. Braapdaddy

    Textar pads equivalent to Brembo OE low metalic ?

    Just bought new Brembo dimpled/drilled coated rotors front and rear for the wife's CLA 250 4MATIC also got new front pads I got the Brembo low metal ...... the rear were like new as were the rear rotors they are what came on the car when I purchased it Are the TEXTAR rear pads near the same...
  8. Braapdaddy

    Castrol Hysol 50 and other metal working fluids

    Hello Bitog friends I have a question for someone on the site that is familiar with the Castrol Hysol and similar products in the Castrol industrial fluid field Hysol 50 Castrol and other various 55 gallon drums that I have been given the task of liquidating
  9. Braapdaddy

    Mercedes CLA 250 at 100k miles; unknown oil unknown miles

    Hello friends here is the first UOA on the wife's CLA 250 new to us with exactly 100k on the odo. Unknown oil out mileage unknown had a Valvoline oil sticker in the window but to faded to read had to get it changed out for peace of mind Had lots of STP EURO 5W40 left over from the VW Passat...
  10. Braapdaddy

    Decipher BEVO sheets gear/transfer oil

    Forgive me if this is a subject that has been covered already.... 2014 CLA 250 4MATIC Have a stack of liqui moly products and filters to do all the fluids as my 250 is just about to hit the 100k mark Finally going with the liqui moly 5w40 in the green bottle with the dye i have been...
  11. Braapdaddy

    Are some forums not accepting new members ?

    Hello recently tried to join 2 Mercedes-Benz forums and was rejected or blocked .... I am a member here on Bob and on Tacoma world as well as a few others but can't seem to get a simple membership to get a few specs and capacities on my new to me 2014 250 4MATIC I have also tried to look over...
  12. Braapdaddy


    Hello friends I am getting ready for a complete fluid flush on my wife's Mercedes CLA 250 I am replacing the thermostat housing and flushing the existing coolant ( its somewhere between dark blue and green colored ) it appears to protecting to -34 but I want fresh stuff I have 6 gallons of...
  13. Braapdaddy

    Knowingly running engine low on oil

    Ok I decided to post this I humor because it's prob not worthy of posting in the actual useful info Names and faced have been changed to keep from throwing a friend under the bus 1998 4.3 GMC Checked the oil not showing on the stick had been driving for a few days like that put two quarts of...