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    Recommendation for small generator .

    I would highly recommend Champion power equipment! I had one of their 2000w inverters for a couple years and it was reliable, quiet and performed very well. I upgraded to their 3400 inverter when I got a camper with ac. The 3400 easily runs the ac and any other electrical needs in my camper...
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    How does "Universal" CVT fluid work?

    Well, I now have 2 Nissans with CVT's in my garage. My wifes 2011 Quest that calls for NS-2 And a recently aquired 2014 Altima 2.5 that calls for NS-3 I am running Amsoil cvt fluid in both, and both perform flawlessly with the Amsoil fluid! My wifes Quest has had the Amsoil fluid since 60k miles...
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    New Car New Oil Changes (Toyota Content)

    Question to the original poster. Are you not taking advantage of your free Toyotacare maintanance?! you get 2 free oil changes and 2 or 3 free tire rotations! You get a tire rotation every 5k and an oil change every 10k up to 2 years of purchase and 25k miles
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    Shout out to O'Reilly!

    I have FCS quick strut assemblies on all 4 corners of my Kia Spectra. I honestly had my doubts, the car had 170k miles and needed new struts desperately! They were inexpensive through Rock auto, and it was 2020, Covid shut down, and I didn't have much cash so I rolled the dice. 2 years later...
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    ATV CV boot and reboot

    Cv angle like that is typical for atv's. Many of the aftermarket boots are neoprene or another type of inexpensive rubber. The originals are typically ABS plastic and are much more durable. When you hunt for a replacement, pay attention to what material it is!
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    Champ XL Oil Filter Efficiency

    The Champ XL filters appear to be very similar, if not the same, as the older Mobil1 filters when Champion Labs was making them. I'm currently running a couple of them. I can get them from my local wholesale parts supplier for about $5.99 each.
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    Supertech 10,000 (white) vs 20,000 (blue) filters difference?

    I cut open a Supertech white can, and it pretty much looked to be a Fram orange can with a black nitryl adbv.
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    Timberwolf 250

    I have one that I rode for several years and now my kids use since I upgraded to a 4x4 2 up CFmoto. I bought it with a bad rear end. The splines to the rear axle to the ring gear were worn out and slipped. I ended up having to replace the rear axle and the ring and pinion set because both had...
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    Any Holzfforma/Neotec chainsaw owners?

    I have a ms440 Farmertec (Holzfforma) kit saw that I assembled. Ive ran it for a couple years as my firewood saw, and it worked pretty well. From most of the chat on the facebook groups, the MS660 and the 372xp seem to be the best in the Holzfforma line as far as quality and durability.
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    Strange issue with a Toyota 2.7.

    I wold agree the first thing I would try is putting a Toyota oil filter on it. The correct part number is 90915-YZZG2 The YZZD3 listed above is NOT the correct part number.
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    Champion Generator Engine Reliability

    I've owned 3 Champion generators and all 3 have been great. I have a 3500 watt open frame unit that is 10+ years old and still starts on the 1st pull. I had a 2000w inverter that ran beautifully and served me well until I sold it to upgrade. I upgraded to the Champion 3400w inverter to use with...
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    Worth dropping the pan to change filter and clean magnets? 09 Elantra

    I have a 2008 Kia Spectra, which I believe is mechanically the same car as your Elantra. I dropped the pan and changed the filter an cleaned magnets at 180k miles. It kinda felt like a waste of time, because the filter showed no visible debris, and the magnets just had some minor fuzz on them...
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    That was not so bad.

    fyi...Harbor freight sells push pin pliers that work wonderfully! harbor freight push pin pliers
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    Missing glue around inner core

    I ran Nissan filters for a while and the Gonher made ones actually seemed pretty well made. I cut several open and found no issues and was actually quite pleased with their construction.
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    FCS struts from Rock Auto?

    I swapped out all 4 struts with FCS quick struts on my Kia Spectra last March, so a little over a year in service. So far, no complaints. Ride is a little on the firm side, which I prefer anyways.
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    Post your latest oil change

    2021 Cfmoto Cforce 600 Touring 1st service! Amsoil 10w40 ATV engine oil OEM Cfmoto oil filter Amsoil Signature Series 75w90 in the front and read differentials.
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    GM EcoTec collapsed/crushed filters?

    When I worked at a GM dealer, Gm said not to replace the oring unless it was damaged. The oring that comes with many aftermarket filters are made of a lower grade material than the original. I dont think I ever replaced the oring in the 3 years I had my Cavalier.
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    GM EcoTec collapsed/crushed filters?

    When I had my Cavalier with the Ecotec, I noticed the same issue. The Champ made AC Delcos seemed to crush a little worse than the Hengst made AC Delco from Walmart, but they both looked crushed to some extent. Only filter I found that didnt get crushed were Amsoil filters, and they used steel...
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    fl 820s cut open. 3-18-21 date code

    If it weren't for those wide pleats by the seem! Maybe 3-4 extra pleats would tighten up that pleat spacing nicely and avoid that folded, flattened pleat tearing in use.
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    Here comes the MC FL-820S test...

    I think it's a shame really. I wanted to like the FL820s, it is inexpensive, easy to find, and has the thread end bypass that is preferred. It has the potential to be a great filter if just a couple details were addressed. 1. Debur the baseplate and punch nicer holes so the ADBV doesn't get...