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    Craftmans snow blower sounds like jet engine

    Son bought a new house. Previous owner left him a 10 year old Craftman Professional series 357cc snow blower. Snow blower starts up and seems to run fine as long as you have choke on. When taken off choke and moved to run the engine revs to the point it sounds like a jet engine. Engine model #...
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    Irving Gas Now Top Tier

    Stopped in to fill my tank up last night at an Irving gas station. Sign hanging from the fuel pump hose stated that Irving gasoline is Top Tier fuel as well as stating the benefits of using Top Tier fuels. Must be something new, never saw this on them before.
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    Out with the noisy Hankook

    Replaced the noisy Hankook Dyna Pro ATM with some Michelin Defenders LTX. Nice and quiet. Smooth also. 35000 mile on the Hankook and the noise was so bad it sounded like both front wheel bearing were gone. Never had that problem before. Actually took it back to the dealership about 5 month ago...
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    Magnetic drain plug for transmission

    Have a 2015 Nissan Xterra and was wondering if anybody uses magnetic drain plugs for there transmission. If so , what brand and does anyone know what size or model number would fit the 2015 Xterra with automatic trans. Thanks.
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    Potato joke

    2 potatoes are standing on the street corner.How can you tell witch one is the prostitute. Well, its the one with the sticker that says IDAHO on it.
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    oil for 2015 nissan xterra

    Coming up to 3000 miles on my xterra.Wont to change oil and filter at 5000 miles as the owners manual recommends.It has a 4.0liter v6 engine. Nissan recommends 5w30 oil. However the owners manual states that nissan 5w30 ester oil is recommended. My question is can I use say Redline (which is an...