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    Please Read: BITOG forums migrating to Xenforo

    ok, so I'm confused on what the Display Name is because the email suggests it won't be my existing user name? ..but wouldn't it be the same? MN Driver appears to be my display name and it's not customizable. It's also my user name here now, is it not the same for some people?
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    The difference between a Depression and Recession

    You've got to flip those around A recession is when your neighbor loses his job. A depression is when you lose your job.
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    Chevron Supreme 5w30 15185mi 95Prizm Toyota 7AFE

    "Have you done anything to clean the piston rings, such as Auto-RX?" No I haven't, after hearing that it wasn't successfull even awhile after you rinse it didn't seem like there was any reason for it. When I took my valve cover off it was spotless and very clean inside so I figured that the...
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    Chevron Supreme 5w30 15185mi 95Prizm Toyota 7AFE

    @Drew99GT I have the 1.8L 7AFE. I'm going to be flipping it around so it faces up like yours, I just need to grab a better cutting tool to shorten the hose because if I close the hood when it is as long as it is right now it kinks the hose.
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    Chevron Supreme 5w30 15185mi 95Prizm Toyota 7AFE

    I will have to check it here and there, I'm going to flip it around so the loop faces up to avoid that problem. I just need a better tool to cut through that hose. The material is almost 1/4" of two layers of rubber with fabric run through the middle just like how a belt is produced.
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    Chevron Supreme 5w30 15185mi 95Prizm Toyota 7AFE

    Okay, this is what I did. I searched all over the place for something other than the PCV valve that I had before. Went to Autozone, Checker, Carquest, and finally found something other than a Fram or one that was made by another company that looked and acted like they were made by the same...
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    Have you had the tractor in storage for awhile by chance? It sounds to me like you are seeing a little bit of moisture, possibly from heavy condensation. Usually it burns off when you've been running the engine long enough to get it up to temperature to boil off/evaporate the water.
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    Chevron Supreme 5w30 15185mi 95Prizm Toyota 7AFE

    @Jason Adcock - On an hourly basis this engine runs around 3000 rpm 90% of the time. I've noticed that during parts of the duration where I am not on the highway, I do not notice any consumption gas tank to gas tank, which is typically 400 miles per tank.
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    Chevron Supreme 5w30 15185mi 95Prizm Toyota 7AFE

    I got a 3/8"ID x 24" emissions hose and cut a half foot off of it, it was super thick hose and I think I need to cut more length off of it. The loop seems too big, I'll see your picture and let you know how it compares to mine, right now the loop is higher than the two openings the two ends...
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    Chevron Supreme 5w30 15185mi 95Prizm Toyota 7AFE

    @Drew99GT Did you put the coil so that it was below the normal level of the PCV valve? Do you need to pull it off and let anything drip out from time to time? What viscosity of Maxlife are you running? Any difference in viscosity over the winter?
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    Chevron Supreme 5w30 15185mi 95Prizm Toyota 7AFE

    Well, I went to a few auto parts places and it seems that Fram is the brand that everybody has but the old PCV valve that I just took out was a Fram so I replaced it with the only thing I could find that wasn't a Fram. It is the Autozone brand, says Champion on the package so I hope it is...
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    Recycling old pc, erasing hard drive

    I wouldn't worry about it if you used Boot and Nuke. With it you have overwritten the data over the entire surface of the drive rendering the data that once was there into a random assortment of unreadable garbage. If anyone actually wanted the data from the computer, they would find it from a...
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    Chevron Supreme 5w30 15185mi 95Prizm Toyota 7AFE

    @Gary Allen - 4 quart sump @harley145000 - I'd take it to the scrap heap if it wasn't the most reliable car I've ever had with only a consumption issue and a water pump as the only issues in 50,000+ miles of owning this car. This car just got 42 mpg on the highway on the way from Nashville, TN...
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    What oil does HONDA dealerships use ?

    From what I know from talking to various car dealerships. Their sales and service seems to be more of an entrepreneurial run it the way you want to in order to make your profit. I recently watched a video on Youtube of the GM higher ups Mike Davidson and Bob Lutz discussing the Chevy Volt and...
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    Chevron Supreme 5w30 15185mi 95Prizm Toyota 7AFE

    I've been traveling a TON lately just got back from an 1400 mile trip and will be going on an 1800 mile trip which I am leaving for tomorrow, and at the end of next week I will already be nearly 4,000 miles into this OCI, even though the OCI started last week. 5,000 miles will be very soon, so...
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    Chevron Supreme 5w30 15185mi 95Prizm Toyota 7AFE

    The weep hole on my water pump had left a puddle under my car and I lost about a quart of fluid through it for the week prior to replacing the pump. Now that it has been replaced I will be watching the coolant level very closely because there is no reason for it to go down now, if it does, it...
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    Chevron Supreme 5w30 15185mi 95Prizm Toyota 7AFE

    Chevron Supreme 5w-30, 15185 miles, 1995 Geo Prizm 1.8 Liter 7AFE at 187,824 Summary: Engine : Toyota 1.8L 7AFE Filter : Purolator PremiumPlus L14476 Oil: Chevron Supreme 5w-30 SM-Grade Sample Date: 09/24/08 Total Miles: 187,824 miles Interval: 15,185 miles Duration: 10/27/07-09/24/08 (~11...
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    The false econmy of buying a car with better MPG

    I bought my 95 Geo Prizm (Toyota 7AFE 1.8L engine) back in 2006 for $2500. The odd thing is a majority of those out there now have asking prices of $3-4k, but if you are patient enough one will occasionally pop up at or under $2k, but only for a few days before it is gone. It seems that many...
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    94 corolla with oil issues

    I'm nearly 187,000 miles right now with my 7AFE 1.8L which would be over 300km's. I got mine at 139,699 and for the first 15,000 miles or so I was running about 2,000 miles (around 3,000 km's) per each bottle(liter/quart) of oil. I drive my car very hard in town though and it spends it's time...
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    Chevron Supreme 5w30 9824 mi 95Prizm Toyota 7AFE

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">&nbsp;Originally Posted By: Dr_No</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Ok one question, if you are burning oil this insanely...why are you not using a thicker viscosity? </div></div> I haven't hit the 1qt/1,000 mile point of consumption until now...