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    AC Delco AGM Group 94 battery $140 Amazon Prime Day Sale ends 7/13/22

    Amazon for prime day is selling an AC Delco AGM Group 94 battery. Normally similar batteries go for $180 - $200
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    Would you have bought the pizza?

    Went to buy a pizza pie a few days ago. Looked at the menus on the table saw a pie was $16.75. So I ordered it. When the cashier charged me. They charged $18 for the pie. So I asked them, why they’re charging me more? The owner then went on a tangent about inflation, how everything is going up...
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    Pep-Boys strikes again

    So a few days ago, I broke a rim after hitting a huge pothole. The rim was bent, but the tire was fine. The tire never ran completely flat. It only started losing air when the dented part was close to the ground. Luckily, I have a spare OEM rim. I put the donut on and took my car to the local...
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    Intermittent Random Misfires, 10%+ LTFT at idle

    I've been having this issue for a while. Basically I keep having 10-20 misfires on cylinders 3,4,5 (Northstar V8). The other cylinders have 0 or 1 misfires. They seem to happen at high load. I've tried combinations of new OEM spark plugs and coils, but nothing really changed. I was also looking...
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    When is the post-cat O2 sensor tested?

    So normally a Post-Cat O2 sensor voltage should stay constant between .5V and 1V when a cat is healthy. However, when looking at mode 6 data, The B1S2 O2 sensor also has a lean and rich test. The lean test checks if the sensor can read lean between 0V and 0.1V The rich test checks if the...
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    How do you prevent stuck blend doors?

    Is it better to keep your HVAC at 60 or 90 so your actuators don't move? Or, to change the temperature often so the blend doors don't stay stuck.
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    Alternator Charging too long

    A few weeks ago, My car battery died and an autoparts store used an 80A fast charger to recharge it. The battery tested good. I made a thread on it here: Before, Id start my car and the voltage...
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    Why don't plane manufactures update their models?

    When I was young, I used to play Microsoft Flight Simulator. When Flight Simulator 98 came out, they added the Cessna Skylane 182. I figured the 182 was a new plane that came out in 1998. Soo today I randomly googled the history of the Cessna Skylane and found out the 182 came out in 1952! And...
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    No wear on 3 year old Group 94 battery?

    After trying to hard wire my dashcam, I wound up with a completely dead battery. I took my battery to Advance Auto Parts to charge it. They used an 80A charger and in 35Mins, the battery was charged. I asked them to do a battery test on it. To my surprise, the battery showed no wear at all. My...
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    Is it bad to stop rotating my tires?

    When I bought my car, my alignment was slightly off. I had new tires installed on my car and an alignment done in January 2019. Even though the printout showed that adjustments were made, My car never really tracked perfectly straight. I figured something was wrong with my car. Had the tires...
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    Napa 41522 Filter missing gasket

    Napa had a free shipping promotion last week. So I ordered a Napa Platinum oil filter and Some oil. When I opened the shipping bag, I noticed the filter box was beat up. I then looked at the oil filter and saw its gasket was missing. I thought the gasket fell off in the bag, but I couldn't...
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    Do you need to change spark plugs after carbon tracking?

    A few weeks ago, I noticed my engine would "stumble" in drive when waiting at a stop light. It would do this a few times, but no check engine light came on. Eventually, I connected my scan tool and found out cylinder 5 had 20 misfires. I changed all sparkplugs 20K miles ago with OEM Double...
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    New NAPA Battery Chargers

    So Napa just announced a line of smart battery chargers. Do you think they're worth getting? It seems you can get more amps for less money here than buying a NOCO charger
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    Dealer bent AC lines

    I went to have the rear valve cover gaskets replaced on my car at my dealer. A few days after I got my car back, I noticed they bent this AC line wayyy out of shape. I’m pissed off. Especially since there was no reason to touch these lines. There’s plenty of videos with people doing this job...
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    Replace Steering Rack or Not?

    A week ago I took my Cadillac DTS to the dealer to get the rear valve cover gaskets replaced. My car has an extended warranty on it. A few days later I get a call from the dealership saying my steering rack is leaking. It would take a few days to replace the rack, but everything would be...
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    When is the next NAPA filter sale?

    I know in the Spring Napa sometimes sells their Platinum filters for $6 or $5. Will they do the same for November/December? I'm due for an oil change soon and I'd like to get one on sale.
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    FYI, Napa Full Synthetic is rated SP

    I'll try and post a picture, but I purchased a quart of Napa Full Synthetic oil since it was on sale. I looked at the back and saw that the donut mark said API SP on it. Which includes the specs for SN+ and SN. The last time I bought Napa oil a few months ago, It just said API SN on the bottle.
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    Why does Carquest Dexron VI smell funny?

    I had to do a short drain and fill of my transmission. When I finished, I was about one quart low so I needed to buy an extra quart. I decided to buy Carquest Dexron VI. So as I open the bottle, I notice an acrid smell. I smelled the Carquest Dexron and boy did it smell bad! Before this, I've...
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    I guess you should check your lug nut torque

    I had my tires rotated today at Mavis discount tire. I was watching the tech and saw he used a cordless impact to tighten the lug nuts. I assumed he set the torque setting on the impact to something reasonable like 100ft pounds. The shop had torque wrenches and a whole poster about lug nut...
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    Do dealers do this often?

    My friend bought a car at Dealership A a few years ago. The dealership installed black license plate covers with dealership A's name on it. Since my friend regularly services his car at Dealership A and that dealer treats my friend well, My friend left those license plate covers installed...