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    Just went to Exxon

    while filling up I noticed the 89 is now 88.5 and the 93 is now 92. whats wierd is the 87 stayed 87. anyone else notice this? and is this because of the ethanol being added? just found it wierd to see the change.
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    going to help my friend work on his 91 olds 98

    its a 91 olds 98 regency elite with a 3.8 v-6. going to be doing the tps on the tb. need to know how to clean the mass air sensor on the car. as I never worked on this before and any other things I should clean in there. also where is the cam position sensor located at on the car. as it threw...
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    PS question

    hi I have a 03 dakota 4.7 v-8. was wondering whats the best time to check PS levels. I know when its hot. it still dont get up to the hot level line. so is it better to check it cold or hot. I dont want to over fill liek I did on my ranger one time. what a mess. so please help I never had any...
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    wierd Q

    ok as IO posted a few weeks ago I put GC back in my truck. wiered thing is. this is the second time doing so and both times I have had to put 7Qt instead of 6 as it calls for. now all the other oils I have used I have put 6 QT in and was right on the F mark. so whats going on. the guys at AZ...
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    Back with GC

    today I was like need to change the oil in my truck (PP 5w-30) ran about 6500 miles on it. the oil preformed good. alot better than M1. but while looking in my gararge. I saw my old lil stash of GC. so I put it back in with a napa gold filter. I really think the 4.7L V-8 dodge really loves this...
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    I have a question for a guy at work

    he has an old dodge crand caravan. dont know the year. but his water pump went out. while driving back from richmond. the engine did over heat. well he got everyhitng back together and says the engine runs better than ever. only pob he said was the temp guage will run up to hot and then go back...
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    need advice on bringing a car out of mothball

    I have a late 80 early 90 buick regal (looks like the olds cutlass calia ) its been parked in the back yard for over 5 years. need to know what to do to bring it back to running condition. its a 4 banger so its what I need and it was running good before my parents parked it after my aunt quit...
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    stupid question about gas

    what if we went 2 only 2 types of gas at the pump. 87 and 93. would this cut the price of gas any. I have heard 89 is a mix of 87 and 93. but I never seen a reason for the mid grade gas. never seen a vehicle cal for it. all I have seen are vehicles that called for regular or prem. or am I way...
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    you think this guy is right?

    this is what a guy posted over in this one site I goto. I think he is full of BULL> but what do I know. let you all let me know . <blockquote>quote:<hr />Don't know if anyone has said this yet, but: Synthetic oils are fine for ALL vehicles, but if yuo are running a high mileage engine and...
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    2003 Saturn ION Sludge

    does this use dexacool coolaint. if so it looks just like my wifes 00 chevy malibu. we had the intake manifld gasket replaced. and your cap looks just like hers with that reddish color. after I had the gasket replaced. the color is going away. so I would look for a coolaint leak somewhere.
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    Fram camout with their CAI System

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a> . for the prices they charge I would rather get a K&N CAI. guess fram felt left out.
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    Superchip question.

    I have a 03 dakota 4.7 V-8. I finally got the 91 setting on the superchip programmer to work without pinging exxon gas was casuing my pinging. now I noticed that the temp guage is just below halfway now. before it was like a quarter inbetween cold and the middle. is this casused by the 93...
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    which H&K should I get

    my wife told me I could use our next years tax returns to get my H&K. now I want the MK-23 but I also like the P2000. which one should I go with. my cousin went to a H&K shoot out thing (beings he is law inforcement) and told me I would like the P-2000 better. its a .40 so I can get ammo from...
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    Had teh car worked on by the Stealership

    sorry dont know where to post this. had the wifes malibu worked on for a intake manifold gasket (luckly under warranty). I just changed the oil a few days before I took it in. got the car back and the engine is very noisy now. I looked on the work order form .it said they changed the oil. now...
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    Just started ARX

    on my wifes malibu. but I should of thought about waiting. as the car is going in to the shop for the imfamous intake gasket leak. they shouldnt need to drain the oil do they? I put castrol GTX 10w 30 with a napa gold filter. inside the oil cap there is a red like coating on the valve springs...
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    question on gas

    I have alway bought exxon gas for my dakota. now all of a sudden. I am getting pinging under WOT. never did this before. now recently it is. could they be dropping the octain rating as cutting corners to increase their profits. or maybe they started putting ethonol (sorry cant spell)in their...
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    saw this on another site

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a> a lil homemade V-8. now ricers that want to upgrade their lil 4 bangers can have a supercharged V-8 in their cars and fit too <img border="0" alt="[Burnout]" title=""...
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    I was wondering if I could blend the GC with another oil. I dont want to run full GC. but maybe 3 or 4 QT of brand X,and 2 to 3 QT of GC. I want to use it for its add package. I have a 6 QT sump
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    In to my rinse phase of ARX

    I am 1000 miles in to my rinse phase and the engine is alot smoother on the highway and my MPG is back up to 24. where are I was getting 18 HWY. will be trying ARX in my wifes car next. funny thing is truck only has 37,000 on it and this stuff made this much of an improvement. I will be ordering...
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    Takes one to buy some?

    alot of people like them for dummies books. guess they want to help people that think adding fuel cleaners is really hard lol.