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    New GL-4 Oil

    Super Tech Heavy Duty Tractor Hydraulic and Transmission Fluid now lists API GL-4 as a spec on the back of the bottle- link.
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    So GC is now BC and BC is now GC...

    If this has already been discussed please excuse, but I read in the other thread that GC is now being made in Belgium. I just went to AZ and noticed that the 0w-40 is in a new Edge bottle, and it now says "Made in Germany" on the back. The 0w-30 was still in the old bottle and said the same...
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    Can you cut a GL-5 to make a GL-4?

    From what I've read, a GL-5 has twice the sulfer EP additive as a GL-4. So would it be safe to mix 1:1 Mobil 1 75w-90 GL-5 with Mobil 1 0w-40 to create GL-4?
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    Better MPG with Autozone 10w-40 SL

    I've been doing some short oci's with different synthetic oils because I've been trying to figure out if my oil pump was going bad or clogged up. Turns out it was a bad sending unit... Anyway, in the last 6 months these are what I've tried and my average mpg with each oil. Syntec 5w-40 SL...
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    My open mind wants to try Royal Purple

    I have never used RP in my motor, but I would like to give it a try. Their Maxgear felt great in my tranny, but I settled on Redline MT-90 for it. I would like to make a few statements though - There's more to life than UOA's! Most people who buy RP are looking for extra horsepower. These...
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    Valvoline Pyroil Engine Flush

    Anybody tried this <a href="" target="_blank">stuff</a>? Sounds like a faster alternative to AutoRX - Pyroil Engine Flush melts sludge and cleans engines in five minutes. It improves circulation, frees sticky valves and...
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    The Two Versions of M1 0w-40

    Exxon Mobil changed the link in my other post so fast, that I just had to do a little research. Turns out that there is an API SJ/SL/SM/EC/CF version that is sold in Germany, and possibly other parts of the world. Never heard of an API EC rating, anybody know what that is? This version...
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    CJ-4 Flash Points

    I was comparing flash points and was wondering why there is such a big difference between Delvac 1300s when compared to Rotella and Delo. Delvac 1300s - 236c, 457f Delo 400LE - 204c, 399f Rotella - 204c, 400f That's a pretty big difference. I'm assuming the Delo and Rotella are...
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    M1 5w-40 TDT, VW 2.8 v6

    Miles on oil - 3002 Miles on car - 41,887 Everything 0 except - Aluminum - 2 Iron - 6 Copper - 3 Lead - 4 Moly - 3 Manganese- 1 Potassium- 1 Boron - 26 Silicon - 9 Sodium - 1 Calcium - 2208 Magnesium- 412 Phosphor - 917 Zinc - 1070 Vis. - 12.44 Flash - 395 Fuel...
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    Volkswagen G 052 911 Gear Lube

    This is a 75w-90 gear oil from my VW dealer for stock replacement (best for cold shifting so far, it must have some of those GC elf esters). Can anyone tell if it is a GL-4 or GL-5 from this analysis? Thanks! All was 0 except the following - Lead 1 Boron 1 Silicon 5 Sodium...
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    Tranny lube and EP additive Question

    My tranny requires a 75w-90 GL4 lube, which is a 40w when hot. Redline makes MTL 70w-80 and MT-90 that are both GL4 rated. If I mix the two 1:1, I still get a 40w when hot, around 13 cst rather than the 15 cst of MT-90, so I think this would be safe to do and it would shift better when cold...
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    Spec comparison Delvac 1300s vs RP 15w-40

    Delvac 1300s - Royal Purple 15w-40 Viscosity, ASTM D 445 cSt @ 40ºC 114 - 110.1 cSt @ 100ºC 15.0 - 14.9 MRV, cP, ASTM D 4684 19,000 - 21100 Viscosity Index, ASTM D 2270 137 - 140 Flash Point, ºC, ASTM D 92 236 - 224 Could somebody please tell me if...
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    LSD Friction modifier and MTF

    My OEM fluid is the best for cold shifting in my VW but it's notchy. I tried RP Max Gear 75w-90 and it shifted like butter but my 1-2 shift was no good below 70 degrees, it's just too thick. The RP comes with the LSD friction modifier in it, so why would my manual tranny shift better? I don't...
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    Green GC 0w-30, 7500 miles, VW Passat 2.8L v6 5sp

    this sample/last sample/ univ avg miles on car 34350 12550 n/a miles on oil 7500 4200 6070 aluminum 3 2 4 chromium 0 0 1 iron 7 7 17 copper 6 4 5 lead 16 4 3 tin 1 1 1 moly 3 3 46 nickel 0 1 1 mang 1 1 2 potass. 0 0 1 boron 0 0 58 silicon...
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    GC weight

    Only 0w-30. I have seen it at Audi dealers, but it will probably cost more.
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    Startup Protection

    Castrol now sells an oil called 'Startup' that has synthetic additives to help with startup wear. I assume it contains esters that cling to the metal. Are there any aftermarket additives that could be added to a dino to give the same protection or is it really that important?
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    Anyone have a Syntec 5w-50 UOA?

    I searched in the UOA part of the forum and did not find one. If anyone has done one please chime in. What I would like to know is if it shears like crazy? I'm considereing using one or two quarts of the 5w-50 with 4/5 quarts of green GC to see if it will lower my consumption a bit. Just...
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    Royal Purple smoothes metal surfaces?

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Page about half way down and look at the pictures of a bearing surface. "The oil layer responds to increased pressure with increased viscosity until the metal peaks...
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    Valvoline Mercon V for Esso (VW/Audi/BMW) apps? Valv says so...

    I use the Maxlife Dexron III/Mercon in my wife's Honda and it shifts better than the Z1 fluid. Also, since it's out of warrenty, I like that Valvoline is standing behind it as I know Honda isn't.
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    Volkswagen and Castrol

    Found this on the web, which looks like what VW uses for factory fills - <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Looks like they used 0/5w-40 almost...