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    Security lights?

    Hi, I am looking to buy my parents 3 security lights for the front of their house. I want two that are hard wired and one thate is solar. Do you have any experience and recommendations? Thank you!
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    2005 Jeep Wrangler and chipped key?

    Hi and thank you. My dads 05 Wranglers ignition switch apparently is going bad. I am finding out information that says it will need a new and everything due to the key coming with a chip? Just does not seem like something this old technology vehicle would have. Can anyone verify this? And how...
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    Opinions on this truck?
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    Movie scene where girl made a guy nervous?

    Do you remember what movie it was that a nerdy kind of guy was saying to a girl that just being around here made his blood pressure or heart rate go up? Or maybe is was increases testosterone level? TIA
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    You-tube errors

    Ok so I was getting constant errors when watching a You-tube video. I googled how to fix it. I tried everything....uninstalled/reinstalled google chrome, changed my DNS, cleared my cache, and restarted my router and modem. .....It turned out to be an extension I got for google
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    Google Public DNS

    I have been having a problem watching youtube videos lately....constant errors. ID errors and try again notices. So I have tried clearing the Cache.....helped for a little bit and then problems came right back. This happens on any computer I use on my network at home. So I changed over to...
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    Cool info on the Corvette

    I see several posts here about the new Vette but I did not see this article posted but I apologize if I missed it. Cool videos as well. <a href=""...
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    Storing old laptop

    I just purchased a new laptop and I want to store my old one as a should I take the batter out to store it? Thank you!
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    Lenovo c930 vs Asus ZenBook UX433FN

    Which of these two would you recommend and why? Thank you!
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    Outer tie rod?

    2012 Nissan Rogue that needs its right outer tie rod replaced....I plan on doing the left side as well.....however what brand do you recommend? Seems like my choices are of course Moog and then ProForged? Thank you
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    Knife for a gift?

    I am looking for some knife suggestions. This is a gift I will be asking from my parents. They are getting older and would like something from them that will last and I love knives. I currently have several Spydercos which is my favorite brand. I am not looking for something in particular...
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    Liquor for eggnog?

    Just curious as to what is popular? I just tried Vanilla Crown and really liked it.
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    Thinking about buying this 2007 Chevy 1500

    Opinions? I have not gotten a chance to go look at it in person yet. <a...
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    SP performance brakes?

    Does anybody have any experience with these brakes? If so what were your impressions? Thank you
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    Mazdas new compression gas engine

    <a href=""...
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    Can you recommend a gas grill for around $300?

    Looking for recommendations. Thank you.
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    Oil Dialysis ...make your oil last a long time?

    <a href="" title="httpwwwautoblogcom20170605robinonecaroilpurificationskipchangesncidedlinkusayuto00000016" target="_blank"></a> I...
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    Just changed my CVT fluid

    2012 Nissan Rogue that just hit the 60K mile mark so my warranty is over for my transmission. I did a drain and fill at the 40k mile mark with the factory fluid. This time I used the Amsoil CVT fluid plus 1 quart I had left of the factory fluid. I have enough to do 2 more drain and fills. So at...
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    Is Helen ok?

    I have tried to send her a PM for over 2 weeks and I have not heard anything. Did I miss where something happened to her? Im sorry if I did miss something. Thank you!
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    Very fast cars

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Hope this has not been posted before