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    Thin vs Thick Discussion, Chapter 2

    Since most of my post was deleted, yet not all of it, this isn't even funny now, as it was when written. I obviously know what both are, so attempted to infuse some humor into this thread. I have obviously joined this forum in error, and shouldn't have. Since I love laughing, and others would...
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    What's the weather like where you live?

    Local weather camera shot.
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    What's the weather like where you live?

    Beautiful day, which describes most days here, living in paradise. If the sun isn't shining, go read a book or work on a motorbike in the shop for a few hours, the sun will shine again soon.
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    Glad to hear that yours work so well. I've personally tried 5 different brands, all required pedalling, which defeated the entire purpose of us renting them to ride around exploring on. The Surface 604 was the worst offender, that had to be pedalled so hard to get the assist to work, it would...
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    All the ones I have seen you must pedal them, and some fairly hard, to get the electric motor to work. That IMO is a really stupid feature. You may want to consider that, and look for a bike with an actual 'throttle' on it as well. Good luck with the shopping, and keep us up to date when you buy.
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    what does a car computer use to compute oil life remaining?

    Before an oil life monitor could even begin to give an accurate estimate, it would first need to know what oil you used. Synthetic, a blend, conventional, quality and additive package, and more.
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Dad is a huge fan of Alan Jackson. I grew up listening to it so often, know every word. He was sitting on the couch when this song started, so I made him get up and dance with me. We both love to dance, and do so often, but haven't hit a dance club in over a week.
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    Will soon need to buy new 3 season tires for my 2008 Honda Fit. I have dedicated winter tires, on seperate rims, so these are April till Halloween use only. I drive about 5% gravel roads, 10% city, 30% secondary roads that are twisty, and 55% hwy. A mellow driver most often, not a Valtteri...
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    Lets talk about new vehicles

    What a kind man, telling her to use his personal charger "anytime". Wish more people were so generous.
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    Do additives and detergents really sink in shelved oil?

    You must store all oil jugs upside down, so the additives are at the top, when you pick it up 😉🤣
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    Thin vs Thick Discussion, Chapter 2

    Can someone please explain to me NOACK, and what a Double Double Grande is, thanks?
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    2020 Member Oil Change Results (updated)

    Mobil is a King in the world of oil sales.
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    What maintenance did you do this weekend?

    Tossing this tidbit of information out there for anyone who may be working on an ATV someday, that will not start. Check the roll over kill switch in it. Had a customer's Honda Quad in the shop today, it wouldn't start. I checked a few other things first, then the roll over switch, meant to kill...
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    100% Random Pictures

    The other side, now this is basic machinery.
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    100% Random Pictures

    This is parked in front of the little restaurant near the shop I work at. Lawn ornament that also runs.
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    100% Random Pictures

    Sundays I open up, and lock up the shop. While it's a 7:30 am start, but usually get there around 7 am. Usually work until 6 pm, but the owner showed up today around 5 pm, told me to get going, and enjoy Easter dinner with family, so I left early. But I worked hard from 7:30 till 5:00 so don't...
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    ***Official Member Picture Thread***

    Ps. I tried to send you a PM Overkill, but don't seem to be able.
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    ***Official Member Picture Thread***

    After shadowing him for probably 150 hours, in 2018 he hired me to be his personal assistant for 2 months, while people took summer vacation, so I was the fill in. Since then I've shadowed him probably another 200 plus hours. The more I saw, more interested in it I became. I've also shadowed a...
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    What are you eating right now?

    Some pie chaser to wash the turkey dinner down.