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    Merrick Tools Cam Lock Sockets These are the lug nut-mainly sockets with cammed sides built-in so they grab the sides of the nuts, even bulged (swollen) nuts so you don't have to pound a socket onto the nut. I guess they were a big hit at SEMA 2021. I signed up for the "opportunity" to purchase a...
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    Discount Tire guarantee, they really honor it

    Long-ish story, but in the end, I am really pleased with Discount Tire and their satisfaction guarantee (if ever you're not satisfied, please feel free to bring it back). I bought a set of Pirelli Scorpion Zero A/S Plus in the OEM 20" size for my Flex last Black Friday. They were mounted and...
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    Tire Rack customer service - subpar

    I ordered a winter tire and wheel package online last Tuesday, the 13th on November. I chose to pick it up at a distribution center located 15 minutes from my house. Everything I ordered was in stock and online it stated it would be ready for pickup as soon as Thursday the 15th. No issues...
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    what size for a Fit?

    I'm buying a new set of snow tires for a 2015 Fit. I've already decided to get studdable snows, and will not consider all-weathers (don't want the compromises) or studless (need better wear). Primary consideration is snow and slush traction over packed snow and ice traction. So, the only...
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    very impressed with Nokian's "budget" winter tire

    I bought a set of Nokian Nordman 7 SUV's unstudded last fall to replace a set of Cooper Weathermaster WSC's. I had run the Cooper's for 6 winters and overall was very pleased with their performance except last winter they became very hard and very harsh, probably due to age. They wore like steel...
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    new Nokian Nordman 7 SUV's installed

    After 6 winters running Cooper Weathermaster WSC's, I decided to replace them because they were getting really harsh and rough. They had a ton of tread left, but boy were they getting hard. I was going to buy the Nordman 5 SUV, but Discount Tire had zero in stock anywhere in the US, so the store...
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    Happy Birthday to my Honda mower

    It turned 30 years old last month. I bought it new in May 1987, a Honda HRA 214 self-propelled 21" aluminum deck lawn mower. It really only gets used about 25 hours a season. Honestly, I'm not great at maintaining it. I change the oil every 3 or 4 years and the spark plug maybe every 5 years. I...
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    very slick - local Tire Rack distro center here

    I picked up a winter tire and wheel package this morning from our new Tire Rack local distribution center. I did not know before I went online a few days ago that they opened one in Minneapolis, just 11 miles from my house. I saved almost 2 bills in shipping charges which more than offset the...
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    ditched X-ice Xi2's for Altimax Arctics

    What a tremendous difference the past week has been. I bought the Michelins 2 years ago against my better judgement. I had the original Michelin Arctic Alpin a long time ago and that was a horrible winter tire. That soured me on Michelin for a long time. I should have bought the General 2 years...
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    COUNTERFEIT Philips Xtreme Vision bulbs?

    I've been running the Xtreme Power bulbs for years in all my cars where a Philips bulb was available (9006, 9007, 9008). I notice now that they have a new series, the Xtreme Vision. I went to my usual website at and find out that they are only available in a H1,H4,and H7...
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    Any Chevy Aveo - the suicide car

    Long story short, car is in the shop overnight so the car store rented me a Chevy Aveo. I have never felt ever that I was going to die in a car, but after driving 9 miles in this POS on city streets with slush and packed snow, I have looked over the brink and seen my life flash before my eyes. I...
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    Old stereo equipment, still sounds great

    I have an old stereo rig in my basement, it's a basic 2-channel setup. The receiver is a Harman/Kardon HK795i, the CD player is a Denon can't-remember-the-model but it has a ONE CD capacity, and my speakers are Polk RTA11's. I think I bought most of this stuff in the late 80's. I probably...
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    formula for an epic fail

    over 3" of snow/ice + young idiots with lowered civic/accord/corolla/generic small car with wide low profile rubber = me laughing till I puke Criminy guys, it's only a measly 3-4 inches of snow, I know you're not Einstein, but are you really that clueless about physics? Driving too fast for the...
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    What has happened to desktop memory prices?

    Holy schniky's, I haven't bought desktop memory in awhile, think DDR2, so imagine my surprise when I found the 'egg selling 2 x 4GB sticks of Corsair XMS3 DDR3 for $38. That got me thinking about upgrading an older DDR2 board I have from 4GB to 8GB. Well, 4GB sticks of DDR2 are $60 apiece. Since...
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    Last production day of the Ford Ranger, St.Paul

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Monday, December 19, 2011, the last day of production of the Ford Ranger at the St. Paul Assembly Plant, RIP Ford Ranger, RIP.
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    Anybody bought tires at the Ford store?

    Right now they're running a $100 rebate on a set of 4, with "low" prices to boot, price matching or beating, etc. Has anybody bought tires from a Ford store? Are all lines within their available brands obtainable, or are we looking at OEM models only?
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    When did the new Amsoil oils appear?

    Now they have an XL 0W-20 and OE 0W-20. I knew of the SS 5W-20, but with these new multigrades out, it's getting harder to choose.
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    What is the Flotool part number...

    ...for the cap style wrench (Super Graphite!) that fits a Motorcraft FL400S/FL500S? Been to their website, they list nine (9) different part numbers, but not any sort of cross reference.
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    Flex or Explorer?

    My 13-yr-old Expedition is doing the slow death march, so I need to replace it. I'm a Ford guy, and have looked at the Durango and the Lambda-Lambda-Lambda's, but I keep gravitating back to either of the two subject cars. Either would fit the bill magnificently. The Flex has a little more room...
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    Yet another blonde joke...

    This is for you snow bound folks... A blonde and her husband were sitting on the couch watching TV during a blizzard when the local news cuts in, stating that their city had issued a snow parking emergency. "Everyone is banned from parking on the even side of the street. You must park on the...