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    To Motorguard or Frantz that is the question...

    Dear Fellow Bypass Filterers: I'm interested in knowing the strengths and weaknesses in comparing maintenance of Frantz vs Motorguard. For those that have tried both - if you were to purchase another one which brand would you choose and why? Which design allows for easier removal and...
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    Help with mini-tort claim

    My Saturn SL2 was hit by a Semi truck a month ago. I'm not hurt but my Saturn is a mess to say the least. I had it on Liability-only insurance so my insurance company won't pay the bill for me. I have this insurance because it seems pointless to have a deductible when the car is 13 years old...
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    transmission bypass filter not heating up

    Hi Everyone, The previous transmission setup that I had teed off of the transmission oil temp sensor, had a restrictor orifice and returned the cleaned oil to the (top) pan. Hoping to reduce the number of fittings, remove the very small restrictor that could plug up, and add in a few hydraulic...
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    Cheap easy gravity feed setup

    <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/stirthepot.gif" alt="" /> I've removed a lot of contamination from coolant and power-steering fluid using this method. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>...
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    Nano-Boric Acid Improves Motor Oil Lubricity

    Nano-Boric Acid Improves Motor Oil Lubricity; Could Decrease Fuel Consumption 4-5% <a href="" target="_blank"></a> I wonder if Motorsilk will carry nano-boric acid...
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    Help with Hydraulic Couplings

    I was looking through an online catalog at some hydraulic fittings and had a few questions. How difficult are they to disconnect? Do the coupling ends close up when they are disconnected or would I need a valve in there to stop flow once I uncouple them? Here's the catalog: <a...
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    oil pickup screen has some debris

    I replaced the oil pan gasket (RTV) recently and had the opportunity to have the first look at the bottom of the motor. For the most part, the motor was very clean with no new deposits and I noticed some old carbon deposits had peeled off. However, when I looked at the pickup screen, it had a...
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    flow question and sandwich adapters

    I'm having trouble understanding some of the fundamentals of sandwich adapters. Some have written that if a sandwich adapter is used for a bypass filter the filter will drain at shutdown. I would like to ask the group where this drainage ends up - in the oil pan - or does it drain into the...
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    tap snapped into valve cover thread

    Hi, A while back I tried to chase a valve cover bolt thread (that enters the head) with a tap. The problem I was trying to fix was a bad thread that was snapping off valve cover bolts. I went too far with the tap and it snapped off. Now I have shards of hardened steel left over from the...
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    Frantz as an inline gasoline filter

    I purchased a steel Frantz filter a while back that didn't come with a clamp or o-rings. I was wondering if anyone has installed a Frantz as an inline gasoline filter and wondering if it can handle 60psi. Do I need special o-rings to handle all the pressure? My car's a '95 Saturn with MPFI...
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    No More Oxygenated Fuel!

    <a href="" target="_blank">EPA Drops Oxygenation Requirements for Reformulated Gasoline</a> I'm glad they're doing this! Better MPG and less toxic gasoline for everyone!!
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    Frantz installation for transmission on a '95 SL2

    I recently installed a Frantz on my '95 Saturn SL2. It works fantastic and makes for a rather long but interesting story. Right before the installation I accidentally dropped the car on a jackstand <img border="0" alt="[Bang Head]" title="" src="/forums/graemlins/banghead.gif" /> ...
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    Informative thread concerning pipe fittings

    I posted a plea for help a couple months back in the "mechanical tips and tricks" section of BITOG. Vizvo's advice was extraordinarily helpful to me. The thread would be a good read for all future bypass filter installers and tinkerers: <a...
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    External Transmission Filtering

    Here's an idea that came to me the other day. It's similar to the idea in Dyxan's thread "Topic: MG-30 off board test on used motor oil." Automatic transmissions usually die sooner than engines. Transmission problems usually happen due to wear caused by contamination and would thus benefit the...
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    Strange question about epoxy and pipe fittings

    Hi. I have a bypass filter setup with several different pipe fittings. There are two brass pipe fittings that I would like to disconnect and attach somewhere else. They were expensive and hard to get. The problem is, when I purchased them, they came epoxied together. Epoxy is plastic right...
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    starter-less engine starting using direct injection

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    Polyisobutylene in 2 stroke oil

    I've read several articles that claim that this polyisobutylene, added in minute quantities to gasoline, increases fuel economy around 20%. I did a search yesterday and found out that some 2 stroke oils have this compound. Particularly the synthetic "smokeless" variety. I'm not familiar with...
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    Oxygen Sensors

    This is an Excellent article about how oxygen sensors work, what to avoid, and two methods for testing them: on and off the vehicle. A must read! <a href="" target="_blank">Oxygen Sensor Article</a>
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    Motorguard as an ATF Filter

    There are a couple setups that you could build depending on the fittings you buy. Frantz sells an adapter to tee inline with the transmission oil cooler hoses. This adapter, similar in functionality to the Amsoil dual remote housing discussed a few threads back, causes a pressure drop across...
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    Cryogenically Frozen Engine Parts

    <a href="" target="_blank">News Report</a>