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    New Continental Pure Contacts - First Impressions

    I recently put on a new set of Continental Pure Contacts on my 2003 Accord V6, my last set was Michelin Primacy MXV4'S which were very nice tires in every way , now discountinued. The continentals were very well priced compared to the new Michelins replacing the MXV4's,about $200 cheaper ...
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    Castrol GTX High Mileage Oil 5w20

    Does Castrol GTX HM 5w20 oil have synthetic in it ? recentley noticed the Mobil Super 2000 in 5W20 (which is a high mileage oil ) states that it has synthetic in it, Castrol does not come out and state anthing on its product.
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    Castrol GTX GF-5/SN ? In Canada ?

    So has anyone found Castrol GF-5/SN anywhere in Canada yet ? all major brands are all up to latest specs from what i have found, whats up with Castrol ?
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    Castrol GTX GF-5 SN , is it out yet ?

    Has anyone seen GTX GF-5 SN yet ? I have found QS AD , Pennzoil YB but no Castrol GTX yet, Anyone ?? Thanks...
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    GF-5,SN Oils are here ,in Canada !!

    Just happened to drop by my local Walmart today and guess what, saw new Pennzoil and Quaker State 5W30, GF-5,SN oils , and the Pennzoil was even on sale ! So we can finally start a new era with SN oils.
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    Castrol Price Increase because Gulf Oil Spill ?

    BP owns Castrol , Anyone believe we will be paying more for Castrol Products ? since this Gulf Area oil spill, the Law siuts are just starting, surely the amounts are going to be many millions $...
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    Changing oil this weekend !!! Anybody Else ??

    Finally get to change my oil this Saturday morning.!! Will be draining out my winter oil for a fresh spring batch , going back to Castrol GTX after about 2 years. Does anybody get as anxious as i do for a spring oil change? So who will be joining me this weekend ??? <img...
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    Esso Extra 5w20- any users?

    any opinions on Esso Extra 5w20, walmart recently had a sale on this at $ 2o for 12 litres, anyone using this oil ?
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    What's a good smooth,quiet,wet weather tire ?

    I am now running stock Michelin MXV4 S8 v-rated, they are not to good at all ,hard ride ,slippery in wet and noisy . Looking for some reasonably priced tire with good ride characteristics for Honda Accord 2003 V6. Any suggestions will be appreciated .
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    What's the number 1 selling oil in Canada ?

    Just curiosity,since observing that most stores in GTA seem to carry more of Castrol and Quaker State and Pennzoil in this order for dinos and Mobil 1 ,Syntec and Quaker State for synthetics,
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    Quaker State Peak Performance Users ?

    To all of you Quaker State Peak Performance users, how do you find this oil ? how about 5w20, just changed back to QS 500 km ago , so far seeems very smooth and quiet decided to try it again after many oil changes ago,since it is always available at Canadian Tire any other thoughts on this, I...
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    Pennzoil yellow 5w20 -45 C pourpoint ?

    Has anyone checked out some of the coventional oils for pour points ? well pennzoil's web site claims -45c (-49F) and Quaker State comes in at -33 c ,could this be right ? Yellow bottle seems to be just as good as most synthetics. any comments on this ?
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    New MOBIL SUPER 1000

    Was at Canadian Tire today and noticed they now carry this MOBIL SUPER 1000 oil. Has anyone tried this oil ? This is not synthetic,it is SM rated and even good for turbo-charged vehicles. It says that it is engineered ,tested and made in Canada, price was $ 16.99 for 5 Litres of 5W20...
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    New Pennzoil Dino 5W20 Advanced Protection ?

    Anybody seen or tried the new Pennzoil yellow bottle labeled Advanced Protection and also time-released protection ? Anyway it got my attention enough that I purchased a case of 12,it also says recommended for most 2001 and newer Ford & Honda automobiles.Will be going in next Saturday morning ...
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    PetroCanada 5w20 any VOA and/or UOA available

    Is there any information regarding this oil available such as Virgin or Used oil analysis ,other than PetroCanada web site showing properties <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/canada.gif" alt="" />
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    honda oil -anyone try this oil from dealer parts c

    has anyone tried Honda oil from Honda dealer parts counter ?this is labelled Honda OIL (black bottle ) This I am told is specifically blended to Honda's strict requirements,and it is not the same oil as the bulk oil used in the dealers shop, the parts manager believes that this oil is an...
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    what is the best gas for your vehicle ?

    just curious of what seems to be the favorite gas for your vehicles, my car runs on regular unleaded and what seems to work best as far as mpg or litres/100 km ,smoothnes ,power, is Shell or Sunoco gas, others seem to not make my engine run as nice, anybody else notice differences...
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    dinos...what's better castrol or pennzoil 5w20?

    Why does Castrol 5w20 say meets the needs of Ford , Honda or Chrysler does this mean that it's better than ,say Pennzoil ?
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    castrol syntec on sale at canadian tire

    hey guys i was just spinning by a canadian tire store and bought come castrol syntec on sale , 15 % off which puts it at 6.79 per litre plus tax ,better than 7.99 at regular price, and yes they have lots of stock even in 5w20, actually sale starts today and ends jan. 27 all grades by the...
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    oil shearing - dino vs. synthetic

    just to clearify the shearing discussions, in many forum discussions it is commonly stated that 5w30 dino oils shear down to 5w20 or close to it , is this also true for full 5w30 synthetics ? do they shear down also ? or are synthetics more robust ,and do not shear down ? and why is it that...