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    Doing business with Gary Allen

    I ordered an Amsoil air filter from Gary Allen (EaA83). Gary is prompt, organized, intelligent, and professional. I high recommend him. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/approved.gif" alt="" />
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    Who knows about RxP Gas Kicker?

    I have seen this product in AutoZone and visited their website. From what I gained it seems to be similar to Neutra. Can anyone shed some light on this product?
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    Top end cleaners

    Since I use Fuel Power and Lube Control, would I need to use a product like Sea Foam to keep the top end of my engine clean?
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    Chevron gas and ethanol

    Does Chevron gas contain ethanol? I have never notices a sign on a Chevron gas pump stating that it contains ethanol. I have fulled up twice in the last two weeks and noticed a major boost in my gas mileage.
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    Penrite syn 5w60

    This would work in some the BMW M3's that were switched over to 10w-60. Without a doubt, this stuff would shear with sustained usage.
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    Random Orbital Buffer Safe?

    I recently purchased a random orbital buffer from Three Stooges Auto (Pep Boys). I have also washede and polished my car by hand. Recently, many people have been saying that random orbital polishers/buffers are safe. I am still reluctant to use the thing. What has been your experience?
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    FP and ethanol

    I was wondering if Fuel Power would be effective in neutralizing the corrosive effects of ethanol. Maybe Terry is lurking about and can answer this question.
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    Advance Auto Parts 5w20 VOA

    This oil looks weak. <img border="0" alt="[crushedcar]" title="" src="/forums/graemlins/crushedcar.gif" />
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    Arent' you glad that you stockpiled oil?

    Stockpiling oil may be viewed as an odd habit to some and if you think about it objectively it seem bizzarre to have an oil collection of 90 quarts of oil. However, if you have been to Walmart or to an auto parts store lately we oil stock pilers look like geniuses. I was in Walmart today and...
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    Redline or Royal Purple

    Redline all the way it is shear stable and will help to keep engines clean.
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    Where to purchase Donaldson air filter?

    I am down to my last Donalson paper air filter (SLP 10894, Donaldson P536427) and I cannot find a replacement filter. The filters have been discontinued so SLP no longer sells them. If anyone has any information where I can pick up a few of these filters it would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Observation from using Auto-rx

    I have been using Auto-rx since my car had 16,000 miles on it. It now has 44,000 miles. I just finished my annual Auto-rx engine treatment and I just order some more. I have been impressed by the increased fuel mileage that I have gotten and excellent oil analysis from Blackstone labs. The...
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    Amsoil 0W30, 4849 miles, 00 Volvo S70

    Your lead is in the high/normal range.
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    Motul 300V 0w20, Honda Civic Si, 5800 miles

    It looks good especially the low level for lead. However, is this a normal read for Al in this engine?
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    Maguairs Scratch X

    This stuff is terrific. Why didn't someone tell me about this stuff sooner. I recent hit part of a tire on the freeway. It left a scuff mark on the front nose of my car. I applied the Maguairs and it came out immediately. I also applied it to a scratch mark on the hood. It came out as...
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    MaxLife oil filters

    I saw an ad in the paper today for MaxLife oil filters. They were two filters $9 at Pep Boys. Who makes these filters? I find it interesting that they have hit the market at the same time as the the new M1 filters.
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    Valvoline Premium Blue Extreme

    There is a VOA of this oil, a UOA is the gas engine section and a UOA in the diesel section. I purchased some last year but I have not used it yet. There was a $5.00 with the purchase of two gallons. It seems to be exxcellent oil. It was designed with input from Cummings.
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    Turtle Wax Platinum v. Zaino

    How does Turtle Wax Platinum stack up against Zaino. My Zaino is running low and I have been looking at low cost alternatives.
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    GC Search

    The only way to get GC is to go to AutoZone. Most of the worker know nothing about it. Therefore, it does no good to ask. I had to educate on store manager about GC. Just go to an AutoZone and look on the back of 0w-30 Syntec and if it says made in Germany then you have GC.
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    ZO6 Corvette

    Chevy has just announced that the 2006 505hp Z06 wiil go from 0-60 in 3.7 seconds in the first gear. <img border="0" title="" alt="[Eek!]" src="images/icons/shocked.gif" /> Price start at $65,000.