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    GM 4.3 -- Remote Oil Filter (??)

    My '98 Bravada with a 4.3L has begin pouring oil just above the y-pipe and front drive shaft. It appears to be coming from where the oil filter was originally designed to be. It is attached to the engine block. There are two hoses running from it to the current oil filter location. I know a...
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    PP doesn't meet ACEA A5

    My new bottle of Pennzoil Platinum - dated July 15, 2013 - does not list the ACEA A5 specification. It states: "Exceeds API SN and all previous catagories; ILSAC GF-5 and ACEA A1/B1". Normally, I figured somebody here on BITOG would have spotted it before now... Does PP not meet the ACEA A5...
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    Google Preview: Chemistry & Technology of Lubrican

    I found this this to be an interesting read: <a href="" target="_blank">Chemistry and Technology of Lubricants</a> It is not the complete book, but it does provide a wealth...
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    Salem, OR - Nice Place?

    I am taking a voluntary redundancy at work in June and my lease is up in August. This has given me a good opportunity to leave Chicago for some place a little more rural and family friendly. After a couple days sifting through city-data, my wife and I are interested in moving to the Salem...
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    'New & Improved' Castrol FST

    It looks like <a href="" target="_blank">Castrol Edge with Titanium FST Strength Technology</a> has been reformulated. According to the May 15, 2013, <a...
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    Break Free CLP & Cu fouling

    I have been using Break Free CLP to clean a Sig MK25 pistol - normally running a couple patches wet with CLP down the barrel, then a dry one, then one damp with LP. Do I need to use another product to clean the copper fouling from the inside of the barrel?? The back of CLP states it breaks...
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    Dexos 1 5W-20

    It looks like Valvoline Synpower 5W-20 is now Dexros 1 approved. Will anybody be switching to the new weight?? <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    Nextgen 5w30 - 2200 mi - '98 Olds Bravada 4.3L

    This 2200 mi run of Valvoline Nextgen was done immediately following an intake gasket replacement on my GM 4.3L. I did use a small amount of RTV sealant and high temperature thread sealant during the repair; no abrasive materials were used. It is almost 90% highway time - unlike the previous...
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    Thread Sealant on Brake Line Fittings??

    I will be replacing my brake lines this weekend on my '98 Bravada with 190K miles. Oh, I am running PU right now, but she normally get Schaeffer's 9003 with a Wix filter. Do you put anything on the brake hose threads?? I see that Permatex makes a couple of products, but I am not sure if they...