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    Equus 3160

    Thinking about getting this OBD2 scanner. What do you all think as I have never used one before and don't know much about brand reputation etc... I know this is the top of the line one, I figure its better to have the features and not use them rather then be in a position wishing I had...
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    Who makes Pennzoil Air filters?

    I tried to do a search but got a billion hits. I just bought some Penzzoil Air filters off of ebay. Was wondering who made them as it is a mystery to me.
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    Fuel Line Disconnects

    I've been shopping around for fuel line disconnects. I am thoroughly confused. There are several different styles, which all appear to work on the same fittings. That is what my question is: do the sytle of tool matter? or does each style work with a different fitting? I see Lisle makes a...
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    Coolant filter pics

    This filter was in service for two years. The paper in the element was like mush. Two years is to long. I am going to keep the interval at once per year. There was rust like sand caught in the pleats. Now, a question. This is the second one I have had to stab with a screwdriver to get off...
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    POWER STOP EVOLUTION owners check in

    Seen some of thes brake pads on ebay for discounted rates. I checked out web site but just had basic info on there. Wanted to know if they are "Made in Usa" pads? Also, how do they perform? Impressions of them compared to other brakes you have used?
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    Onion inspired coolant filter

    All credit for this goes to fellow member Onion. After reading his thread I had to do my own. I checked my coolant line from bypass to degas bottle and it was 3/8". So I went on a search for a 3/8" inline fuel filter. Based on Onion recomendation I got one with a metal case. After tax it...
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    coil spring vs. leaf spring

    Looking at fleet filters filter comaparison, I noticed they make a big deal out of the coil springs that Wix and Baldwin use. I never really gave it much thought. I use Motorcraft filters, 90% of the time and they have the leaf spring, never questioned it until now. So what are the pros and...
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    Explorer third brake light

    For a 1996 Ford Explorer, the third brake light. How do you get to the bulbs. I've looked at it, and it looks like you have to take the liftgate trim panel off. I just wanted to check to make sure there isn't an easier way. If the trim panel does have to come off, any hints, tips, suggestions?
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    Spark Plug Wire discussion

    How many miles do you run your Spark Plug Wires for? How do you know when they are bad? Is their a test for them? Anyone got brand loyalty out there? I bought an OEM motorcaft set, just because I got a good deal on them. I did some looking and the NGK set looked neat. I got 92k on the...
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    Compare and contrast the Cooper Trendsetter SE and the Goodyear Wrangler Radial that walmart sells. Is the Copper a US made tire? Does it have a two ply sidewall? What is your choice and why?
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    Armorall question?

    After cleaning my engine I was thinking of spraying down all the hoses and plastic with armor all. The overspray will most likely cover everything else that is under the hood also. I was wanting to know pros and cons of this and if anyone else is doing the same thing.
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    "Made in the USA" brake pad thread

    I think I used Akebono and Wagner before that were marked "Made in the USA". I want to hear from others, what brake pads are "Made in the Usa". I went to Autozone the other day and everything they carry was an import. I know others like that junk, but it will never be put on a vehicle that I...
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    Spark plug discussion

    Anyone have brand loyalty? Just buy what is cheapest? Any opinions on which ones are better? I have always used champion or motorcraft. Was in a pinch and bought autolite last month. Didn't want to buy those as they are marked "Made in Mexico". I always buy "made in usa" plugs. I was...
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    Used car shopping

    Going used car shopping, again. On my radar screen for this week is a 1998 ford F150, manual trans, with 4.2 and a 2006 ford taurus with 3.0. For the Taurus, are oil changes easy on this? What about spark plug replacement? On the F150, I hear the 4.2 isn't one of ford's better engines...
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    2001 Jeep Cherokee

    Thinking about test driving one. I know what to look for in general when buying used cars. I don't have any experience with this vehicle though. What should I look for in Jeep Cherokee, what are the unusual trouble spots for this one? Second, are these easy to work on, oil filter and plug...
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    Wheel Bearings

    This is in regards to spindle set ups with tapered cone bearings, not sealed units. In general we all know you tighten the nut turn the wheel, loosen the nut turn the wheel, tighten nut again and install cotter pin and retainer. MY shop procedure calls for 17 in. lb tourque, I am using 27 in...
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    2001 Windstar Isolator Bolt

    I've got the lean codes and need to replace the bolts. While doing some searching I came across Felpro# ES72204, I found one reference on another automotive forum that you just remove the old rubber on the current bolts and then put these on. However, the pictures I find on these look all...
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    Ford Freestar Foglamps

    I have got a 2004 Ford Freestar that is new to me. I can't figure out how the fog lamps come on. I have checked owner manual and nothing. Looked for a switch and no switch. I would assume they should come on when the headlights are turned on, but they don't. Do I need to check the bulbs and...
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    Auto Porn, pics included, !!!

    OEM spark plugs out of 03 Ranger, with 3.0, 85k miles on plugs. These could have been regapped and then put back in. I already bought new plugs so didn't see the point in re-using them. Only thing I could find wrong with them was the gap had opened up. Enjoy. <img...
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    Trans flushing

    I do maintenance on a 2001 Ford Windstar. The ford DVD ROM maintenance manual doesn't list procedure for trans filter and pan drop. I did this last weekend. Man was that a mess!!! The only procedure they have listed for changeing trans fluid is to disconect lower line at trans, plug hole...