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  1. 330indy

    Redline oil for G8x M3/4

    Are there any owners here using Redline HPMO in their new Bimmer M3/4? I used it in the E92 and the S65 loved it. have a G80 on order and want to get lined up for early OCIs thanks for your thoughts.
  2. 330indy

    Circle K drops Shell?

    A recent occurrance here in the Indy area is Shell stations are harder to find ! Circle K stations have dropped Shell! why !?? not cool !! I want my V Power !
  3. 330indy

    E15 coming soon?

    Did I hear that correctly during last night's RNC? or was I hearing things...? the congress-lady (from the barn) speech? E15 approval on behalf of farmers .... Anyone else catch that?
  4. 330indy

    LL oil is BS

    I have 3 BMWs and the extended OCI is BS. Long Life oil? Is it about the life of your oil (no!) or the life of your engine! M is for Motor in "BMW" (That now is for Marketing) I run Redline oil exclusively in my cars - They love it. M52TUB25 M54B30 S65B40 And these engines are spanking clean...
  5. 330indy

    Check & Change your oil!

    Costly negligence <a href="" title="httpswwwfoxnewscomtravelenginefailureoncruiseshipstrandedoffnorwaycoastcausedbylowoillevelsofficial"...
  6. 330indy

    Ravenol vs. Redline / for M cars

    I'm not familiar with Ravenol... from Germany... I've been using Redline for years however.... Any thoughts on the two ester based oil companies' products? I'm thinking toward the application of BMW M cars.... <a href=""...
  7. 330indy

    Redline oil in riding mower

    Just did the first break-in oil / filter change after a few mowings. Put in Redline 10w-30! Eccentric yes - don’t care. Want it to run like the wind hahahahaha! Poulan PRO PP19A42 / Home Depot 42” cut B&S 19hp engine with positive oil pressure and a spin on filter.
  8. 330indy

    Does Shell V Power gum up in tank after a year?

    V power people! Do I need to be concerned if I have not added fresh gas for a year in my car? It has about 2/3 tank of V power..... I was thinking a premium gas would not succumb to breaking least in a reasonable time frame? your thoughts?
  9. 330indy

    Redline oil users/ input

    I have a '13 e92 M3 and it is admittedly babied. It has Redline in it, and does not see a lot of miles for periods of time. I have other DDs, and travel, so go easy on me. Here's the question. I take it out for hot extended runs only, and the oil probably has a few hundred miles on it and has...
  10. 330indy

    Techron Concentrate Plus is fixing my fuel gauge

    my 2001 530i with 110k miles had a 1/8 low indication with fillups during the summer. I have been adding Techron since, and it reads to the full line now. Whew!! by the way I use BP Ultimate almost exclusively, with occasional V-Power fillups.
  11. 330indy

    Low-Sulfur Gasoline

    Anyone hear confirmation on the qualifying fuels for this new benchmark? The BP site states their Ultimate is ~ 30 PPM, which qualifies it as a LSG.
  12. 330indy

    LiquiMoly High Tech 0w40

    Has anyone found technical specs on this BMW LL-04 approved oil from Liqui Moly yet? It is listed as full synthetic on their site.
  13. 330indy

    Doug : is TWS 10w-60 too thick for the M54?

    I use it in the M car as you know. It is great stuff and thanks for all your insights to its composition and HTHS benefits.... but it is so good I am wondering if it would benefit the lower pressure vanos in the M54 3 liter in my 2002 330i? I am currently using LubroMoly full synth 5w-40...