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    Honda K24 Timing Chain Replacement

    When you have the front cover off, you have the front engine mount off, so you’re typically supporting the engine by a jack under the oil pan. You can’t remove that jack until you get the front motor mount re-attached, but you want to remove the oil pan to reseal at this time so it just gets...
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    Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Pro Flex Wax 5$ after 5$mir autozone

    I’ve browsed some comments that this stuff doesn’t like to come off easily or cleanly…that it streaks and whatnot. I’ve had that experience before with other products and it’s super annoying. How quick will you give this a try so we can hear your experience?
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    OEM or aftermarket, p1009 05 crv

    What’s the 1009 codes description? I’ve had times where the whole solenoid isn’t needed…just the oil pressure sensor on the solenoid goes bad and disables vtec from working (throws codes as well, but I can’t remember which codes)
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    Hyundai/Kia recall over 1/4 million vehicles for fire risk... Again

    The recall doesn’t affect as many vehicles as listed, at least if I understand it correctly. The faulty part is the wiring harness from car’s pre-wired trailer connector that EVERY palisade or telluride has to hitch. Hyundais confusion is they don’t know which palisades have factory or oem...
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    Bad brakes; Is this real?

    I work for a large government fleet and there’s no accountability here. I’ve been called out to look at one truck that literally had no braking surface / rotor remaining.
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    2022 Hyundai Palisade 5w30 Oil

    Nevermind, finally found the right document for pennzoil at least
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    2022 Hyundai Palisade 5w30 Oil

    I can’t even find that it’s rated ACEA a5. Advance, Walmart, Home Depot etc don’t even list this rating online. How do you guys figure these stupid ratings out?
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    2022 Hyundai Palisade 5w30 Oil

    So I guess HD stocks pennzoil platinum, NOT “ultra platinum” Pennzoils site doesn’t make it clear what acea rating their oils are. Are these ACEA ratings really that important? Is pennzoil platinum not up to the “a5” rating? Home Depot’s listing online says it’s a1.
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    2022 Hyundai Palisade 5w30 Oil

    I had actually wanted to use Costcos Kirkland synthetic but my local places don’t have it.
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    2022 Hyundai Palisade 5w30 Oil

    I was thinking synthetic as well, just didn’t know if it was overkill when I change at 5k and it’s a 7+ quart engine. I’ll probably just go with whatever synthetics are on sale at the time. Seems Home Depot Penzoil Platinum and then adding on a rebate may be the best deal right now. Thanks!
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    2022 Hyundai Palisade 5w30 Oil

    I’ve never paid attention to oil classifications beyond viscosity. Am I going to find a quality non-synthetic that meets Hyundai’s requirements for this Palisade, or should I just run synthetic? Plan was for 5k oil change intervals, that’s what I do with all my cars. Takes 7 or 8 quarts, so if...
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    Use shop air to find AC leak?

    Did you already look for any obvious signs of a leak? Where the Freon got out, some oil must’ve gotten out, where oil got out dirt should’ve been attracted to it. We used to easily find Chrysler condensers leaking at the (bottom) corners usually.
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    Explorer st or telluride?

    We were shopping for an SUV and telluride was in the running. We decided against it, but just for your info… When telling (what seemed to be an honest salesman) to leave us alone, that we’d decided against Kia, he asked why. It was many reasons but the fact that NOBODY will sell a telluride at...
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    Crossover/SUV Tires 2018 Sienna

    I was going to use an XL rated tire next on our Sienna, but we traded it in. We got 45k or so on continental true contact tourings. Factory size and pressures, properly aligned, rotated each oil change between 5-7k miles.
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    Any benefit to platinum plugs in a 3.7 ram?

    Chrysler vehicles don’t typically like plugs other than what was o.e. We repaired many misfiring Chryslers and Jeeps that had the double, quadruple, fancy pants spark plugs by replacing with copper or whatever was supposed to be in the engine.
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    Dealer Prices for service I had done.

    Unless something has changed, the front used a large torx (maybe t70?) and is typically so tight you need a quality bit and a long handled ratchet or breaker bar. I didn’t appreciate investing in that snap on torx $$$ but lisle and any other ones kept breaking.
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    2023 Highlander Press Release... now with turbo

    There was talk of both. A new 4 runner w/ turbo 4 or hybrid, and a “grand” highlander which was to be bigger.
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    2023 Highlander Press Release... now with turbo

    Anything about a “grand” or bigger highlander? I kept reading rumors of it but couldn’t ever find any credible info.
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    Subaru o/f drainage-mess

    I do this on every top of engine filter and it works great to rid the oil from the area and makes for a clean filter change after the oil drains. Cartridge style I completely unthread but leave in the housing, though.
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    Stage 2 tune for wife's accord

    I follow a Honda tech on Instagram to try to keep up with the real world. I understand that he sees alot of problems being in a dealership, but what he sees on a daily basis swayed me away from buying a Honda when I was replacing my 03 accord.