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    Bypass leaking transmission cooler?

    Removing the radiator in the process of a timing chain replacement in my girlfriends 2001 Vitara, I managed to crack one of or both trans cooler nipples on the lower radiator tank. I have an external cooler on order, but would it be ok to loop the cooler lines together and bypass the cooler...
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    No second gear in Chevy Metro

    Just bought a 2000 Chevy Metro that needs a lot of work but hits on all 3 and drives. I can put the trans in second and the shift itself feels good and solid but as soon as I let up on the clutch pedal it starts grinding. It sounds to me like the gear teeth are lunched, but I know there is not...
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    Went for a mountain drive in the snow

    Drove up Roman Nose Mountain near Walton, OR today with my daughters. Truck was running great, new Yukon Duragrip was working good.
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    New LSD, too much FM?

    Yesterday I installed a Yukon Duragrip in my '04 Yukon with the 8.6" 10 bolt. I used approximately 2.5Qt of 80/90wt gear oil and what I guessed to be 2oz (about half of a 4oz bottle.) I was surprised that the diff was quiet the first drive while turning in a circle at full lock both directions...
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    W10 driver for laptop HD4500 graphics

    I recently prurchased an HP Pavilion Entertainment PC DV6(1030us?) with a C2D T6400 and HD4500 (GMA 4500). I bought this for $60 with intentions  of playing vanilla WOW. I have ordered a C2D T9600, 120Gb SSD, and 8Gb of RAM. What I didn't initially think about was graphics driver. Windows 10...
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    Have a 1/2" hole, what pipe thread size

    Helping a friend rebuild an NV3500 in his 5.2L Dakota. We want to replace the shift rail detent plug with a tapered pipe plug rather than the interference fit one. The bore is 1/2" and I would like to know what size pipe tap would work without any more drilling/reaming? This is the second time...
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    F250 ATF Frankenbrew for slipping 4R70W

    I still have the 98 F250LD for anyone who remembers previous posts. The trans is still slipping and marginally driveable. Today I went to Bi-Mart and bought two callons of SuperS Premium universal tractor fluid, one quart of Lucas transmission fix, and one quart of Havoline type-f for color. I...
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    Type of LSD in 2015 Camaro

    I have a 2015 1LT with the v6 and 6 speed manual with LSD and was wondering if anyone here would know what if it was toersen, clutch type, or otherwise?
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    Picked up a new(ish) Camaro today.

    I took my 1996 Maxima in today and got $700 trade in on a 2015 V6 6 speed Camaro. It was $16,889 with 11,000 miles. I'm loving this car and look forward to maintaining it. I can confirm that at least this V6 6 speed has LSD if anyone is wondering. And yes, the "fun button" works well. <a...
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    Just got back from Xmas road trip. Guess MPG.

    I just returned to Florence, OR from the Citrus Heights area of Sacramento. I drove 1,043 miles total and used 28.2 gallons of premium. Yup, I got 36.98MPG @80MPH on I5 using cruise control and only using the brakes when I had to slow for impeding traffic. This was in my 20 year old Maxima with...
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    05 Aspen (Durango) ABS bleeding?

    My friend has a 2005 Chrysler Aspen (Durango) with two broken phenolic pistons in the right front caliper. A caliper is on order for tomorrow morning. Are there any s0pecial procedures for bleeding Chrysler ABS of this vintage?
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    New direction with oil changes

    So I have been running dino oil and the cheapest decent filters I can buy. For the last seven or eight years I have been running Napa Pro Select and Super Tech filters with 5W30 Supertech oil. I now live 25 more miles (50mi) away from Walmart, and I bike to work every time I can. My car can sit...
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    Good ADBV filter?

    I recently moved into an apartment just a couple miles from work and have been bicycling to almost everyday. I went from 250 miles a week to maybe 40. I am planning on switching to synthetic oil and changing annually. The problem is that while I was driving 50 miles a day, the Maxima was quite...
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    Turtle Beach PC headset hack

    I acquired an X box 360 Turtle Beach headset that had a broken cord. First I fixed the cord entering the headset itself. I then rmoved the RCA plugs that originally T'd off of the TV inputs from the gaming console, as well as the USB cord. <img...
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    CB install '98 F250ld

    After i settled on rebuilding the transmission and keeping my truck, I decided to install my modded Cobra 148GTL and 100W Silverado linear amp in the pickup. I went to True Value and picked up two Simpson Strong Tie TP37 7X3" plates. I bent a 90* at one end making sure they were mirror images...
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    flushed 98 F250 P/S fluid, when will it blow up?

    On my 98 F250LD, I evacuated the reservoir, pulled the return line and extended it into a 1.5 water bottle. I then capped the return nipple on the reservoir and refilled it with Western Family Shur Tech ATF I got with a gift certificate. Filled up and started for a few seconds at high idle four...
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    Any Freemium Gamers here?

    I play World of Tanks currently, and have recenly played Warframe. Hopefully Overwatch is free-to-play.
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    F250 4R70W shudder

    So I finally licensed the truck and drove it to work. Near the end of the 30 mile drive while climbing a low speed incline, the transmission began to shudder pretty badly and seems like it was slipping some too. I am posting from my phone right now and can't go into great detail, but here is...
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    New SSD and HDD

    Just ordered a Hitachi 1TB 7200 HDD and a Silicon Power 120 BG SSD with bracket for 88.48 from Newegg today. I will update after install.
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    Supertech oil filters are back!!

    Went to Walmart for oil and a Filter for the Maximastang. Was happy to see that they carry Supertech oil filters again. They have changed the part number scheme, as they no longer follow the Fram scheme, and my car now uses an ST9688, rather than an ST7317. I'd be interested to find who...