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    TCW3 in lawnmower maintenance dose

    Considering my Honda 160 is 14 years old and haven’t taken the carb a part. It’s always ran well till this past summer. I only use 93 octane and a stabilizer for three months then I get fresh gas. It’s starting to sputter after I start it and after a while it gets going it runs ok. Is it...
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    Toyota D3 filter to 10K

    This is in my 2015 Toyota Tacoma 4.0L with 116K. Would you guys push the factory D3 filter that long? Currently running Fram Ultra but I’m noticing more of the infamous 4.0L ticking noise with this filter. On the D3 I didn’t notice it much.
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    Battery powered lawnmower

    My Troy bilt Honda 160 is still kickin for 14 years. What are your thoughts on battery powered units? For what it’s worth it takes a half a tank to mow front and back. I maybe looking into the Sthil mower. Of course when the Honda gives up, lol.
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    Heat reflective wrap

    I’m seeing a lot of posts in different forums about adding heat reflective wrap or tape on transmission cooler lines. The purpose is to keep the exhaust heat from the cat’s away from the lines which can increase fluid temps in the transmission. Is there really any benefit from this? If so can...
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    Craftsman Briggs 7.75 power washer

    What vertical pumps do y’all recommend? Used it today and isn’t getting very good pressure coming out. This unit is about 9 years old and doesn’t get used very often. I do use the spray pump oil every year. Thanks.
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    Y’all would appreciate this

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    30K throttle body cleaning

    I did this on my wife’s 19 Honda Pilot. Is this the result of a GDI engine? The air filter had 20K on that. The first 10K I used a AFE Prodry filter but decided to go back to regular filters. I did replace the air filter with a fram ultra.
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    Briggs Power washer pump

    This is on my craftsman power washer with a Briggs 7.75 engine. Today I went through a full tank of gas. I noticed the pump got hot and ran like crap. When these pumps get hot do they normally run like this? Is the pump toast? This unit gets used maybe three times a year. Replaced the carb...
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    Short changing my 160

    The last 13 years I’ve always screwed in the dip stick to check the oil level. Come to find out I’m supposed to not screw it in. The oil level was slightly below the middle hash marks. Granted it didn’t cause any harm. Just throwing it out there, lol.
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    Rodent repellant spray

    My Tacoma had its harness chewed up by a squirrel the other day. It’s getting replaced. Do those repent sprays work as a preventative? How often should it be done? Which one do you recommend? Thanks.
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    Don’t dump a full bottle of PI in gas tank

    I had a bottle I should of saved for the vehicle but decided to see what it would do in the Briggs. A little less than a half a tank of fuel. It spudders, lol. Anyways just sayin.
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    Troubleshoot this Problem

    Hey peeps I’ve got a 8 year old craftsman power washer with on off switch easy start with the Briggs 7.75 engine. I replaced the carb today and was wondering if the arms on the carb are oriented the right way? It started the first time for about 2 mins ran rough and died. Now it won’t start. New...
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    Power washing your home

    What cleaner y'all use to power wash your home? Also something safe for the grass and plants?
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    Power washer issues

    My craftsman with the Briggs and Stratton will not start unless I use starting fluid. It stays running afterwards. Granted it gets used a handful of times a year. I run my home brew ethanol free fuel since there are no stations around me that offer E0. Took the carb apart and everything was...
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    Filter change to extend oci

    Does changing a oil filter help extend the life of the oil between oci. I've done a 10K interval with a 5K Toyota filter change on my 2015 Tacoma and added maybe a half of a qrt to top off. Granted I would need a uoa to see the progress but I was curious if let's say I went to 20K on the oil...
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    Power steering flush

    2008 Toyota Camry power steering fluid looks pretty dirty. In order to flush out the system does the car need to be running? Or can I get away by turning the car on and not start? I was going to disconnect the return line and turn the wheel multiple times then pour in new fluid till the fluid...
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    Testing old coolant

    My dad has 08 Camry with 80K miles. He has never changed the coolant. I had a gallon of new Toyota long life so it tested the new with the coolant tester as a base line. Then I tested the Camry and it tested in the same spot as the new coolant. Is it necessary to change the old coolant. The old...
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    Amsoil XL 5W30 1.5LT

    Thinking on giving this oil a try in our Honda 1.5LT since it's got the problematic fuel dilution issue. What are your thoughts? I'm currently running Amsoil SS 0W20. My last oil change I got about 1.5 qrts fuel in the oil pan, roughly 30% olm and about 6000 miles. Honda told me to monitor it...
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    Any company better than the other? Not trying to step on sponsors toes or anything or are they pretty much the same?
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    TCW3 and direct injection

    Has anyone ran this combination? More so with a turbo? Honda 1.5LT is the engine we have. Almost 20K miles and no oil rise on the dipstick if y'all are wondering.