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  1. sw99

    *Investors Blog*

    Sold a bunch today. Next week has me very nervous and all the signs point to a rough few months ahead. The Shmita reset is closing in....
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    how much oil do you keep on hand?

    Got about 25 gallons in the basement. I stock up when I find deals and use the oldest oil up first.
  3. sw99

    Harley-Davidson Primary oil

    In my Harley's I run - 15w40 in the primary, 20w50 in the engine and 80w90 in the transmission. No issues and way cheaper than the stealership when bought on WM online.
  4. sw99

    Under Valve Cover 2005 Scion tC 170k miles 2.4L 2AZ-FE

    Look fantastic! Thanks for the photos.
  5. sw99

    20% off at Walmart online orders

    Thanks I just bought 3 more jugs of oil!
  6. sw99

    Post your latest HDEO change

    2018 Predator 3500 generator- 20 ounces of yummy Delo 1300 15w40
  7. sw99

    Rotella T6 15w40 at Walmart

    Nice to see stock coming back finally. I have pretty much gone to buying 95% of my oil from WM online. Over $35 and it's free shipping. My tax rate is 3% and the in town stores are closer to 9% so it's a no brainer. I think I'm ok for a while with 120 quarts in the basement...
  8. sw99

    Conventional or Synthetic for break-in???

    Love the Vstrom's! On my new bikes I change out the factory fill at 1k and then run Rotella T4 dino 15w40. I like the break in with a healthy dino HDEO. After another 3-5K, I'll move to a synthetic blend and then full syn at around 10K.
  9. sw99

    Under valve cover pics

    I am running some summer cleaning oil in my 2008 Corolla 1ZZFE w/ 145k as we speak. I have 3 quarts of HDEO 15w40 and a quart of MMO. I'm 1400 miles into this run and I have got the two best fuel mileage tanks to date. 37 mpg is a new record for this ol gal. I plan to do around 3500 miles before...
  10. sw99

    My Newest Prosthetic Leg

    That is one of the coolest ones I have seen. Thank you for your service! Thanks for posting.
  11. sw99

    2022 NHL playoff predictions

    Game 6 Avalanche win 4-2
  12. sw99

    2020 Kia Forte Amsoil OE 5w20 4,546 mi

    Curious to see what they say. I have about 49k on my 2.0L Forte and run strictly 7500 OCI's due to the fact that we do 80% highway.
  13. sw99

    Bear Creek .22LR gen 2 side charging upper.

    Only have a couple 10 round mags so far. I plan to get some 30 round steel Duramags.
  14. sw99

    Bear Creek .22LR gen 2 side charging upper.

    Build quality looks great on these. I like that they are USA made also. I also picked up a 7.62x39 to keep a lower cost to shoot.
  15. sw99

    Bear Creek .22LR gen 2 side charging upper. So I was really on the fence on these since there are mixed reviews on youtube. I ended up buying one any way since I had a built Anderson lower needing...
  16. sw99

    2019 Honda Rebel 300 knocking...

    And it's a Honda so it will still live a long life through 5 different people most likely...
  17. sw99

    ATV Oil Help

    I have buying my 10w40 Valvoline MC/ATV oil online from WM for a fair price -...
  18. sw99

    Walmart MC 10w30 Diesel Price up 35% locally

    Thanks, I'll have to see if my Napa has a 10w30 diesel oil. I agree with no brand loyalty these days. But hey inflation is only 8% ...
  19. sw99

    Bitcoin...Warren Buffett's take

    ISO20022 is rumored to go live in 11/22. The flip of the switch is getting closer...
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    Walmart MC 10w30 Diesel Price up 35% locally

    Diesel oil has been hard to find at the WM's near me. The other day I was buying this at $18.24 and it's now $24.48. I'm lucky to even find any 10w30 diesel in stock around me. My last OCI, I had to go with 15w40 because that's all they even had. Unfortunately I think this will get much worse...