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    Causes of drum brake noise - drums or hardware?

    If I had a drum making a humming noise then I would install a screen door spring around the drum. It would stop the noise and fix the problem.
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    Should I avoid Briggs and Stratton?

    I have B&S motors on all my equipment meaning 4 riding mowers and a Rototiller from the 70's. My son just started using my Dad's old 77 J.C. Penny (Murray] 42 " cut riding mower. It's 11hp B&S motor has never been apart and still fires right up. When I bought our Husqvarna 42" cut hydrostat...
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    Code reader scan tool recomendations OBDII ABS

    I have Harbor Freight Zurich 13 model and it told me the problem with my ABS on my 07 Ram truck. It said to check for a broken wire on the left rear sensor. Sure enough when I pulled off the plastic cover on those wires, there was one that stretched. There is no telling how much it would...
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    Unpopular Opinion: Inline 3s sound better than 4

    My Audi GT with the 5 cyl sounded the best of anything I ever heard. It had such a smooth sound.
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    cars with high mileage

    My 07 Ram 5.7 has 222K and still run great. My 87 VW Cabriolet has 188K and can take it anywhere and still uses no oil between changes. My 1986 VW Wesfalia has 186K on it but I did a Motor rebuild at 160K due to fear of stretched Rod bolts. My wife's Mazda 5 is a 2012 and has 141K on it with...
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    Which lawn mower?

    With the angles that you are mowing, I would use a battery powered push mower and self propelled. My reason is that even using your tractor you could be starving the bearings in your motor. Depends on where the pickup is for the oil pump. At those angles that would be a question I would be...
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    Toothpaste and Engine Oil

    Another Tom's of Maine no fluoride. .
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    Ram is 'actively and aggressively' looking at smaller trucks

    I would like to see a Ranger sized Dodge with a frame and towing package.
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    To analyze or not to analyze? 2012 Mazda5

    We have a 2012 Mazda 5, and t has been excellent. It gets oil and filter every 5K. It currently has 141K. I run 0-20 Synthetic. It never uses any between changes. Planning on keeping it till Mazda decides to make it again.
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    Gearing in 1980s 4-cylinder cars

    My 1990 Ford Ranger V6 is doing 2600 at just over 70 mph and highway get 22mpg. Does what I need done
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    Pick-a-part sadness

    I once worked with a Manpower worker that would buy a cheap car from a private owner and run it till it broke down. Wherever it broke he would just walk away and hitch aride back to his apartment. Then he would scour the paper for another one. Last one he had was an older Rambler wagon with...
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    A/C flushing fluid - What to use?

    I use that brake line cleaner for semi trucks. I pour it into a pressure bottle that I bought at AAP and add air compressor pressure to the bottle and push the control button on the pressure bottle. You should see the scum that comes out of those lines. My expansion valve kept getting clogged...
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    More Tesla problems

    Here in Kentucky they use salt and we wash it off as soon as we can. I had a 944 Porsche that was made out of tinnerman metal. may be that is another word for galvanized, I don't know, but that car body had zero rust anywhere and was very tough.
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    Wife ran out of gas

    Well having owned a 55 VW and 1959 VW Bus which had no gas gauge in either one, I can say that I wrote down the odometer reading each fill up. They did have a valve to turn to get an extra 1.5 gallon, but you must remember to put it back in the normal position after you fill the tank. I would...
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    Buying House on 1.1 Acres. Need Zero-Turn Lawnmower and Weedeater/Blower Recommendations.

    Find a local equipment dealer. When I moved to Kentucky I found a local tracor and garden center that took trade in equipment that was in good shape. I bought a Cub Cadet with a 42" deck that had a drive shaft to the rear transaxle and a real clutch. That thing is still mowing grass. The...
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    YouTube All Messed Up

    Our does it too. Grand daughter is always watching you tube.
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    Jiggler Siphon Hose

    get a electric syphon at Menards for about $10. You will be done quickly.
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    17mm hex allen wrench tool uses?

    It fits transmission drain and fill plugs on VW's at least till 91 and Porsche's too May also fit Audi.
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    Oil for older B&S engines

    I use 30 W in all my air cooled equipment Including my 65 Beetle. Holds up when the going gets hot.
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    Where have all the affordable fun to drive cars gone?

    The fun to drive ones are at my house. Most fun to drive in order 1, 1975 VW Westfalia with 70's stickers on the windows. You better be dressed right if you go anywhere cause somebody will be taking your picture with it. Can't get smile off my face driving it. 2. 1965 VW Beetle imported from...