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  1. Blue_Goose

    Any ideas on this noisy 2009 Corolla?

    Took ownership on my mother's 2009 Corolla as she does not drive any longer. She was pretty good at keeping up the maintenance when she was driving but for the last year and a half the car pretty much sat. Only thing I have done to it is have the dealership give it an oil change. The car...
  2. Blue_Goose

    Back with a new ride!

    Have been AWOL since May of last year and I really dig the new layout of the forum! In any event, out with the 2018 Honda Civic EX Hatchback 1.5T and in with my 3rd Subie Picked up a 2021 Forester Sport in Ice Silver. I'll miss the giddyup of the Civic 1.5 Turbo but new Foresters are pretty...
  3. Blue_Goose

    Any issues using Rotella 0W20 Gas/Truck in Honda Civic 1.5L Turbo?

    Was needing to do a change and found Rotella Gas/Truck at Advance Auto for 4.50 a quart after my military discount. Picked up 4 quarts and a Fram 7317 Ulta filter. Last fill was Castrol 0W20 which I ran til the MM binged yesterday. 9300 miles maybe? In any event, how does this compare...
  4. Blue_Goose

    Stink in cabinets under kitchen sink!

    I just moved into a new apartment and for the most part I like it. Until I opened the cabinets under the sink....phew! It smells to high heaven...very heavy musty smell....It's not damp under there, it just stinks. There is a garbage disposal and dishwasher copper feed and rubber hose...
  5. Blue_Goose

    Quiet tire for 2018 Civic Hatchback

    While the car is noisy to begin with, the stock Conti's it came with are roaring pretty good at just under 35K miles. I'm looking for a smooth riding quieter tire to at least dampen some of the roar that is invading the cabin now. I'm look at the Michelin Premier and also the Bridgestone...
  6. Blue_Goose

    Dipstick broke/stuck in Hole

    Went to check my oil on the 2003 Accord in my signature and that's when the fun started. It is a second car that only gets run maybe once or twice a month. I knew the dipstick had been sticking before and to get it out I needed to take the claw part of a hammer and gently pry it up. Well all...
  7. Blue_Goose

    How do you measure how much oil to add on an off even amount?

    Sounds like a weird question perhaps my brain is not functioning this early but… In most of my cars especially recent memory ones,the oil fill has always been either been 4, 5 or 6 even quarts. Requirement for my Civic is 3.7 quarts. How do you accurately measure that? Does the .7 mean...
  8. Blue_Goose

    Valvoline Modern Engine or Mobil 1 EP 0W20 for 1.5T Civic

    Probably one or the other with a Fram Ultra filter this weekend. Factory fill will be at around 4500 miles. One more of a benefit than the other or a wash for this GDI Turbo engine?
  9. Blue_Goose

    Does this look like a new serpentine belt?

    Wife's 2010 Fit was in for AC woes and while there the dealer recommended replacing the belt Does look like a new belt??
  10. Blue_Goose

    Is windshield molding just decorative?

    Had my windshield replaced today and for the most part it looks pretty darn good. There are a couple areas on the side molding which look like they don't seat 100% with some tiny gaps. I remember when I first went in the place to ask them about replacing my windshield I asked them how close...
  11. Blue_Goose

    Whats the difference between M1 0W20 AFE and 0W20 EP?

    Which of of these are going to be more friendly towards my 1.5 Turbo in the Civic? I see that the AFE is labeled with the SN Plus logo whereas the EP is not?
  12. Blue_Goose

    Replace trim with windshield replacement? Yes or no?

    I need to replace my windshield on my Civic (already <img src="/forums/graemlins/mad.gif" alt="mad" title="mad" height="15" width="15" /> ) I've gone to Safelite and also a local company in this area (Granite State Glass) Safelite tech told me he probably would not even replace the trim...
  13. Blue_Goose

    PP 0W20 vs Castrol 0W20 vs M1 AFE 0W20 ?

    Coming up on 2k miles on the Civic 1.5T and I think I'm going to dump the FF. Out of the 3 listed in the title. I'm leaning to either the PP or M1 AFE.......for no particular reason I guess. The PP and Castrol marketing states for Turbos on the front of the bottle. Filter will either be a...
  14. Blue_Goose

    Oil for 2018 Civic 1.5 Turbo-any SN+?

    Reading a bit about the fuel dilution that some people are talking about. Going to probably do my 1st change in a couple of weeks as I'll be near 2k by then probably. Any particular 0W20 off the shelf from Wally? I see that some are now labeled formulated for turbo engines (Pennz Plat). Or...
  15. Blue_Goose

    AC blows cold for 10-15 seconds then warm 2010 Honda Fit

    My wife texted me yesterday that on her way to work her AC suddenly stopped blowing cold air. She had the system recharged at the Honda dealer maybe a month ago and all seemed good until yesterday. I took a look at it when I got home. I'm not all that knowledgeable about AC systems but I...
  16. Blue_Goose

    Oil change, now leaking 2015 5.7 Hemi

    Did an oil change last Saturday using Royal Purple 5W20 and a Royal Purple filter. Car was bought used and previous change at the dealer I bought it from used a Wix Filter, no idea on oil brand. Got the car up on ramps, removed the plastic protector plate that Dodge users, drained oil and...
  17. Blue_Goose

    Which filter for Hemi 5.7?

    About to do my first change on my 2015 Charger. Bought the car from a Subaru dealer so Lord knows what they used (they did an oil change before I took ownership) I have 7 quarts of 5W20 Royal Purple ready to go. OEM Mopar? Fram Ultra? Mobil 1? Royal Purple? Wix/Napa Gold? My Race Ramps...
  18. Blue_Goose

    ABS and Traction lights on? 2015 Charger

    Well after a few nice days of driving the Charger, my last startup presented this issue. 2 chimes and the ABS and Traction lights lit up on my dash. Doing some googling the most likely culprit is perhaps a ABS wheel sensor. None of the parts stores have a scanner that can determine what the...
  19. Blue_Goose

    Took my 2015 Charger out of garage jail :)

    Has been slumbering since the snow hit in early December but the February thaw has allowed me to take it out and stretch her legs a bit <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" class="post-image" alt=""...
  20. Blue_Goose

    AC not working 2015 Charger compressor not working

    Picked up my Charger last Monday and even though it was 27 degrees last night I decided to see how cold the AC was in this car. Turned on the AC and everything lights up (button dash and also on the 8.4 Uconnect screen) compressor kick in. It just blows whatever temp the cabin...