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  1. Marcozi

    The end of EVs with a battery?

    Interesting article from Science Alert: a team of scientists at UC Santa Barbara have developed a process to generate hydrogen from pure water at room temperature! The process uses aluminum nanoparticles and gallium...
  2. Marcozi

    Alternatives to Blackstone for oil analysis? Blackstone. And what makes an alternative lab better than Blackstone?
  3. Marcozi

    iPhone iOS update

    Apple has released a critical security update to the iPhone iOS.
  4. Marcozi

    What do you use to get.....

    .....oil stains out of cotton clothes that have been washed and dried? I've tried the following with no real luck: - Dawn dishwashing liquid (all types) - WD40 - CRC Brakleen (!!) - Acetone - Various "stain removers" (i.e., Shout gel with enzymes) - Dawn mixed with vinegar (great salad...
  5. Marcozi

    Using your computer for medical research

    I lost both of my parents to cancer. Since my dad's death in 2002, I've been using my home and work desktop/laptop computers to help find treatments and cures for cancer. Right now I'm running Mapping Cancer Markers (MCM). This project is managed by the Krembil Research Institute affiliate with...
  6. Marcozi

    Which Redline oil for BMW M240i

    I own a 2018 BMW M240i. I changed the oil and filter at 1200 miles with LiquiMoly 5W30. I'll be doing some track time at Virginia International Raceway in late March. I'd like to switch to Redline oil. Now, I did ask Redline about which oil is recommended. The response: 5W20. BUT, in all...
  7. Marcozi

    BMW B58 Engine oil

    First post! I've ordered a 2018 BMW M240i. Expect delivery in early September. Dealer sells 0w20 (LL-14) oil. However, I've read in several forums that BMW uses a 0W30 oil for this engine in non-US markets. Questions: 1. Should I just go with the 0W20 as I don't plan on tracking the car...