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  1. Jimmy9190

    Heads Up on Fram Drive oil filters: With pictures

    I thought I would post here what I ran into when changing my oil today. Please know that I have absolutely no intention here of disparaging or bashing Fram, Autozone or AAP. If you reply here please keep that in mind, I would rather not see this thread locked and do not want to go against BITOG...
  2. Jimmy9190

    RIP Tony Dow

    He played older brother Wally Cleaver on the tv show Leave It to Beaver. I remember reading a story not long ago about his cancer returning but had no idea it would be this soon. I grew up watching the old Beaver re-runs in the 70s, it was and still is a good show. I think Jerry Mathers is still...
  3. Jimmy9190

    RIP Jim Seals

    Another good one gone. Jim Seals, of the 70's group Seals and Crofts has died. I still remember listening to "Summer Breeze" on my little green AM radio when I was a kid in the early 70's. RIP.
  4. Jimmy9190

    RIP Alec John Such

    He was the original bass player for Bon Jovi. He left the band/was fired from the band in 1994. I am not a huge Bon Jovi fan but I do like some stuff from their early albums. Cause of death has not been released yet. He was 70 years old. It's very sad that we are steadily losing the good ones. I...
  5. Jimmy9190

    Bitdefender Free is back

    BITOG'ers love a good/free deal so I thought I would put this on here, maybe some here know about it already, but Bitdefender has redesigned and rebuilt their Bitdefender Free antivirus. They retired the old BD Free as of Dec. 31st last year, end of support will be on June 30th this year. This...
  6. Jimmy9190

    RIP Taylor Hawkins

    He was the drummer for Foo Fighters. He also played in Alanis Morrissette's band. I am no fan of either group but I know we have some Foo Fighters fans here so I thought I would post this. It is very sad that we keep losing the talented rockers. He was only 50 years old and had a lot more of the...
  7. Jimmy9190

    RIP Barry Bailey

    He was one of the original founding members and guitarist in The Atlanta Rhythm Section. I grew up in Georgia, listening to ARS and I still listen to them today. They were a great band and big part of Georgia Music and Southern Rock. I wore out their live album "Are You Ready" when I was in high...
  8. Jimmy9190

    RIP William Hurt

    He was a great actor. I remember he was very good in The Big Chill and Children of a Lesser God. My favorite movie of his was probably not his most well-known, it was called The Doctor, about a conceited egotistical doctor who finally learns to see the patients' side of medical care when he...
  9. Jimmy9190

    Bypass pressure on ST9688?

    I have a question please, I ordered oil and filters from Walmart for both of mine and my wife's Nissan Rogues. WM is out of the ST6607 that is normally spec'ed for the Rogue. I ordered the PH7317 equivalent ST9688. I received everything today, now I find out there may be a difference in bypass...
  10. Jimmy9190

    David Lee Roth announces he is retiring

    He says he is retiring, he has 5 shows lined up in Vegas, one on New Year's Eve then another 4 in early January next year. He says he is calling it quits after that. I think he is sick and has been told he will die in the near future. I hate to say that, even though I have never seen him live...
  11. Jimmy9190

    "So, who is the U-Boat commander?"

    The Porsche 928 from Risky Business will be up for auction at Barrett-Jackson in September. No reserve has been set on it yet. This one is supposed to be the one Tom Cruise, Curtis Armstrong and Rebecca DeMornay drove in the chase scene with Guido the killer pimp. It is also supposed to be the...
  12. Jimmy9190

    RIP Robby Steinhardt

    He was one of the original founding members of Kansas, and a great musician, live and in the studio. He sang and played the violin. Kansas was a monumental band, one of my absolute favorites and they had a huge effect on me in the 70's and 80's. Dust in the Wind will not be the same the next...
  13. Jimmy9190

    Geddy Lee's mother has died

    Too much death has touched the Rush family lately. She was a Holocaust Survivor, a very strong woman and a great lady. Condolences to Geddy and his family. Rest in Peace, Mrs. Weinrib.
  14. Jimmy9190

    Neil Peart's car collection going up for auction

    Neil Peart's collection of cars that he nicknamed the Silver Surfers will be up for auction at the Pebble Beach Concours in August. This article does not say where the proceeds will go but I can't help but think at least part of it will benefit cancer research and/or possibly music lessons or...
  15. Jimmy9190

    RIP Glen Peart

    Neil Peart's dad died this past Saturday. It was cancer. There is too much of it in the Peart family, and everywhere else too. I feel very bad for them, especially the kids. Father and Son are reunited now. RIP and condolences to the family...
  16. Jimmy9190

    RIP Tawny Kitaen

    I just saw this on a music forum, Tawny Kitaen died last night. She had her problems in life like a lot of other people in the music/video industry but she was a beautiful woman and a big part of the hard rock MTV era I grew up with. She was only 59. RIP...
  17. Jimmy9190

    Nissan brakes grabbing

    This is about my 2018 Nissan Rogue, 4 cylinder, CVT, 4 wheel ABS, it has 45,000 miles on it now. It has a problem that just started a few days ago, when I put on the brakes, it slows down like normal but when I get to about 10 to 15 mph and am nearly stopped it feels like the brakes grab and the...
  18. Jimmy9190

    RIP Alto Reed

    His real name was Thomas Cartmell. He was the sax player in Bob Seger's band. He had been with Seger since 1971 and was a great horn player. It is so sad to see how we keep losing the musicians and bands I grew up listening to and still listen today. Alto was a good man, I am very sorry to hear...
  19. Jimmy9190

    Dented fender, any opinions on PDR please?

    This is about my 2018 Nissan Rogue. Thanks for any help. I went to Lowe's today, when I came back out of the store I saw that one of their flat carts had either rolled on its own or someone did it but I got this dent in my left front fender now. I am looking for info/input/opinions on what to...
  20. Jimmy9190

    RIP Tony Lewis

    He was the singer and bass player in The Outfield. I was just listening to The Outfield today at work. Very sad. They have always been a huge favorite of mine since the first time I heard the Play Deep album. I never got to see them play live but they had some great songs. RIP...