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  1. k1xv

    Features you do NOT like on new vehicles?

    Run flat tires with no spare tire. Not even a donut. And therefore, no jack either. Cars with minimal gauges, not even engine water temperature. Lane departure warnings. They go off when changing lanes on multi-lane highways, or when apexing a curve on a deserted highway. Start-stop...
  2. k1xv

    All Weather or Winter Tires ?

    I am retired in Vermont, and can stay home during major snow storms before roads are properly plowed. As a result, I no longer need winter tires and get by with all weather tires throughout the year.
  3. k1xv

    Possible to charge a dead battery to reverse polarity?

    I had a friend in the 1960s with an Anglia English Ford. While helping him change spark plugs, I noticed the battery was hooked up backwards. But it started the car and ran fine. Mystery to everybody how it got installed backwards, and why nothing seemed to get damaged as a result. I...
  4. k1xv

    Do grandparents charge for watching grandchildren?

    At a minimum, you need help with out of pocket expenses.
  5. k1xv

    AC Delco Iridium Sparkplugs 180,000 miles

    Have AC Delco Iridium factory installed in my 2015 Corvette. They are actually made in Japan, by either NGK or Denso.
  6. k1xv

    3rd world problems - Counterfeit oil

    Stay with Shell. They are a legitimate world wide company. They own Pennzoil in the USA, where Pennzoil was a famous and respected oil brand. In your country, whatever is good about Pennzoil is also in the best Shell lubricants.
  7. k1xv

    Car & Driver 10 best oils. Do you agree?

    Already spotted an error. Mobil 1 European Formula 0-40 is not what is recommended by GM for LT1 and supercharged Corvettes. What is recommended is Mobil 1 ESP 0-40 Dexos2 This oil is available at some Chevrolet dealers, and some Mobil lubricant distributors,
  8. k1xv

    Tire delimma

    Sell the Michelins. I believe in running the best tires you have on hand, meaning use Kumhos first. By the time you need the Michelins, they will be even more aged and taking up storage space.
  9. k1xv

    Mountain top views and repeater replacement

    I never realized that there is any significant amateur radio presence here on BITOG.
  10. k1xv

    Bosch Platinum+4 Spark Plugs

    Back when I started driving over 50 years ago, we had weak coil and breaker points ignitions trying to ignite heavily leaded gasoline, and uneven mixtures in cylinders due to poor carburetors and intake manifolds. The selection of a spark plug could make a real difference, and they seldom...
  11. k1xv

    Auto parts stores open thanksgiving?

    It will be a slow day, you will have a holiday at work and be paid for it. I agree that if you have any intention of advancing in this job, you need to show some commitment to your employer.
  12. k1xv

    Many or most tires listed on DT site not in stock

    Another site is Many discount vendors can offer low prices because they do not maintain expensive inventories. Which, of course, makes them unsuitable if you need to buy something that is in stock and immediately available.
  13. k1xv

    Nail in tire. Repair info req'd.

    Years ago, when I was a poor college student, I found a nail stuck in one of my tires. The tire was not losing air. As I started to pull the nail out, air was escaping. I pushed the nail back in, and the leak stopped. So I got the bright idea of getting some GE Silicone seal, pulling the...
  14. k1xv

    Favorite tire place? : Chain, independent, online
  15. k1xv

    Stock broker doesn't like dividend stocks?

    During periods of rising interest rates, stocks that pay a fixed dividend are subject to downward pricing pressure Annual dividends divided by stock price = annual dividend yield. As interest rates rise, investors demand that annual dividend yields go up as well. If the dividend is fixed...
  16. k1xv

    Chevy Volt / Exxon-Mobil Conundrum.

    I would follow the OLM. GM set the algorithm for your OLM to account for the unique duty cycle of Volt engine. I would note that the OLM in other GM vehicles typically bring you to 0% after a year, even if the car is driven very little. That is because it is recommended in conventional GM...
  17. k1xv

    Can tread gauges vary that much?

    Yep, buy your own digital gauge and judge it yourself. Very affordable car accessory.
  18. k1xv

    2014 BMW X1 correct oil?

    Assuming it has a gasoline engine, the manual probably specifies an oil that meets the BMW LL-01 specification. If a diesel, the LL-04 specification. There are many alternatives to what is sold at the BMW dealer.
  19. k1xv

    Oops...I just bought Mobil 1 ESP 5w40

    The Mobil One ESP 0w-40 is now recommended by GM for the current Corvette. I am sure the 5w-40 version would be fine as well.