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  1. spackard

    Hyundai and Kia most stolen

    Guys on Live On Patrol say Hyundai and Kia are over half of their stolen vehicles. So much so that they keep their eyes peeled when cruising St Paul. This 6 month old C&D article (click here) has more info. "Kia thieves know they can break the back window without setting off an alarm, unlock...
  2. spackard

    Lucked out on starter motor

    Last year I was having work done on my '92 Acura Vigor and wanted the starter motor changed since they'd have the IM off; shop put on a reman. When I picked it up the motor sounded fast, and every time I've had a reman that sounded fast it hasn't lasted long. I went back a couple of days later...
  3. spackard

    customer states

    There's a channel on YT called Just Rolled In. He does compilations of unusual repair videos. Kind of amazing all the things he puts into one video. Here's a sample: There's 4 or 5 good oil change shots in there. I think my favorite is "wheel bearing of fortune".
  4. spackard

    bad accident car

    There's a place near work that stores vehicles for evidence. Once to twice a week they get a real wreck in, or maybe out, I haven't checked which. I'll see these when I leave for the day. I used to describe these to the wife, but a photo does them justice. Previous one looked worse, but I...
  5. spackard

    Helicopter flight last night

    I heard this helicopter doing tight circles last night around sunset: Tail N239PS, a Bell OH-58-A. Owned by Pasadena PD. After it flew away and I found the above URL I watched it for awhile. It went east, did steep ascent then steep descent, flew...
  6. spackard

    Relax-and-Recover (ReaR in short) - Linux bare metal backup/restore tool

    I only heard about this a couple of days ago. I gave it a go and it works so far. I have a use case for a bare-metal backup and recovery tool, that has enough flexibility to allow me to use it for a 1:n recovery tool also. I have a couple of fully hardened RHEL7.9 HP Z840 installed, and...
  7. spackard

    topdon btmobile battery analyzer

    Update: The app for this isn't currently in the Google Play store. It's kind of worthless without the app. This is just a guess: British Telecom told them they had a trademark on "BT". You could take a gamble that the app will be back. Don't know if I would. == Original review: A few months...
  8. spackard

    real-world rhel6 problem

    Here's an example of a computer problem I see every so often (training and tech support probably not much use). There's an old HP DL360e gen8 server, has 1 LUN from 2 HDDs, two more basic HDDs. This place likes to put NVidia graphics cards into servers. In this case, doing so makes booting into...
  9. spackard

    Don't move here

    Current SCE outage map for Los Angeles area below. Temp is about 10F above normal. I think it shows how marginal the whole area is, that dozens of transformers pop. There's no real attempt permission to upgrade.
  10. spackard

    old and easy or new and complex?

    Went to CA's <a href="" target="_blank">DMV website</a> to renew car registration and see they have two choices: Renew vehicle registration (easy) Renew vehicle registration (complex) NEW! Tough choice. I like new things, but new things that complex, not so...
  11. spackard

    autos queue at Port of Long Beach

    <a href="" target="_blank">https:/<wbr>/<wbr><wbr>retail/<wbr>vehicles-pile-calif-ports</a> (largely from Bloomberg) Nissan Armada SUVs, Rogue crossovers and Infiniti sedans - ship drops anchor for several days rather...
  12. spackard

    Best by Jun 19 2008

    Consumed Jun 23 2019. Can of vegetable soup with beef stock, Ralph's. Tasted old and can-ny. I've asked my wife to go through the cupboard and toss all the old cans.
  13. spackard

    Google cuts off Huawei's Android license

    <a href="" target="_blank">https:/<wbr>/<wbr><wbr>2019/<wbr>5/<wbr>19/<wbr>18631558/<wbr>google-huawei-android-suspension</a> Reuters first reported the news, and The Verge subsequently confirmed...
  14. spackard

    older gps - week counter rollover Apr 6 '19

    <a href="" target="_blank">https:/<wbr>/<wbr><wbr>2019/<wbr>02/<wbr>12/<wbr>current_gps_epoch_ends/<wbr></a> Older satnavs and such devices won't be able to use America's Global Positioning System properly...
  15. spackard

    car carrier Sincerity Ace

    Problem on the high seas. Was going from Yokohama, JP to Oahu, HI. Radioed yesterday a significant fire, with intent to abandon ship. Conditions when first life raft entered water: 30MPH winds, 17ft waves. Current news is 16 rescued, 2 missing, 3 feared dead. Currently adrift. Involved in the...
  16. spackard

    power drill usage

    Michael Munger: So many of the things that are important consumer durables we own because we want to have immediate low-cost access to their services. So, that's true of most tools. Most of the time, most of us--if we're professors or work in some white-collar job--most jobs, you don't...
  17. spackard

    2FA on my Google account

    Don't know if you all have your Google account secured, but I do. Late morning I'm sitting at my desk and I hear a 'ding' from my cellphone. There's a Google app saying someone is requesting a password reset for my account. I press the notification, and I get some "Is This You" prompt, and...
  18. spackard

    The DIY harness maker strikes again

    About 20 years ago availability of wire ties shot up. The younger sysadmins make liberal use of them in server racks. Before that, the only time I saw wiring harnesses was in autos, planes, and in various aerospace assemblies. The quality of those was high to exceptional. The aerospace ones...
  19. spackard

    Irwindale Speedway continues lease

    Irwindale, CA The race track which had been scheduled to close Jan. 31, 2018 will have at least two more seasons after a new lease was signed Thursday evening. The about-face agreement was signed by a new track operating group, led by Agoura Hills racer Tim Huddleston and his Justice Brothers...
  20. spackard

    supercapacitor jump starter

    I first heard about these a few weeks ago. Since, I've been looking into the pros and cons. The principle is a vendor chains together 6 2.7V multi-hundred farad supercapacitors, a DC-DC boost circuit, and some battery cables, to make a jump starter pack. The supercapacitors have very low...