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    Threw away K&N's due to high silicon in UOA's

    The last time I changed the oil in my 03 Ford Ranger and 03 Subaru Forrester I had Blackstone do a UOA on the oil from each. The Ranger oil was Mobil 1 and I ran it 8,022 mi. The Forrester oil was Mobil 1 EP and I ran it 10,973 mi. The Ranger had about 22,000 mi. on it and the Forrester had...
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    Fried donuts recipe

    Here's a good recipe for fried donuts. Fried Donuts 1 cup sugar 2 eggs 1 ½ Tbsp. shortening ½ cup sour cream ½ cup milk ¼ tsp. baking soda 2 tsp. baking powder 3 ½ cups white flour A...
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    Indian Fr y Bread recipe

    I recently told my oldest and best friend on the phone that I'd just mnade Indian Fry Bread. He wanted the recipe so I emailed it to him. I thought I'd give it to you guys. So here it is: You should be able to print this page, cut out the recipe, and glue or tape it to a recipe card. For...
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    John MacMaster is still here on the site

    Thought I'd let you guys know that I'm still around and kicking, tho not on this site. I've been very busy, and because of my cancer and chemotherapy, I have very little energy and am always tired. I have so much to do around the house (we live in the country and have a garden and etc. to deal...
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    How to copy Blackstone report into my post

    I have a Blackstone report on each of my two vehicles that I'd like to post. They were emailed to me by Blackstone as attachments that open in Adobe Reader. Can I paste a report into my post and if so, does anyone know exactly what steps I take to do so? While in Adobe Reader with the report...
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    Why I haven't posted much for 6 months

    I want you guys to know that I'm still here, tho I've posted very little since last Oct. I retired at the end of Oct., almost immediately got real sick, and finally had a physical and a colonoscopy in early Feb. The colonoscopy showed a large rectal cancer tumor. To make a long story short...
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    Why won't new DVD work in color?

    We have hooked up two different new DVD's (a JVC and a Magnavox) to our TV. For each DVD we read and followed the instruction manual. We are sure that we hooked each up correctly. We went through the "set up" instructions for each DVD. We could not get either DVD to display in color. It only...
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    What's GC's price and availability?

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    What's GC's price and availability?

    At what stores can GC be purchased? Does it come in 5W-30? What's the price? Thanks
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    I'm a free man - - I retired

    I retired on Monday of this week, which was my last day of work. The last two days were great. I haven't missed the job at all. Now, on to the list of things to do, which is up to about 18 things. I'll have no trouble keeping busy, mainly with spending more time doing the things that I only had...
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    My chicken fried steak recipe

    CHICKEN FRIED STEAK Use a meat tenderizing hammer to pound pieces of round steak until 3/8 to 1/2 inch thick. (A cheap cut of sirloin, on sale, is even better.) Rub your preferred spices well into both sides of the steaks. Salt and pepper are traditional. I usually use one of the numerous...
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    Thread doesn't start at beginning when I open it

    Often, when I open a thread it doesn't start at the beginning. It opens anywhere between the beginning and the end of the first page of the thread, and if there's more than one page, the thread even sometimes opens somewhere on the second or subsequent page. Its been this way since the recent...
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    National champions college football dynasty

    On Sat., Sept. 2, Carroll College, a small NAIA college division team from Helena, Montana, plays its first football game of the season. CC (Carroll College) was the national champion the last FOUR (that's 4) years in a row in the NAIA 16 team national championship playoffs, a feat never before...
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    Who's got the first frost of the fall?

    Yeah, I know, its late summer, but where I live its almost early fall. Last night, 32 degrees at my house when I got up. Frost on the windshield, and thank G** my better half and I covered the garden. The forecast is for a threat of frost tonight again. Bummer.
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    What's your favorite brand of western hat?

    What is your favorite brand of western hat? Where I live, western hats are very popular. Leaving aside the cheap brands, the three top quality, and favorite, brands in my area are: Stetson Resistol Bailey My personal favorite is the Bailey. I can walk into a store and try all 3 of the...
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    The latest ripoff by the oil companies

    During the past year or so, and especially during the past few months, the gas stations in the Montana and Idaho area are switching from 87 octane as their regular (and thus lowest priced) gas to 85.5 octane as their regular, and thus lowest price, gas. The next highest octane above this 85.5...
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    Relationship between a shop vac's power and hose diameter

    I have an old 2.25 hp Shop Vac. My wife just bought me a new 5 hp Shop Vac. The new one has a hose that is much larger in diameter than the hose on the old one. I wouldn't be surprised if the increase in the surface area between the opening in the new one's hose and the old one's hose is equal...
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    Federal Hydra Shok handgun round. Anything more powerful?

    Was just discussing powerful handgun rounds with a friend. As of about 2 years ago, my research told me that the Federal Hydra Shok was the most powerful store-bought handgun round, in terms of sheer knock down power, damage caused by the round, and velocity and energy of the round. Anyone know...
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    BP and the ripoff of the American public

    Since BP shut down its pipeline last week, gas prices in Montana have risen 10 to 17 cents a gallon, depending on which gas station you go to. Despite the fact that the news media NOW reports that BP only has to shut down about half of its pipeline flow, the gas prices in Montana have not...
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    Very pleased with switch to NetZero

    My home computer's a Dell, about 5 years old, and runs Windows Millenium 2000. Since getting it, our ISP has been MSN. We've never been pleased with MSN. Too slow and we had consistent problems of numerous types. Last winter, after a nightmare experience trying to install the latest version of...