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    iOS 16. What is your experience so far?

    Thank you for your exuberant responses. I think people that say the Pro Max's are big never had a big phone. Apple's biggest phone has been the same basic size for several years. There was some case issue when I got my XS Max, so I took an extra 7+ case that we had, dremeled out the camera...
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    New Phone Advice

    The 13 Pro is a solid choice that will provide many years of service through software updates. Apple is known for supporting devices with software and security updates for several years. iOS 16 is due to come out soon and will support phones that were released in Sept 2017. They even just...
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    New Phone Advice

    A flash drive is not necessary to put songs on an iPhone. I'd venture to say that's the hard way because iPhones have a proprietary port (Lightning). Should be able to plug the phone into your computer and let it sync. If you want a bad### camera, get a 14 Pro (or Pro Max), be ready to spend...
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    Hidden Horsepower Podcast

    Thought at least a few people here would find this podcast interesting. They talk about a variety of things related to make power in engines, generally race engines. It is sponsored by Total Seal the piston ring manufacturer, but IMO, it's very light on the promo side and plenty of technical...
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    Can we trust any manufacturer about anything anymore? (Using my Toyota transmission as an example)

    While I don't disagree with your expectation of 250k miles, our expectations and a manufacturer's expectations are very different. You're a bad customer for expecting your vehicle to last 250k+ but you're a good consumer for expecting such. In our modern world, of the people that can readily...
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    Understand your perspective completely. It's unfortunate that was your first experience.
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    If you're willing, I suggest to try another. That sounds like a huge anomaly for a Norwalk show. Usually, a Norwalk show is going to be one of the best at any track, but &*&* happens.
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    Jr. Dragster Carrying Front Wheels

    Looks like a pretty trick car. Not the "normal" jr dragster. Found this picture of it. Probably a 330' outlaw car, those tend to run a little on the "hot" side, but the NHRA has reigned them in a little as I think they were getting out of hand. Those that know what they're doing make a bunch of...
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    19 Ram 1500 Classic Tires - 265-70-17

    Thanks for the extra input.
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    19 Ram 1500 Classic Tires - 265-70-17

    Understood. Asking in a more general sense, not trying to increase weight handling ability.
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    19 Ram 1500 Classic Tires - 265-70-17

    Thank you for the education, truly. (Didn't want to sound like a smart$$$) In simplified version, So, pick a SL tire in the OE size and roll with the 40psi that I've been doing and don't worry about it. How does a 115 load index tire compare with a 113 load index? Is it as simple as, it can...
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    19 Ram 1500 Classic Tires - 265-70-17

    Maybe I need to better understand these numbers. @Rand mentioned the 40psi recommendation seemed strange above. The Goodyear SR-A tires are 113. How reputable is this tire site? If I can set to 40psi and be less concerned with it going under, I’ll open the search.
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    19 Ram 1500 Classic Tires - 265-70-17

    I'll have to look into those. Thanks I looked at those. The reviews on the Kuhmo tires look better, but it is an option for sure. I understand. I follow that and when we get hot days, it is usually above 44psi hot. I've always like to split the difference as a balance of ride and economy...
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    19 Ram 1500 Classic Tires - 265-70-17

    I've thought about that, but I really don't want to trade off that ride quality. The Grabber APT is a "LT" and is still a normal load range, so that might be ok, but it looks like most LTs are E range.
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    19 Ram 1500 Classic Tires - 265-70-17

    In the market for tires in the next few months. The GoodYear SR-As haven't been bad, will be shot in the 40k-45k range, but not interested in buying them again. In shopping around, my biggest gripe with this size is how low the maximum inflation pressure is on so many of these tires. The door...
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    What are you listening to right now?

    This Week in Google - Mommy Made Me Match My M&Ms (2022-06-23)
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    Any cars you regret buying? - My '14 CR-V experience

    2016 Ford Focus with the DSP6 transmission It was a kind of sort of, impulse buy in that I did zero research. Had the clutch replaced at 55000 miles or so under warranty. Accepted that if I were to keep the car I'd likely be putting a $$$ clutch in it a few times. Made the decision to get a...
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    Thread for photos that 100% do not violate any Terms Of Service, not political, not too lewd, no gas price pics etc.

    View from a boat on a river. Zoomed in pretty far, not bad for a phone.
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    Perfect license plate...

    I've always thought it would be fun to have a hot street car with nitrous BTL FED
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    Your favorite washer fluid

    Winter formula, year round