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    Dallas DA is nuts!!

    This is crazy. The new DA says that it is now legal to shoplift certain items. He said necessary items like milk,diapers,cereal and others will no longer be prosecuted and no arrests will happen to the thieves. If the news on TV is correct,this is going to be a mess. What happens to a store...
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    Altima or Accord?

    Hi guys Starting to get the new car itch after 10 yrs. I'm looking at these 2 cars and need any experiences good or bad. I tend to hold onto cars long after they are paid for so long term reliability is important. I won't get the most loaded of either. Just basic 4 cylinder. Thanks in advance
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    Dog vs Skunk

    Hi guys Well I let my dog out this morning @ 5am to do his thing. When I let him back in,WOW. He found a skunk somewhere and got sprayed. I bathed him but no help. I went to the store and got tomato juice and will bathe him again. Anyone have any experience doing this? How long do you leave it...
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    How much rent to charge?

    Hi guys I now have my Mom's house and may rent to my nephew. What is a good way to figure rent? I don't like the idea of being landlord but for now I may have to. I know some here know about this. Thanks in advance. House was built in 1973 2000 sq ft 3br-2bath 2.5 acres
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    NFL Playoff

    Who is going to Super Bowl? I pick Pats Vikings
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    Non smooth running oils

    Hi guys I keep reading here about such and such oil being solo smooth running. What major oil is non smooth?? I have never used any oil that was noticeably rough and to tell you the truth,I can't tell any difference between brands. Please let me know the non smooth ones so I can keep my eye out...
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    Cowboys vs Packers

    GB looked good today crushing NY. What will they do in Dallas next week? Dallas beat them earlier this year pretty easy. Let's see,I will pick my Boys again but in a closer game. 27-24. My other picks are: Atlanta KC Patriots
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    Cowboys crush Packers

    Great game by Dallas. And this beat down was without Dez. Both teams had injuries to deal with but the Pack just don't look right. Oh well. Go Cowboys
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    Battery or starter

    When I try to restart my truck after it is hot,it cranks real slow. Yesterday the relay clicked a few times then started I had the radio on and it lost all the presets. When it is cold it cranks strong. Ideas?
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    Changes at my local WM

    I noticed some changes today at my local WM. It seems like the oil and filter section is getting smaller with less inventory. Not just empty rows but less oil. They still have Pur filters on closeout for $2.50. I asked the mgr what they were replacing them with and he said ST. He said they have...
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    Gas prices

    Got gas today in Terrell,Tx for 1.99. Hope it starts to come down all over.
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    Real oil problems

    Hi guys Without all the fear mongering about what might happen if someone uses brand x oil or filter,who has really had an oil related problem ? I have had cars for almost 50 yrs and can say that I never had any oil problems other than when I was a teen and ran straight 40 wt oil in the winter...
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    what psi to use

    Just curious,what is the correct psi for 31x10.5x15 truck tire. My friend has a couple he's going to sell me for the rear of my pickup.
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    Last year AZ sale

    Did last years big AZ sale have any warning or did it just appear and get crazy?? Can we hope for a repeat?
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    ST rollback

    Hi guys I was at WM Saturday and saw ST for 11.88 a jug Also Mobil 5000 for 12 and change. Been along time since ST was that low but I'm stocked up already.
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    gas prices jumped today

    Hi guys Gas prices jumped 15 cents today to 2.59 gal. Oil prices are still low so is it the so-called summer blend or the upcoming vacation season? It's funny gas can go up 15 cents in a day but it never goes down 15 cents a pop. I got spoiled last fall when it was 1.80 a gal.
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    Texas Cartoon Post

    What happened to this post??
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    air filter

    Hi guys My Mom has a 19.5 hp Briggs Craftsman riding mower. I changed the oil and filter yesterday,went with Motorcraft 910 and Valvoline Next-gen 5-30. I checked the air filter thinking that I could clean it with an air hose.Is this filter a throw away filter or can it be cleaned and reused? Thanks
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    plug gap

    Hi guys I have a Briggs 500 series push mower and I need to know what the plug gap should be. Thanks
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    Baldwin filters

    Hi guys, I just got the B-2 for my old truck to use on my next oc. I immediately noticed how heavy it is. It's been 25 years since I last used a Baldwin,mainly cause they are hard to find. I also like the bright red paint. Anyone have any experience with these lately? I plan on using it for 6k...