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    NV3500 transmission won't go in 2nd gear

    This is the 5 speed we swapped into the old white van. Previous owner says it shifted fine when he took it out. It feels like it goes in 2nd but, as soon as you let up on the clutch (like the slightest bit), it jumps out. No grinding, it just comes out of gear. I'm not sure it even goes in...
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    Slant Six Removed in Preparation for V8 Swap

    <img src="" class="post-image" alt="" /> <img src="" class="post-image" alt="" /> <img src="" class="post-image" alt="" /> <img src="" class="post-image" alt="" />
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    Under valve cover 2000 Dodge 5.2 ??? mileage

    $200 engine that will eventually find its way into my old white van. <img src="" class="post-image" alt="" /> <img src="" class="post-image" alt="" /> <img src="" class="post-image" alt="" />
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    Rotella ELC

    This stuff is on clearance at work. Any reason NOT to use it in a gas engine? (e.g., the Saturd, the old white van, and my Polaris)
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    Old, old can of ATF (pics)

    Found in the trash can at work, thought it was interesting. <img src="" class="post-image" alt="" /> <img src="" class="post-image" alt="" /> <img src="" class="post-image" alt="" />
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    1967 Beetle hdeo mishmash+ceratec

    <img src="" class="post-image" alt="" />
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    They done gone and changed Delo!

    New CK Delo only has ~800 zddp, compared to ~1100 for the CJ version. Guess I'll try it and see if my cam goes flat.
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    What would ceratec do in exhaust?

    I just put a new header on the Bug, and one of the exhaust pipes on the old header was white. It feels hard and smooth, not ashy like deposits from a lean cylinder usually feel. It runs too good for me to think one cylinder could be that lean. I did have ceratec in the oil. If the rings on...
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    Purolator W54451 coolant filter cut open

    This was on my '76 PB100 van with a 225 slant six for about 200 miles. I cut it open so early because I thought I had it plumbed backwards (I did). As you can see, it had caught an amazing amount of rust in such a short time. The Purolator filter had a much stronger can and many more media...
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    2004 Saturn Ion Kendall 5w30 blend ~7500

    This is the first analysis of oil from the replacement engine, which is also a 2004 model that came out of a Malibu, I think. It supposedly had 40,000 on it. Oil used was Kendall GT-1 5w30 blend. Don't know why calcium is highlighted. <img src=""...
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    Not a bad haul from AAP

    The discontinued Driveworks filters are going for $1.95 each. With my discount, got them for $1.56 each. 6 each of: DW1A (the old van), DW-195 (the Bug and the old van), DW-5436 (the Saturd), and FL-4612 (the Polaris).
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    1911 kits?

    I've been wanting to build a pistol. I don't even really like 1911s, but the kits are readily available and (sort of) inexpensive. Any advice on a good kit for a beginner?
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    Got a free 5gal bucket of Mobil SHC 627

    I thought I could use it in place of 75w90 gear oil but, reading about it on Mobil's site, it doesn't look like it's meant for it. Has anyone used it for gear oil?
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    Decide my change!

    After 11 months and 1 day, the Saturd's "CHG OIL" reminder came on. Choose what I use! I have either: 1) 5qts Delo 5w40 or 2) 2qts Kendall GT1 5w30 blend + 1qt Mobil 5w50 + 1qt QS 5w50 + 1qt Havoline 5w30. I might just accidentally create the best oil known to man!
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    Fram Ultras no longer available at AAP

    Not sure if this is company wide or not, but the AAPs in my area just pulled all Ultras off the shelf and they are no longer a regular stock item. Is Fram overhauling the line, or renaming it? I can't imagine Ultras would just go away at AAP, since they are a great seller with oil specials.
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    My friend just used PEAK Fleet Charge in her Yaris

    Apparently, it was cheap. <img src="/forums/graemlins/33.gif" alt="duh" title="duh" height="29" width="25" /> I plan to drain and refill with Dex-Cool (which is what was in it). Would the SCAs actually hurt anything? The diesel guys I know act like putting SCAs in a gasoline engine will...
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    Test drove used Miata. Not impressed.

    I need a toy car to replace the Bug. I love it, but the poor thing is 48 years old and deserves to be put in a garage and mostly retired. I thought a Miata might be the closest thing to a Beetle, so I found a 1992 for sale cheap. After a test drive, I realized it did not replicate the...
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    Napa Platinum 41516 around 7000 miles

    <img src="" class="post-image" alt="" /> <img src="" class="post-image"...
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    Delo is the magic oil.

    3/3 on Delo so far. It has transformed the old white van, my Polaris, and now the Bug. It made all of them smoother, peppier, and much, much quieter. The van, in particular, went from sounding like it was about to fling itself apart to so quiet one can't even tell it's running. All due to...
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    Shannow or other Aussies

    I've marathoned all the Mad Max movies and seen Fury Road twice, now and I keep wondering. What oil would Mad Max have been using in his V8 Interceptor, circa 1979?