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    How can you remove a tire from a car at a junkyard without powertools?

    I gave this a shot, but it didn't work out. I was also getting a little leary about how much the car was shaking on the "junkyard jackstands." In the end, I put a harbor freight 28-3/8" pry bar through the wheel, braced it such that it jammed against the sub frame while spinning, and the nuts...
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    How can you remove a tire from a car at a junkyard without powertools?

    Most of the cars are up in the air so the wheel would just spin. It's also too hard to hold the tire by hand and simultaneously loosen the lug nuts.
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    How to get right amount of oil in AC system?

    Thanks for the link. This place is a goldmine.
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    Smoking for vac leaks - how reliable?

    You can search for EVAP leak/error code videos that South Main Auto has done. It seems to be helpful from the cases I've seen him use it in.
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    How do you record video under a car in motion?

    Ok genuis. Mounted how?
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    How do you record video under a car in motion?

    I keep seeing videos where people have cameras mounted underneath their cars, but I have no idea how they're doing it. It'd be a super useful method for diagnosis if I could figure how it's done.
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    Cracked samsung a11 screen.

    I can't really say, but I'd recommend getting a USB-C to USB-A adapter and also backing up important data if you wanna draw things out. Amazon Basics USB Type-C to USB 3.1 Gen1 Female Adapter - Black The adapter will allow you to plug in & navigate your phone with a...
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    People don't know what's under their hood.

    Elon Musk: Mission Accomplished
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    Scratches visible after headlight restoration

    I can see several light scratches after finishing up my headlight restoration. I removed the old clear coat with wet 2000 grit until hazy and then I went in with wet 3000 grit. After that, I put on the clear coat. I think I'll just leave it be as it still leagues better than it was. However...
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    How common are warped plastic valve covers?

    I cleaned up all the mating surfaces until they were pristine, bought a new OEM cover gasket, torqued everything to spec, and I'm still getting leaking through some bolt holes. I've read about valve cover warpage with some BMW owners, but now I'm wondering how common it really is across the board.
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    Can you use a radiator pressure tester with the engine running?

    I asked about this because I recall reading it in my auto book. I think the distinction I missed is that the engine is warmed up , but not running. My coolant temp was 160F and the engine was off. With it pressurized in this state, I was able to see coolant leaking from spots I suspected...
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    Can you use a radiator pressure tester with the engine running?

    I was going to pressurize the system to 15psi and then run my engine to operating temp. Is it a bad idea to do this? I'm thinking it might make a leak location I'm suspecting more obvious.
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    Bidirectional scan tools

    I'm curious about it too. I know they have other models of scantools with bidirectional controls, but it costs $50/yr to retain that functionality.
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    What's the flow rate like on rear calipers with motive pressure bleeder?

    I'd be interested in an answer to this too. Everybody talks about how great these things are, but nobody seems to have a clue when it doesn't work the way you want. By the way, I discovered a hole in my brake hose which might explain why bleeding was so poor. I've been outta commission lately...
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    Over 50- I now understand why advertisers/ marketers don't like me

    What? I thought everybody wanted to know about the medicare give back benefit. I'm gonna get what's owed to me....
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    NGK Plug check... They look OK

    My theory is the pickers at Amazon are overworked and don't care, so they just grab what ever's closer. All this is exactly why I just went to Autozone for my recent plug purchases. Sure they were $5 cheaper on Amazon, but I don't like my chances.
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    How does headlight restoration work?

    Thank you for your explanation. How can you tell when you've sanded enough with finer grit sandpapers however?
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    How does headlight restoration work?

    I used one of those headlight restoration kits and it came out great, but I want to understand the reasons behind what I did. The first step had me using these oxidation remover wipes and that made decent sense. You use the wipes to remove yellowing or other signs of hazing on the lights. When...
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    Is Jump Starting Still A Viable Practice?

    I agree. Clueless people just want to go and they got no idea what they're doing. If anything, the only thing I'd offer to do is use my jump pack. That way my car stays totally safe and they can take it or leave it.