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  1. totegoat

    South Bound Geese

    Getting some weather here in NorCal and just noticed several flights of geese headed South. Different spring for sure.
  2. totegoat

    New Lap Top.......suggestions please.

    Simple, no games, 15" or so. Current 15" HP works but is getting a bit funky, unsuccessfully trying to load Windows 10 on its own. Costco is handy.
  3. totegoat

    Costco Hours

    Are they still opening early for seniors?
  4. totegoat

    Roadside Assistance Plans

    Thinking I should have one. Opinions welcome on whats good/or bad..........
  5. totegoat

    Need a new battery charger.

    Don't want one on wheels or one that just jump starts. Interested more in quality than price.
  6. totegoat

    Briggs & Stratton 491588 Air Filter

    $1.23ea. I don't see any difference from OE.
  7. totegoat

    Wife's Knee Hurts- Electric Bike?

    She doesn't enjoy walking. Loves to ride her bike. Looking for info on electric bicycles. Help...........
  8. totegoat

    Sellier & Bellot

    Good prices, is it any good?
  9. totegoat

    Top Sirloin?

    Wife bought a package of Prime Grade at Costco thinking they would be tender. They aren't. Must be a way to tenderize them. Ideas?
  10. totegoat

    Browning Boss

    I have a couple and like them. Anyone else?
  11. totegoat

    Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire

    Anyone tried them? I like the speed rating. Tired of 65MPH rated ST tires.
  12. totegoat

    New Gun Cloth

    Hadn't bought one in many years. Just opened a new Outers TRI-CARE Made in USA cloth. Came packed in a sealed foil pouch inside the typical re-closeable plastic bag. What is new to me is how soaked with chemicals it is. Is this new, or have I just forgotten what a new wipe is like?
  13. totegoat

    Bad Attitude?

    Just site seeing today and pulled up to a civilian guarded gate to cross over a dam. Guard asks why I want to cross? I say because I feel like it....Wrong answer for the rent a guard and I'm irritated he even asked. [censored]? Should I feel good or bad? I've driven over this dam numerous...
  14. totegoat


    Had a Limbsaver recoil pad on a 7mm melt in my gun safe. Kind of a mess. The Decelerator pad on another 7mm is just fine. I sent Limbsaver an email. So far, no reply. Anyone else experience a melting Limbsaver recoil pad?
  15. totegoat


    My drive is 4 cars wide. I park two in the garage and two on my driveway. People visiting next door repeatable park on the street blocking one of my vehicles. I ask them to move and so far they do, no problem. I feel I should be able to move any of my vehicles from my property to the city street...
  16. totegoat

    51 year old K-22

    Shot it today after several years of non-use. So smooth and accurate. I hope they are still building them with quality.
  17. totegoat

    I like Tabasco and or Trappey's

    Especially on beans. Any kind of beans, soup, or clam chowder. Anyone else?
  18. totegoat

    Remington Ultimate Defense Handgun Ammunition

    Anyone like or dislike it? $5 a box rebate currently.
  19. totegoat

    AD on Campus

    UCHumboldt: At about 1:30 p.m., Wednesday, Jan. 13 an officer in the University Police Department suffered minor injuries when his firearm was accidentally discharged. The officer was treated for injuries to his hand. There was no other injuries or damage related to this incident. More training...
  20. totegoat

    BRITE-BORE Gun Grease

    Is it any good? Should I use it or sell it?