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    number 2 grease of number 3 thickness

    #3 in the high heat and #2 for low to moderate temperatures.
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    2018 Civic 1.5T Mileage-Based Maintenance Schedule?

    Change the break-in fluid in the manual transmission now and get all the metal contaminants out.
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    Do you use gas brand exclusively ?

    Chevron gets the best MPG consistently of all the brands I've used for 50 years.
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    New .410 Mossberg for $279. Good deal?

    20 gauge is more versatile and can be bought elsewhere for the same cost.
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    purchased my first Supertech air filter

    Who makes Supertech air filters?
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    Fram extra guard or Orielly's Microgard

    Fram Ultra for multiple intervals.
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    Recommend a good fuel injector cleaner.

    Berryman B-12 and/or Chevron Techron
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    Ano(the)r 0w20 - FA20 Engine Thread

    Pennzoil Platinum Euro L with an HTHS of 3.5
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    2019 Santa Fe 5W/30 1600 miles on vehicle

    Dealer was hoping the excess fuel in the oil would burn off. Be patient, as your piston rings have a ways to go to be fully seated.
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    Subaru 5w-30 7k; 2019 Subaru Outback H6 19k

    Excellent. Thank you for the oil analysis. My 2013 Outback 3.6 has been outstanding over the years.
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    Speaking of overfilled sumps.

    Check or replace the PCV as well.
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    Fuel System Cleaners

    I alternate between Techron and Berryman B-12
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    5W30 Suggestions/Subaru

    Summer: Pennzoil Platinum Euro L 5W-30 at $22.88 at Walmart Winter: 0W-30 Synthetic