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  1. mpack88

    Ancient FL1A C&P

    Oil change was successful. Oil was pitch black but not sludgy or chunky. Filter looks good. Was very easy to cut open. Looks like a purolator. Was going to use 10w30 Castrol magnetec but with the age of the seals and length it went without oil change I settled for valvoline 10w40 conventional...
  2. mpack88

    Ancient FL1a

    So I picked up this old 1983 Ford LTD 3.8L and man said it hadn't run in four years but the oil filter is very old. Motorcraft is in raised letters. Might cut it open. Any suggestions on what oil to use? Was going to use Castrol fs magnetic 10w30. Oil pan is very clean and dry.
  3. mpack88

    Chevy Caprice Revisited C&P

    Well after a year and 3k miles, it was time to change the 84 Chevy Caprice wagon 305 oil and filter. The last filter was full of dirt. Replaced oil/filter with a napa 1050 and coastal 10w30. Still has crude but not as bad as that acdelco filter. Here's the link for the previous filter...
  4. mpack88

    2018 Ford 3.5L Cyclone v-6 30k miles; blend of RGT and QSFS 5w-20 5k miles

    My 2018 Taurus 3.5L has an usually high level of fuel dilution. Don't know why. Driving habits haven't changed. Used 4 qrts RGT 2 Qrts of QS FS 0w20. The only thing I changed is I've been using non ethonol fuel these last 4 tanks. Anyone else experimec this. Oil going back in is 5w20 RGT with...
  5. mpack88

    Old wix 51516

    Found this old wix at a habitat store so I bought it. Looks good. Might use it on something of mine. Can anyone date it. Oh and if anyone ask what to do with a dented vehicle, this can says what could happen in the last picture.
  6. mpack88

    AC Delco 10w30 SP gf-6

    About to start working a 2001 Buick Lasabre intake manifold. Used all AC delco parts even the oil and filter. Now I'll have to say, this is a good looking bottle. Does anyone know who makes this oil? 10w30 SP GF-6. Was a good bargain. $2.48/qrt plus shipping. Was cheaper than Mobil super.
  7. mpack88

    2018 Taurus 5w20 RGT

    Got my 25k oil change done. Analysis looks good. Getting board with RGT. I do have some 10w30 Castrol Magnatec I may try next summer. Used another champion filter with 0w20 RGT
  8. mpack88

    Motorcraft FL1A C&P

    Decided to change the oil on my 75 LTD 400m. Approximately 2200 miles on this oil. It was changed last time in July of 2020. The oil was very pitch black and smelled heavy of gasoline. I don't see a whole lot of dirt though so I guess that's some good news. Filter looks good.
  9. mpack88

    AC delco PF1218 C&P

    Changed the oil in a 1984 Chevy Caprice wagon. Had traveller 10w30 semi and replaced it with 10w30 coastal semi with Napa 1060. This was the easiest filter to cut open. Is rather nasty inside. Filter did its job. Engine is a 305 with 310k miles. I have seen the engine below valve covers. Is...
  10. mpack88

    Oil stash keeps growing

    Went to two different O'Reillys to find they had valvoline and Castrol magnetic real cheap. One O'Reilly was giving valvoline/castrol away for $1a qrt. Even the full synthetic. Couldn't resist.
  11. mpack88

    2 4 1 C&P ph16 fram and Pro-tec 130

    Fram has seen better days. Filter is around 5 years old. Came of a 75 Chrysler Newport 400 big block. No tears though. Protec came of my mom's saturn sl2. Looks good however the adbv seems rather stiff. Says Parker on it.
  12. mpack88


    Ok, so in removing the intake of my mother's 2001 Saturn sl1, I found this part is broken. What is it?
  13. mpack88

    Purolator L31001 and Pro-tec 140 C&P

    Changed the oil in the 2001 Saturn sl1 and ford e150. Protec is a little wavy. Purolator looks good.
  14. mpack88

    Sludged up Saturn SL1

    So my step dads Saturn was leaking oil from the valve cover real bad and it don't look good under the cover. 271k miles on her. Thought about trying to clean it but it may just make things worse.
  15. mpack88

    Ford Twin I beam help?

    I had a buddy of replace ball joints and the camber is way out, but his machine wouldn't show camber. What ever, I'll look into it. The camber adjustment don't look right to be. All the pics on the internet show the adjustment cam on top, mine on the bottom of the upper ball joint. Is this correct?
  16. mpack88

    Castrol 20w50 with zinc

    Found this at walmart
  17. mpack88

    5w20 RGT 5w20 6.8k; 2018 Taurus 20k

    Results look good. However it seems RGT doesn't like to be pushed past 6500k. So I'll stick with every 5k from here in out.
  18. mpack88

    Purolator PL10111 C&P

    This filter came of my friends 2001 Buick Park Avenue Ultra awhile back. Had about 8k on it. Drain back had tears in it and end cap came off with a light tug.
  19. mpack88

    Champion COS10575 C&P

    Off my 18 Ford Taurus. Looks good to me. Not bad for $1 a piece.
  20. mpack88

    Stp C&P

    Filtrr was only used for about 1500miles. Engine seems to be full of sludge and truck had no oil pressure at idle. So I dumped the RGT 5w30 and now using 20w50 GTX. Pressure is back some. I think the enginenis in borrowed time. No worries plan on getting a new engine soon.