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    Sprint Users? Help looking for a Sprint phone...

    I have a razr V3 (the first model that came out.) has been a great phone. not bulky at all and has great reception indoors (unless you live in an apt 1st floor) I have heard this phone is fragile if you drop it is toast. well I have dropped it out my truck many times and it still works. 03 dodge...
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    Helpe me unsieze my damm wheels

    maybe while the wheel is off sand the drum down to get all the rust off. then paint it so it wont rust. when paint is dry place wheel back on. I would think this would take care of it. I know when my 03 dakota went in for inspection. they tried to remove the rear wheel and it was liek the nuts...
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    Old Movies

    <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> Stalag 17 should be on that list. Don't bother with Sunset Boulevard, IMO. And rent Double Indemnity, what a great noir classic. <hr /></blockquote> I saw stalag 17 on TCM just last week. I loved it alot. I also watch all the old war movies and yes excaliber is the...
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    Yellow gunk on Oil fill cap

    <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> Do a UOA,,i still think there's somthing going on there that's not good, that's alot of milk for just.... "condensation". <hr /></blockquote> seen pics of the older 4.7 dakota oil caps before they put a plastic bottom on the oil cap. it was thicker than what HH...
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    3 mpg gain by cleaning up the undercarriage.

    <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> How would adding weight increase gas mileage? <hr /></blockquote> because by covering things it decreses drag and everyone knows drag is a killer on gas mileage. why you think everything on a aircraft is covered and streamlined.
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    Cars and trucks which are cheapest to insure?

    <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> The chevy corvette is a "B", suprising, but the hyundai tiburon an "E". A "punk kid" sports car is much more expensive than a "gentleman's". <hr /></blockquote> because mostly old farts can afford a vette. nothing against you patman <img...
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    Ford Ranger Owners

    I had a 95 ranger XLT 2.3L 5 speed manny. truck drove all over the east coast and never let me down. I have head get the manny over the auto. as far as fuel mileage. I dont know as I never tracked it. the V6 versions will suck gas alot. dont know how the more current rangers do. but I know my...
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    Switched to GC Lost Oil Pressure

    no such thing as a reliable electric guage. the merc 4.6 I had in my cougar had a faulty sending unit. might want to check that. other than that I would hook a mech guage up to it and see for sure. my oil pressure never changed with GC.
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    GC = Gold Castrol or Green?

    <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> OK, I finally went to an AutoZone a ways from home and found some "European Formula" 0w30 "Made in Germany" Syntec. I opened it up and after dipping a paper towel in, discovered it looks more gold than green. Has the formula changed? I've read...
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    1K into OCI with GC and...

    have about 2k miles on my run of the green stuff. once the oil gets to operating temp. the engine is silky smooth and when I hit the gas the truck is so smooth hitting 5k rpm. its in a dodge dakota 4.7 v-8. my MPG hasnt changed as its a V-8 mileage sucks to begin with .
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    Synthetics are just NOT acheiving 15/25 K anymore?

    about the only tune up you can do on a 4.7 is plugs and air filter. they have no plug wires or distribitor. copper plugs in the engine are good for 30k miles.might want to change the PCV on it too. its located on the oil filler neck. he must stay on the road constantly to do 50k miles a...
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    BEST engines.....

    I will also agree the Jeep 4.0 just keeps runing. the dodge 318 (5.2) and the 360 (5.9) are also great engines. also the Ford 2.3 4cyl is a great engine. I had a 95 ranger and never burned oil and always ran great. no power what so ever but it got me to where I wanted to go. I will even say the...
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    GC = Gold Castrol or Green?

    anything prior 0504 is green. anyhting 0504 and after is gold. the gold will work just the same as the green. its just most on here still have large stashes of green left. so they havent used the gold yet. but some people have and said its just as fine as the green. so use with no worries.
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    Winter driving; weight in pick-up bed

    I have never had to put weight in the back of my 4x4. just as long as you drive for condition and not hotdog. my 2x4 ranger I put about 40 4x4 in the back and at the tailgate I put 2 rows of cinderblocks and the wood never moved. granted my 95 ranger sucked in snow no matter what. I have heard...
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    Family over for the holidays

    <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> LOL!!!!!!!!! Thank you Larry; GIT R DONE, thas right! <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/crackmeup.gif" alt="" /> UPDATE 2: Cousin just stepped in a big pile of dog #@$%! outside and you guessed it, tracked it...
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    Scaled down Ferrari

    always one guy to make a negative comment. I think it shows his skills well. wish I could do somethng like that.
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    Family over for the holidays

    ah yes I dread the holidays with family. my mom gets really crankey and by then end of dinner its a free for all. as far as the dog went. I would of told them not to bring it over ever again or kick the heck out of the dog and scream. its up its up and its gooooooooood <img...
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    <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> Shannow, here's the short version: 1) Hungry city people show up on a boat with little to no outdoor skills. 2) Natives ask if they are going to spend the night. 3) City people say it's a long way home and don't mind if they do. 4) Natives have a huddle and some say...
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    Dollar Coin

    I know at military bases over seas dont do pennies. they just round. they said they loose money shipping pennies back to the US. I like the dollar coin idea alot. while I was in the air force and went on a TDY to Fairford England. they gave me a coin and I was like whats this. they said 1...
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    Just went to Exxon

    on here they say ethanol lowers the octane . and I saw no stickers saying they was using ethanol.