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  1. KrisZ

    Microsoft Edge searching for other browsers funny

    Just finished building a new desktop and of course the very first thing is getting Chrome or Firefox. This is the message you get when searching for other browsers using Edge. Like that's going to change anyone's mind.:ROFLMAO:
  2. KrisZ

    PSU failure that I thought was my GPU

    This one was a weird one as it started off with the GPU crashing, which happened after driver update. The screen would go dark, naturally I though something was wrong either with the GPU or the new drivers. I play a sim racing game (Project Cars 2) from time to time and it would crash there. My...
  3. KrisZ

    Something of a rare sight these days, Honda Valkyrie Interstate

    Well, maybe it has always been a rare sight, maybe not, not sure. But I don't recall seeing them often. A guy at my old work place back in Canada had one and that's when I had a close look at it for the first time in person. I liked what I saw. Fast forward to now and my eldest daughter can...
  4. KrisZ

    Oxidized aluminum polishing - pretty good results

    I didn't really see much discussion about this topic, except for hand polishing, which would take forever in my case, so here is what I did. I used a 6 inch buffing wheel I got from amazon (the kit comes with three wheels actually) mounted on a drill and polishing compound sticks from Home...
  5. KrisZ

    Wanted a crotch rocket and ended up with this...

    ... a 1977 Kawasaki KZ650 Pretty much all original as far as I can tell, 7600 miles and best of all no cafe racer mods. Once the sissy bar is off it will look just the way I like it.
  6. KrisZ

    Home office desk project

    Just finished setting up my office and since the room has a "cut" corner I had to do some custom work in order to maximize the space available. I'm pretty happy with the result. Total desk space is actually quite huge. It begs for a third monitor now ;)
  7. KrisZ

    Good Indy shop around north Austin

    Looking for help from members that live around Austin about a reputable shop in north Austin, Round Rock, Leander, Georgetown area. My 2015 Grand Caravan has developed a slight front end clunk, but since we just moved in, my garage is full of boxes and I don’t know any local shops. Your help...
  8. KrisZ

    Got a safe, where to start?

    We recently purchased a house and the prior owner left me a gun safe, because it is bolted down I guess.🤷‍♂️ So where should I start from here? My thinking was first a good, modestly priced shotgun for me to practice with and keep it for home defense. I would also like to own a hand gun. What...
  9. KrisZ

    Went from Android to iOS

    Well, I went to the other side. My Galaxy s8 plus battery started to get flaky after 3 years of faithful service and I had a choice to make. My primary motivator was that apple started to crack down on third party privacy. Now I’m fully aware that apple collects all of the data just like...
  10. KrisZ

    5 year old Chrysler OAT coolant didn’t look great

    Call me old fashioned, but I’m not comfortable keeping coolants for 10 years in operation, especially since it’s an easy DIY project and very inexpensive in the grand scheme of things. What came out didn’t impress me considering it is supposed to be a 10 year / 150k mile coolant and it’s been...
  11. KrisZ

    Wiring mess clean up

    The previous owner installed a fender eliminator, aftermarket LED turn signals, brake light and brake light modulator. All of which are I'm Ok with, However, the wiring leaves a lot to be desired. Not only the routing was bad, as it was outside the motorcycle frame and in the elements, but the...
  12. KrisZ

    Whoever did this, should not be working on motorcycles

    I recently purchased a 2013 Suzuki SFV650 aka Gladius from an owner that claimed something went wrong with the rear wheel shortly after he got the tires installed. I flat bedded the bike home and started to work on it. The axle was very difficult to remove and had to be hammered out. Once the...
  13. KrisZ

    Windows 10 Pro license for $39.99

    For those that want a legit and transferable win 10 license. The sale is going on for three more days. The OEM license or if you upgraded from win 7, 8 or 8.1 is tied to the motherboard, so it will not transfer to another computer or if the motherboard is upgraded...
  14. KrisZ

    WD Gold line HDDs

    Hey, Just wanted to share that WD Store has their Gold drives a little cheaper than Amazon and Newegg. I got a 4TB drive $159.99, free shipping and a free 32GB flash drive. There is also a $5 off coupon that works WDSAVES5. So I paid $154.99. I think you get a free flash drive with a 2TB or...
  15. KrisZ

    Pretty good and small computer speakers

    I thought I'd share this for those that are looking for basic speakers or a better alternative to laptop speakers. Came across these on Amazon, as my 2.1 set started to magnify input sounds from the 3.5mm jack and was humming quite loudly. It was about 12 years old, so no surprise there and it...
  16. KrisZ

    Considering 2019 VW Jetta

    Hey guys, looking for some feedback, preferably from owners of the redesigned 2019 and 2020 Jetta models. We test drove the S and SE trims and like the SE trim best. I understand it is cheapened out in some regards, like having torsion beam suspension in the rear, but overall I like how it...
  17. KrisZ

    Had a AT oil pan leak on my 15 Grand Caravan

    Someone at Chrysler transmission assembly plant sure messed this one up. When I did a cooler line ATF exchange over two years ago I did notice a very small wetness on the ATF pan. Well, that recently developed into a small leak. Enough to stain my garage floor. During the pan removal, once the...
  18. KrisZ

    Uconnect headset free repair option

    I hope this one will come in handy for those with the Uconnect entertainment systems, the factory headsets to be specific. The battery door on those are quite fragile. Came across the contact info to fix the Uconnect headsets for free on Chrysler forums, even if the vehicle is outside the...
  19. KrisZ

    500k mile Chrysler 62TE transmission teardown

    Out of a 2014 Dodge Pro Master (Grand Caravan). The owner apparently had the original tranny replaced under warranty at around 90k miles. The replacement made it 500k miles. <div class="video-container"><iframe frameborder="0" width="640" height="360"...
  20. KrisZ

    Re-purposing an old iPad

    Recently I found my wife's old iPad, I think it's iPad 2. Other than being old and a bit slow for normal usage, it's in perfect working condition, so I decided to make some use of it. I decided to mount it on the wall so that I can use it as a feed of my security cameras, but it can be used for...