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  1. alcyon

    Noise on decel, some kind of rattle.

    The whole story is, my diff (RWD) had a mild clunk when shifting from N to D and from N to R, or P to R. It also had a whine when engine braking long downslopes. Since Mk3 Supra/Gen2 Soarers are notorious for crush sleeve issues after decades of use, I decide to rebuild the diff with a "pro". He...
  2. alcyon

    SVL by Dana. What does it all mean.

    Here is an excerpt from their website : English isn't my first language, but don't some of these terms seem contradictory or mutually exclusive ? What is your experience with SVL parts ? I am considering buying a Ring and Pinion set.
  3. alcyon

    Penrite HPR-5 5W-40 some questions

    I recently came a cross a dealer selling this oil at a good price to me. It comes in a 5L bottle. I see that it's 100C viscosity is on the higher end of the 40 scale, at 14+ cst. Anyone used this before ? Also interested to know it's base oil class, a group3 or group 3 with some 4? This is just...
  4. alcyon

    Car vs Truck diff gears, are they cut differently

    I was wondering if given a same diff housing size , same ring and pinion size, lets say 8" Ring, 41 Tooth with a 9 tooth pinion, will there be any differences in the helical gear cut and angles? Is the gears for the car version quieter ? or are they all the same ?
  5. alcyon

    Going to wider rims on same tires- effect on sidewall

    Something I thought about, see illustration below. So the tires in question is 205/65 R15. The stock rims are 6jj. I was thinking of going to a BBS RS with 7jj, as it has bit of a lip so it pushes the edge out by nearly an inch. Also since its wider, the sidewall should bulge less like in...
  6. alcyon

    Anti Aircraft "wires"

    I remembered watching the pilot episode of Airwolf, the assistant said the "passive defence mechanism might force him out", then the pilot is shown exclaiming "wires" then he pulls airwolf up and over the canyons. Do militaries actually put up such wires in canyons to deter low level aircraft...
  7. alcyon

    Grease gun or injector recomendation

    I want to buy a device to inject grease into my tie rod and arb links. I bought a large grease gun but it seems the seal has failed. Is there something available like a syringe but has a fitting that goes over the zerk head ? Preferably something small.
  8. alcyon

    Beck Arnley 170F Thermostat is it faulty ?

    I live in the tropics and temps in the morning are about 26C (79F) and at worst in the afternoon it an reach 36C (97F) My OE thermostat is 82C(180F). I just swapped that out for a beck arnley 77C (170F) stat . Thats only a 5C difference. I was driving in the afternoon and evening over the...
  9. alcyon

    Combating Shutdown Heatsoak- I finally did something about it

    Some of you guys might have noticed I like to partake with the topic of engine shutdown heatsoak. I tend to have what EricTheCarGuy describes as excessive mechanical sympathy. This project has been almost a year in the making, and I finally got the system working, after a lot of thinking...
  10. alcyon

    Uneven heating and sudden cooling of auto glass - Your experiences

    Just as a thought experiment, or perhaps something like this did indeed happen to any of you. Say you parked your car at a semi covered area, and the lower half of your windshield is exposed to the extreme summer sun, and the upper half in the shade. Or the whole windshield is exposed to summer...
  11. alcyon

    Alternator condensor-capacitor what does it do

    I found that the capacitor on my alternator was leaking. So I bought a replacement and changed a new one. Some people say this part is not neccessary, some say it is. Supposedly its only for suppression of RF noise. But I also heard it keeps arcing on the alternator carbon brushes to a minimum.
  12. alcyon

    Car wont start cold and stalling at hot idle intermittent problem

    My car is in the signature. Its a 80s toyota that uses TCCS ECU with contactless distributor, with a flap type air flow sensor (like 22RE). The ECU controls ignition timing advance so there are no governers and vacuum advancers in the distributor. About a month ago I faced a hard starting...
  13. alcyon

    Windshield sealing 30 years ago vs today, which is better ?

    Below is a pic of a modern car, the Proton Preve. I noticed a rather large gap in between the glass and the metal channel, I presume its to let water flow out. Now this is my 80s car Notice a rubber seal in between, you see no gap. I guess its the same underneath without the rubber seal ? Why...
  14. alcyon

    Toyota Transmission Filter ATP, WIX or Beck Arnley

    I am planning to change my transmission filter, and ROCK Auto has 3 choices. What are your experience with each brand ?
  15. alcyon

    BF Goodrich Advantage T/A Drive vs ContiContact CC6 205/65 R15

    I know this is a US based website, so I am unsure if these tyre models are sold in the US. Currently I have Continential CC6 tyres in 205/65 R15. High performance tyres are unavailable in these sizes, so I just want to find something with better grip than the CC6. The CC6 wet grip is horrible...
  16. alcyon

    Key won't release in a toyota even in Park

    There is a safety feature in Toyotas with auto trans, you need to shift to P then only you can off the engine and pull out the key. Yesterday morning, I had great difficulty pulling the key out. After a few shifts from other gear positions to P, finally it let go. I drove home in the evening...
  17. alcyon

    Coolant - Oil heat exchanger/cooler, how effective

    I was just wondering how effective this system is . On my engine, Toyota calls it an oil cooler, though it is not how we think of oil coolers. Its a donut shaped metal piece that goes right behind the oil filter, with coolant lines running through. I heard this system is meant to equalize or...
  18. alcyon

    In a dilemma, sell my car or keep it

    I am 44 years old now. All my life I have been thrift as I am not from a well off family and I struggled financially. However I do love cars, and I always wanted a 2 door 1980s rwd car. From the time I started working, which was at 21 years old, I drove my dads car and kept driving it for 20...