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  1. KrisZ

    Is undercoating worth it on newer GM vehicles?

    With fluid film or other light oil based rust proofing product, like Krown or Rust Check, there is no such thing as a touch up. They need to be sprayed all the same every year if you want the full benefit. It’s because they get washed off during winter in most areas exposed to water. Inside...
  2. KrisZ

    RA price increase overnight

    They are copying Amazon it seems. Give it few days and the price will likely come down. Sometimes clearing browser history or using another device will show the original price. They are tricksters for sure.
  3. KrisZ

    Is undercoating worth it on newer GM vehicles?

    Then perhaps you should re-read what I posted about that price instead of assuming things about me.
  4. KrisZ

    Is undercoating worth it on newer GM vehicles?

    Yes I have and document my experiences on this board. I used to live in Ontario, Canada, I’m more than familiar with rust, rust proofing and how it should be done vs how it can be done just to impress the customer.
  5. KrisZ

    Is undercoating worth it on newer GM vehicles?

    Then I would do it. $200 sounds a bit steep though, but would be acceptable if your buddy does a tremendous job. That would include spraying all door, trunk, hood cavities, pulling plastic covers and spraying behind them and then finally doing the underside. Ask your buddy what exactly he will...
  6. KrisZ

    Is undercoating worth it on newer GM vehicles?

    How long are you planning to keep these vehicles? Rust proofing definitely works and can extend the life of a vehicle quite substantially, but the benefits are not usually realized until the vehicle is over 10 years old.
  7. KrisZ

    Ford Hit With 1.7 Billion Verdict on F250 Roof Collapse

    Apparently their integrity is the same as the roofs they put on their trucks, which as it turn out is almost non existent 🤣
  8. KrisZ

    WBAL TV Baltimore: Speed cameras to start enforcement in I-95 work zone.

    More feel good ideas that are ultimately designed to generate revenue, not make things safer.
  9. KrisZ

    iOS 16 turned on “Web” in the background

    Got the 16 version few days ago and not a lot is going on with it. Lots of features were added that were on android for years now, like more customizable Lock Screen, battery percentage can be shown all the time, notification on the Lock Screen are on the bottom now so they are easier to reach...
  10. KrisZ

    2020 Grand Cherokee SRT - 20,000km update

    @OVERKILL your threads have been on fire lately 🤣 It’s good to hear you got this issue resolved. Regarding your dad buying the Jeep off of you, are there perhaps aftermarket running boards that would automatically lower to ease ingress for your mom, sort of like in many new pickups? May be...
  11. KrisZ

    *Investors Blog*

    Exactly, while some industries are impacted, others are not, but the narrative is the same, blame the chip shortage. For example, news for Nvidia came out and it turns out they were selling their cards to miners or hoarding the cards themselves in order to keep the supply low and skyrocket the...
  12. KrisZ

    *Investors Blog*

    It’s a shortage in the sense that the supply went to others because car companies cut their chip orders in early 2020. So it is an issue of their own doing, but they like to cry about it as if it was outside of their control. They screwed up, plain and simple.
  13. KrisZ

    *Investors Blog*

    Cars sales are below 2021 levels and have largely remained flat. We are entering into the slow months, so I’m not sure where you’re getting that the “automotive sector continues to grow” from. Do you mean new cars use significantly more chips than in 2021, 2020? Is that the growth you’re...
  14. KrisZ

    How do minivan sliding doors work?

    This is most likely the door lock actuator problem, you will need to get to the inside of the door, which is apparently not the easiest. The sliding mechanism is most likely fine.
  15. KrisZ

    *Investors Blog*

    TSMC is reporting chip order cuts due to decrease demand and corps hoarding chips. That ship probably sailed quite a while ago, but it’s an easy thing to blame your troubles on.
  16. KrisZ

    Rotating/Swivel Car Seats

    Not familiar with these seats, but I got the most secure and tight installation using the specific anchor points, similar to the picture below. Any other seat that I had to use the vehicle’s seat belts I could never get tight and solid, they always moved around.
  17. KrisZ

    No AMD CPU driver support?

    As @OVERKILL noted, CPUs don'd have drivers, unless it's for an onboard graphics. But since you're looking there, I would check the drives for the chipset, see if they have an updated one.
  18. KrisZ

    Lithium-ion battery excitement!

    Wow, good thing this bad boy didn't catch on fire.
  19. KrisZ

    Mostly new build

    Yeah, you will be able to use it just fine Here is an example from Asus. You have four PCIe M.2 slots. Some even have 5! Not sure about the new Intel, but it will probably be similar in this regard.
  20. KrisZ

    Mostly new build

    WOW! That will be one high end gaming machine. And the new X670 board will support 3x m.2 drives but probably with different PCIe speeds. My current B550 board has two m.2 drives. But one is PCIe 4.0 and the other PCIe 3.0. Not a big deal for me.