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  1. alcyon

    Noise on decel, some kind of rattle.

    The whole story is, my diff (RWD) had a mild clunk when shifting from N to D and from N to R, or P to R. It also had a whine when engine braking long downslopes. Since Mk3 Supra/Gen2 Soarers are notorious for crush sleeve issues after decades of use, I decide to rebuild the diff with a "pro". He...
  2. alcyon

    SVL by Dana. What does it all mean.

    Here is an excerpt from their website : English isn't my first language, but don't some of these terms seem contradictory or mutually exclusive ? What is your experience with SVL parts ? I am considering buying a Ring and Pinion set.
  3. alcyon

    Is All Dexron III-H/M the Same?

    Use PENNZOIL after 1983 Dex II/DEX III fluid.
  4. alcyon

    Classic Cars - How Often Do You Drive It

    I do 6000km a year.
  5. alcyon

    Classic Cars - How Often Do You Drive It

    Every week or every other week. Sometimes no driving it up to 2 months due to rebuild/repairs.
  6. alcyon

    Rockauto Wholesaler Closeout

    Mine came all A-ok
  7. alcyon

    Feeling satisfaction from DIY

    Yes it is fulfilling, especially after some paid mechanics got it wrong the first time and I got it right. Recently I had a clunking in my diff when shifting from N to D and N to R. So I asked a so called pro to rebuild my diff with crush sleeve eliminator. He changes all the bearings but re...
  8. alcyon

    Catastrophic engine failure - share your stories

    My single piston Honda Ex5 motorcycle timing chain tensioner broke and engine just died while I was 20km away from home.
  9. alcyon

    Cars that should not be a 4 door.

    Mazda RX-8,what were they thinking.
  10. alcyon

    Transmission Service - Changing Fluid - Drains and Fill vs flush
  11. alcyon

    Penrite HPR-5 5W-40 some questions

    So I guess there will some drop in fuel economy vs Shell Helix Ultra that has like 12.8cst at 100c ?
  12. alcyon

    Penrite HPR-5 5W-40 some questions

    I recently came a cross a dealer selling this oil at a good price to me. It comes in a 5L bottle. I see that it's 100C viscosity is on the higher end of the 40 scale, at 14+ cst. Anyone used this before ? Also interested to know it's base oil class, a group3 or group 3 with some 4? This is just...
  13. alcyon

    Nanny Auto Devices

    It's fine as long as you aint keeping the car for 20 years or more.
  14. alcyon

    Anyone Following This Whole Trevor Jacobs Crash ?

    Sadly there plenty more on social media.
  15. alcyon

    The start of my weight loss journey..

    Looks like it cost you an arm.
  16. alcyon

    The Ultimate "Thickie"

    Lol thought it was gonna be 75W-100.
  17. alcyon

    Kelley Blue Book

    They are throwing the book at you.
  18. alcyon

    Coasting in neutral

    Any idea if 1980s ECU does this too ?