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    Who heard the quote from the Shell exec ?

    This morning on the radio there was a quote from one of the top Shell oil exec's where he was basically saying how good Americans had it compared to the price per gallon of gas in other countries, he specifically stated that the cost of a gallon of gas in this country was less than other certain...
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    Dello 400 @ OReilly's

    Stopped by the local OReillys today and every jug of Delo 15w-40 was marked at 7.99(gal.), this is down from 8. something that I have been seeing it for at various places for the past year. Not really a special but thought I would give ya'll the heads up. I really went in to look over the ATF...
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    Exxon/Mobil ATF

    Since the reformulation of the M1 ATF i've been looking at what to stock up on for the future as I need a straight Mercon ATF, no dual use need apply. I know i want a synthetic but while I was in a loacal Exxon station last night I noticed two dino ATF's not seen in a while in these parts, at...
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    Castrol oil selector and NA diesel oil recommendations

    I posted this over on the car and truck gas oil forum, but rightly it really about the diesel oil selection , so thought I would make a new topic here for it. Any thoughts? I'm not so sure about those product selectors . Here is an oddity that I have noticed and just re-verified, go to the...
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    HD Engine Lubricant sensitivities

    Interesting article on fuel economy oils and HD engines: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    Auto-Rx in an edger, how long would you say?

    Idea struck me yesterday when i fired up the gas powered edger, I'm sure this unit is seriously sludged. About 10+ years old, gets run maybe 15 min every 1 to 2 weeks, I thought "what a perfect candidate for my newly arrived Autorx'. still starts on the first pull, but it went thru several...
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    Motorcraft green coolant-?is it Havoline

    <blockquote>quote:<hr />Originally posted by PFP: <strong> I've noticed that the packaging for MC green is identical to Havoline green, same color of container, same shape and markings. Havoline is half the price at my local auto parts place. It's website says it is low silicate and meets the...