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    Click noise when I turn my AC on or off.

    I have a 2001 pontiac grand prix 3800 v6. When I turn my AC off or ON, I hear a click. Is this anything to worry about?
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    Fuel pump lifetime

    I recently changed my fuel pressure sensor in my 2001 Pontiac grandprix with 118k miles. I am wondering if this is a sign that my fuel pump will go bad soon. Does anyone ever had their fuel pump go bad after their fuel pressure sensor stopped working.
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    My neighbor bought a new car.

    So my neighbor replaced her 4runner and bought a new RAV4 because her battery died. Some people just buy new car for stupid reasons.
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    PP HM 5W30 for $22.81, QS HMFS 5W30 for $ 18.97 and QS HM syn blend 5w30 for $14.67 at
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    LIQUI MOLY SpecialTec LL 5W30 Full Synthetic Motor Oil 5 liter @ AAP for $21 Same price as QS full synthetic 5W30 at walmart.
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    Is this legit website?

    I always thought walbro and walbro fuelsystems are the same thing but on the website it states ( "Notice of Non-Affiliation and Disclaimer is not affiliated, or officially connected with Walbro® or TI Automotive®. The official websites for Walbro®...
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    Can Fuel treatment cleaner help with fuel pump's longevity?

    I have a 2001 Pontiac grand prix with 117K miles, I never changed my fuel pump. Does using Techron complete system cleaner help with longevity of a fuel pump?
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    Denso first time fit spark plugs wires on GM vehicles and

    I bought Denso first time fit spark plug wires for my car 3800 V6 as it was cheaper than AC Delco wires. I learned that Denso first time fit is second tiered similar to AC Delco professional. Any one has experience with Denso first time fit spark plug wires in a GM vehicles.
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    CPS sensor failure in 3800v6?

    Is it worth changing a crank position sensor as a preventative maintenance in my 2001 Pontiac grandprix?
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    " Some Group III base oils outperform POA based Group IV"

    Pennzoil website states that "Synthetics made from Group III oil can, in some cases, outperform those made in Group IV oils in some areas". Do you guys agree with this? If so which Group III oil is known to outperform Group IV oils?
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    Quaker state full synthetic vs Quaker state full synthetic ultimate durability

    Is QSUD same as QS full synthetic? In Walmart I could only find Quaker state full synthetic but not ultimate durability.
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    Fram ultra filter XG 10158

    Has anyone used Fram ultra XG10158 in their 4runner? It is almost three times the price of OEM or WIX 57173, Fram ultra is made in Korea while the Wix Is made in China. There is no metal mesh in Fram ultra, is it worth to use it over Toyota or WIX oil filter?
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    What is considered as good preventative maintenance and bad preventative maintenance?

    I have a 2001 Pontiac grand prix 3800 V6 with 117000 miles. I want be proactive and keeit for a while at least the used car market comes back to normal, say two or three years. Is replacing all the old parts with new parts considered a good preventative maintenance? given my car is 21 years old.
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    Can thicker oil prevent rocker arm failures in Pentastar 3.6 V6?

    Planning to buy a Ram 1500 V6, wondering if a thicker oil would ensure longer engine life.
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    Mobil 1 and 3.6 Pentastar

    A fleet manager told me that his vans and trucks with 3.6 V6 pentastar engine doesn't like Mobil 1 but likes Pennzoil. Is that true pentastar V6 doesn't like Mobil 1?
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    What brand of oil filter is this?

    I removed the oil filter from my 4runner after 7000 miles. It looks great given it's a quick lube filter, honestly this quick lube filter looks in great condition, structurally stiff, better than the made in China wix 57173 filter I replaced with. I believe this filter is better for the money...
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    AutoZone Quaker state conventional 10w30 or 5w30 5 quarts for $10.

    Check at your AutoZone locations near you.
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    I changed the oil without changing the filter?

    I just changed oil after 7000 miles in my 4runner after struggling with oil drain plug, it was pitch black but I couldn't remove the oil filter housing so I drained the oil and put Pennzoil platinum 0W-20 ( bought through rebate) leaving the old filter. My question is will it be okay if I...
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    Is there a Wix XP filter for 5th gen 4runner?

    The only wix filter for 4runner is wix 57173 and there is no Napa platinum version that I could find. Rockauto has the same price for OEM Toyota filter and wix. Is there a XP filter for 2016 4runner?
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    5w30 full synthetic vs 10w30 full synthetic

    My 3800 V6 never had synthetic in the past 10 years. I mostly drive in the city, less than 4 miles. I am currently using 5w30 Napa blend. I live in a place where it rarely go below 40 degree. If I want to switch to fully synthetic, is 10w30 better than 5w30?