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    How big is a Micron?

    Take the thickness of an ordinary dollar bill (or ordinary sheet of copy paper), visualize dividing that thickness into 100 equal parts, then each one is equal to a micron. Or in other words, there are 100 microns in the thickness of a dollar bill.
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    E-Code Headlight Restoration

    Off-topic but interesting story. In the late 70's (that's 1970's) I was running 7" Cibie Z-beams in my car. I actually got pulled over by the local Officer Krupke who proceeded to harangue me because "my headlights were too bright, they must be illegal". He was right of course with Z-beams...
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    Merrick Tools Cam Lock Sockets These are the lug nut-mainly sockets with cammed sides built-in so they grab the sides of the nuts, even bulged (swollen) nuts so you don't have to pound a socket onto the nut. I guess they were a big hit at SEMA 2021. I signed up for the "opportunity" to purchase a...
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    Nokian Hakka R3 vs Nordman 7

    I've been running the Nordman 7 SUV for 5 winters now. I love them. They are smooth and fairly quiet for a dedicated winter tire, and they were very reasonable as far as cost. I chose these over a studless-type winter tire because they should have a longer tread life, and they were much cheaper...
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    Back in the '80s

    Back in the 80's.... I paid almost TEN GRAND for a brand new '83 Honda Accord sedan
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    2010 Honda CR-V Battery Upgrade - No more 51R!

    3rd generation CR-V is 2007 to 2011, 4th generation is 2012 to 2016 For the 2016 I had to make no modifications to any bracket or mounting hardware save the new bigger tray. All brackets including the top hold-down and J-hook risers fit the larger 24F perfectly. Off topic, but my daughter has...
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    2010 Honda CR-V Battery Upgrade - No more 51R!

    Not sure about these generation cars but the follow-on CR-V's spec a 24F for Canadian models. 51R for US cars, 24F for Canadian, why? The wife has a 2016 and I swapped out her 51R for a 24F using an ebay-sourced battery tray for an Odyssey. Fits like it was designed for the car ;)
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    Replacement window experiences

    I've had all the windows replaced in my house, in two stages, when some were 15 years old and the rest 3 years later (due to cost and $$$ involved). All were the original windows, and each time they took them down to the original window opening and built them so they fit right into the rough...
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    Interstate Batteries

    I'll never buy a Costco Interstate again. Bought one for a Civic last year, kept dying if not used for a week or more. Bought a Duracell from Batteries Plus, paid more, but the car can sit for over 2 weeks and fires right up. Spins the starter so fast I think the car is going to tip over. The...
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    Wagner BriteLite and the quest for better night vision

    I too have been suffering from declining night vision over a period of years. I thought the Philips Extreme Vision bulbs were the most effective upgrade, but when one burned out and I replaced both of them a few years ago, I didn't notice much of an improvement. I thought well maybe I'll just...
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    Discount Tire guarantee, they really honor it

    Long-ish story, but in the end, I am really pleased with Discount Tire and their satisfaction guarantee (if ever you're not satisfied, please feel free to bring it back). I bought a set of Pirelli Scorpion Zero A/S Plus in the OEM 20" size for my Flex last Black Friday. They were mounted and...
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    Best Black Friday Tire deals? Stores, not mail-order

    Well, I wasn't going to buy new rubber for my 2 cars until next Spring due to winter wheels and tires being on now, but who doesn't like to save a few bucks? DT didn't have what I wanted available locally but since I wasn't in a hurry to get them, I went ahead and had them order 2 sets of tires...
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    HP Laserjet printers & aftermarket toner

    I have a couple of HP Laserjet 4000 printers circa 1996 and both have been running for 10+ years on aftermarket toner. They don't see heavy usage, but they're always on and always print when asked. They even work with Win 10 so I see no reason to "upgrade" them. They're perfect for documents as...
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    Installing your own winter tires

    Been swapping tires over myself twice a year on my own car for almost 40 years. I used to break the lug nuts loose with a breaker bar, but since I got a cordless impact, it's much easier. When I picked up a wife 30 years ago, I had to swap her tires over twice a year also, and kids cars for over...
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    Mobil 1 5w-20 5k miles; Ford Flex 3.5L 20k miles

    The 3.5 Duratec is pretty bulletproof, you should get years and years out of it. I had a 2008 Taurus with the same basic motor and got 175000 miles out of it before required massive suspension work made the car untenable. I have a 2010 Flex Ecoboost which is still going strong. I can still...
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    2008 Yamaha VX Cruiser - 20W40?

    I've used both 10W-40 marine oil and 15W-40 diesel oil in my 2008's, got 2 of them. The Yamaha motor is pretty bulletproof on anything, and they're still running strong.
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    Equivalent LED T8/T12 tubes?

    If you want hillbilly easy, then get any Feit brand T12 LED retrofit. These seem to be way more compatible than the Philips retrofits. I replaced 2 old 4ft T12 fluorescent tubes in a 20-year-old magnetic ballast fixture with Feit retrofits and they worked right away. It took me about 3 minutes...
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    Allen key size problem

    Lordy, oh lordy, he says he has a <span style="text-decoration: underline">HEX HEAD</span> SCREW. No wonder his Allen bits don't fit, he needs a box end or open end wrench. Now if he had a hex socket screw that would be different, but he needs to specify head type.
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    Ford tire wear issues?

    NOBODY has reported good tire wear with the factory Hancrap's on a Flex. Most are being replaced by 25k so I think you are completely average. It doesn't seem to matter if it came stock with 18's, 19's, or 20's, most are gone by 25k. My factory Goodyear 20's lasted about 35k, and a set of...
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    Where do I buy Toto toilets? That has them!

    I believe the ADA-compliant models sit a little higher, all others are at a standard height. Maybe 10-12 years ago, my wife and I "gave" each other 2 Toto Drakes for Christmas, 4 total. It helped to have a nephew who was a plumber so he got them at his cost and installed them. We bucked up just...