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    Oil filter for GM 8.1l V8?

    Apparently, the current 'spec' filter for my new truck is a PF454. However, it looks like the PF1218 also fits, and is a MUCH larger filter. Does anybody know where I can find specs on either of these filters? Could there be a difference in bypass valve settings? If there a negative reason for...
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    '98 Mercedes E300TD Rotella T5 10W-30 5k miles

    First sample of my own oil from my '98 E300 TurboDiesel. ~240k miles on it. This is Rotella T5 10W-30 and seems to work VERY well. 0 make-up oil on a 5k mile change interval, and was ~1/4 quart or less down when I changed it. My drive to work is 7 miles each way, and the car sees lots of short...
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    VP Racing Street Legal 5W-30 Syn Blend

    <a class="lb-image-link" rel="shadowbox[181365ad19d90260b0]" href="" title=""><img src=""...
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    New VP Racing Consumer-grade oils?

    It looks like VP has a new line of oils. I don't have a lot of info yet, but aI have a local distributor who's VERY competitive with wholesale pricing and I think I may be switching to this in my shop. Thoughts?? <a class="lb-image-link" rel="shadowbox[181365a6deb6319480]"...
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    Rotella T5 10W-30 in Mercedes OM606?

    I think it's going to run just fine, but I decided to run some T5 10W-30 in the '98 Mercedes turbodiesel that I picked up recently. Why not T6? Because I got ~10 2.5 gallon jugs of the T5 for $15. I'll do a couple UOA's for curiosity's sake, but I'm sure it will be fine. Curious to hear...
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    Motul X-cess 8100 5W-40 BMW 540i

    ~190k mile 540i, first sample. Auto trans, the car has done a couple mountain runs. This is a customers car, not mine. Posted with their permission. <img src="" class="post-image" alt="" />
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    Ferrari F355 oil recommendations

    I have no say in the oil choice in this motor, but I'm installing a freshly rebuilt engine in a '95 355 Spider this weekend and the owner says the local Ferrari guru specifically said 10W-40. From what I can see, Motul 300V is about the only 10W-40 out there even remotely in spec, is it not?
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    Pennzoil Euro L 5W-30?

    What else can this realistically be used in? It looks like VW Diesel only, but if you use the Lubrizo tool to compare the oil specs, it looks like an insanely robust oil, overall. Any thoughts? It's on clearance at Autozone now and I snagged a few dozen quarts, so I may as well figure out what...
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    AC Delco 15W-40?

    Seen that Worldpac has this now, and it's pretty cheap. Anybody know anything about it? I can't seem to find any VOA's (or really, even any UOA's either).
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    Maxlife for '03 BMW 530i?

    I have an '03 530i with the 5 speed zf slushbox. I just bought 6 quarts of Pentosin ATF1 thru my Worldpac account, but I noticed Maxlife also carries the correct BMW approval. I use Maxlife in some asian automatics and I've never had an issue, but you never know with the BMW stuff, and Maxlife...
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    Acceptable coolant for newer Dodge/Chrysler produc

    moms van is a 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan, and I plan to do 3-year coolant drain & fills on it. I can't seem to find an aftermarket replacement for it yet. Apparently they switched from the HOAT's (G-05 mainly) to a new OAT formula, but it doesn't appear anybody but Mopar is reselling it yet?
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    Biodiesel for use in parts washer??

    While trying to search for something to use in my new parts washer, a couple people pointed that I should consider biodiesel. Decent on the hands (really should be wearing gloves anyways), not much smell, good cleaner, not corrosive. I'm assuming the flashpoint is moderately high as well? I'm...
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    Uses for SRT 0W-40?

    Since it's obviously not suitable for any of the euro applications, what would this be good in? As cheap as it is, it's hard not to pick some up. Seems it could be useful in most of the GM roller stuff calling for a 5W-30 yes? What else could we safely use it in? With all of it popping up in...
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    2014 Dodge Grand Caravan transmission fluid check/

    2014 Dodge Grand Caravan transmission fluid check/change questions. Sooo, moms van has about 13k miles on it and I want to do pan drains every 15k. I found Dorman makes a trans pan with a drain plug built in for $25, so I bought one. However, looking into the procedure, it appears the...
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    Supertech DOT3?

    Just saw this recently. Anybody know who makes it? It's very cheap, ~$2 for a 12 oz can.
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    Whats left for 'traditional' green?

    I ask because the older Subaru cars, for example, ran green + a bottle of Subaru cooling system conditioner. Are any of the Napa coolants especially the old school green formula still?
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    Other sues for CVT fluid

    Whats the consensus? I have about 90 quarts of it from the Autozone $1 clearance, and want to see what I can use it for. I'd be shocked if I couldn't use it as a power steering fluid in vehicles that call for Dex/Merc. Thoughts?
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    Need ideas on a part time job

    Long story short, I'm about to quit my day job. Have one part time job lined up (as a BMW technician in a BMW performance shop), and am looking for a 2nd part time gig. I've just confirmed that I can go back to the previous job at a cell phone retailer (that I used to be the #1 store manager...
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    Running conventional in newer Euro cars

    Obviously, I know this could certainly pose warranty issues, but - if changed with a proper OCI, how bad could it really be? I ask because where I work (national auto parts chain) people buy the cheapest stuff to put in their new BMW's, turbo VW's, etc. all day long. Personally, I don't see a...
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    Just changed the oil in a friends '12 Veloster

    Seemed like a good place to use my 3 jugs of the 'old' G-Oil and a Purolator Classic.