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    Split rims on old trucks and trailers

    Whats the deal about them being so dangerous?
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    No smoking in the workplace

    Where I work, they shocked the smokers by having a surprise meeting at the start of the shift by announcing, from this point on, smoking in this building will not be tolorated due to the new city ordinance. Managment didnt keep tabs on the new ordinance and presumed because were not a restaurant...
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    What the heck?

    Anyone care to explain? <small>[ September 10, 2005, 06:22 PM: Message edited by: 59 Vetteman ]</small>
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    What sites for legal, free MP3's?

    I would like to know where I can get free mp3's that are legal. I dont expect the top 40 list is legal to download, mainly indies.... . Where do you guys get your music downloads at and share tips if you have any. I tried Limewire out and dont like the fact I could get sued using it?
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    Chief justice William Rehnquist is dead

    <img border="0" title="" alt="[Smile]" src="images/icons/smile.gif" /> <img border="0" title="" alt="[Frown]" src="images/icons/frown.gif" />
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    Both sides of the isle

    This thread will probablly be locked because this subject breaks the rules but who cares. IMO it's both parties that are more or less equally responsable for the upcoming subject called CRUDE. Yes crude. The democrats dont want the U.S. drilling and building new gas refineries and the...
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    Katrina's positive impact?

    Yes, on our local news the weather guy said hurricane katrina has had a positive impact here in central ohio because our shortage of rainfall for the year is over because of the strong storms and heavy rain we got from the remnats of that system.
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    RX7 rotary , how you check engine condition?

    I have a friend who has an 88' Mazda RX7 with a mint body and interior for $800.00. The car has 140k on it and it's hard to start and lacks power and runs not so great. It has a new set of alloy wheels and tires which cost more then what he's asking for the car. I think I might buy it just for...
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    Pennzoil PZLTURBO 10w30 02' Nissan ser specv, 3106 miles

    Aluminum 2 Chromium 0 Iron 7 Copper 1 Lead 1 Tin 0 Molybdenum 31 Manganese,Titanium,Potassium 0 on all Boron 60 Silicon 6 Sodium 195* Calcium 1116 Magnesium 275 Phosphorus 627 Zinc 503 Barium 0 Flash point was 395. SUS viscosity at 210 was 59.0. No water or fuel dilution present. Insolubles...
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    Pennzoil's new Platinum 0w20 for Hybrid Vehicles oil

    I cruised on the pennzoil site and saw an interesing new oil, Pennzoil Platinum 0w20 for Hybrid Vehicles oil.
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    Stupid odd French tire size on old Mustangs

    Didnt a few mustangs have a rare and now obsolete odd tire size that Michelin made? I know someone who had an old mustang and he put new rims and tires on it because he claimed new tires in the OE size were $1200.00 a set!!
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    mp3 players- what to buy

    I bought a crap RCA mp3 player that has to have the worst included software ever, so bad they try to get you to upgrade it at a cost of $20.00, and even if I wanted to it just freezes anyways and I get the "this program is not responding" window, I have XP. Well thats why Im taking it back to...
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    Firefox and ad/spyware

    I remember not that long ago people bragging about Firefox not getting ad/spyware and it was rare when you did. Is it just me or is Firefox now getting ad/spyware more then ever now?
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    Pennzoil suv truck&minivan oil

    I work at a Wally-world warehouse and they had a flatbed cart full of paint and messy oil jugs that they cant ship to the stores at a cost of a $1.00 donation to charity. I passed on the supertech jugs, but they had 5 quart jugs of pennzoil suv truck&minivan synthetic blend 10w30 SM GF-4 oil...
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    STP motor oil

    Saw some STP motor oil at Dollar general while trying to see if they had any Trop-Artic. The STP oil is GF-4 API SM. Anyone else see the STP oil yet or know who makes it?
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    Oil for a VW 1.8T

    Wife just bought a used VW GTI 1.8T 5 speed. Thinking about using Valvoline premium blue extreme 5w40 synthetic in it. What do you recommend?
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    Valvoline's old chemaloy additive

    Looking at my vintage collection of oil cans in my garage, I ran across an old can of Valvoline 30W racing oil that says, contains chemaloy (not chemalloy) additive. What is it?
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    Natalie Holloway=who cares?

    Not me. Fox news should just change their name to the Natalie Halloway mystery channel. If you think this is a "tragedy" you might want to reconsider if the media would give the same attention if she was fat, ugly and 50 years old. How many unsolved missing person cases are there in the US right...
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    Newer VW reliability

    Wife is looking at an 01' VW GTI with the 1.8T she can buy from a co-worker ($7k firm, but with 74k miles and needs new tires). VW's dont seem to have a very good reliability record from what I see. Anyone know what to expect with these cars as they age?
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    What should I do this weekend?

    My wife gets her first weekend off from work in like forever, she's a hospital RN and working monday-friday isint happening. I must find something to do. Would taking her to watch vintage car races this weekend at Mid-ohio be a wise choice? It might bore her, but there are many amish attractions...