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    How bad were oils in the 1980’s?

    I do recall a particularly odd oil situation in the mid to late 80’s that would imply that oils were not very well formulated and/or quality controlled. Was doing an oil change on my dad’s Oldsmobile. It was a very cold day (probably between 5-15F) and as i recall it was Exxon Superflo 10W-30...
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    Pictures of 2004 Volvo XC70 transmission flush with questions:

    I like the color of your XC70 and the transmission fluid. Both a nice shade of red! That transmission should last a LONG time with the treatment you are giving it. We have three V70Rs in the family with about 260K, 275K, and 312K miles and all are working very well with just a drain and fill...
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    TV Antennas

    Just raised our roof antenna an additional 5 feet (was just slightly above the roof peak). Got a very nice 10 point signal strength increase across all existing channels and getting many more channels now. Was not expecting such a large and solid boost. Used the RCA antenna mast that is...
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    State “stop sale” on Sam’s Club Premium gas

    Not the same, but dad a similar thing happen to me trying to buy eggs at Aldi’s a few weeks back. Got to the register and the eggs wouldn’t ring up. Cashier said there was a “Stop Sale”. Never found out why. One would think that if there was a health and safety issue with a food product, that...
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    Bad gas/wrong octane - wow

    Bad gas happens sometimes. (Talking about refueling cars here.) Ran into this problem with our 06 Honda Odyssey recently while on a trip to Wisconsin. No pinging, but mild occasional hiccups when idling at stop for nearly two tankfuls of gas (and added couple bottles of methanol and...
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    "Lil' Scalper

    Beautiful. I love it. It’s about time someone put fenders over the wheels to prevent those pesky clippings from getting tossed onto my pant legs.
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    Allgauer Bavarian Bier " FESTBIER" case of 24 10.99 FT Lewis CLASS SIX

    I thought you were kidding about “backing the truck up”….but you did, and you have the pictures to prove it.
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    Inner CV oops

    I think you’ll be fine. Did something similar on an 03 Maxima and 04 Volvo V70R, except the CV “pop-out” was not obvious. We could not figure out why we could not get the knuckle to meet up with the strut in both the cars. Lots of frustration until we figured out that the CV pulled apart...
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    OEM Honda Air filter @275k miles

    Could have gone another 25K miles. Haha.
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    Never owned any BITCOIN or the like- but BTC in the high 18k this morning

    Watched Bill Miller talking up Crypto on a PBS WealthTrack episode few months ago. As legendary of an investor as he is (was?), and as confident as he sounded about Bitcoin, i am still unconvinced that it is an investment. Maybe Bill Miller is right and the doubters are wrong, but i doubt that.
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    Lets talk about Bourbon

    Sounds about right with the 30+ brands with multiple variations of each brand. Had to be a 30’ long shelf unit, at least 5 tiers of shelves. This does not include multiple end caps and several stacks on the floor with other promotional bourbons. Some brands had two variations of bourbon...
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    Lets talk about Bourbon

    Running low on the Costco bourbon, which is pretty good. Also liked Woodford Reserve, Elijah Craig, and one of the Old Forester (1492 maybe?). Did not care for 4 Roses small batch and a couple others, like Rebel Yell (haha). Went to one of the really big discount wine/liquor shops here in MA...
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    Can a 2005 Volvo go 300K Miles easily?

    By 3rd Gen, do you mean the SPA platform (2019 and newer)? If so, i agree about the aesthetics. They are about the nicest styled vehicles anywhere (clean, interesting, beautiful, not gimmicky, classic looks). I’m pretty sure i’ll own a nice used one someday. However, if you were referring to...
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    Will the high vehicle prices trickle down to my 500,000 mile Sequoia too?

    Sure. Understand that point of view and i agree with that for the most part. I simply disagree with a broad brush statement that anything around or over 200K miles is somehow ”used up”. A friend of mine just had his new truck break down on him: major engine issue. Probably less than 20K...
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    Will the high vehicle prices trickle down to my 500,000 mile Sequoia too?

    False. What’s “used up“ about a car with 200k if well cared for? I’ve got two Volvo V70R. One with 310K the other with 272K. Nowhere near used up. Very solid, comfortable, fast, great driving vehicles.
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    Wix 51394 7 years in use

    Would love to have a clear filter housing on these lawn equipment motors. That would be interesting. Maybe I’ll push the filter to 300 hours (maybe). Good quality oil has to have a beneficial impact these days. I remember changing the oil on my dad’s mowers and lawn tractors in my younger...
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    Wix 51394 7 years in use

    Yup. I was replacing the filters on a kohler two cylinder every 50 hours until I saw how clean the filter was. Planning to keep the currentsFram 7575 filter on it for at least 200 hrs. Oil gets changed twice a year and is always clean. Would change filter more often if the engine was sludged...
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    Celebratory smoke

    Nice smoking rig! I misread the heading…i thought it said Celebrity Smoke, thinking that this was about famous people smoking meats or something else. This is much better. Happy food smoking!
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    Heat Pump Water Heater

    I have a Bradford White 50 gallon heat pump hybrid water heater located in basement of our Massachusetts home. This has taken over hot water making duty from our oil fired boiler that provides baseboard hydronic heat. We like it a lot and run it in heat pump mode all the time with exception of...
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    Pat Goss of Motorweek has passed away

    RIP Pat. Introduced MW to my kids.…good show. One of my sons does a great Pat Goss impression. Always enjoyed watching Pat on MW since the beginning on regular old fashioned TV, but now stream PBS shows on Roku. The last MW episode i watched was quite good/informative with Pat talking...