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    Smoky Subaru Forester

    My grandmother's(passed many years ago) old auto Subaru Forester(98)/100k is dripping some sort of thin fluid onto the exhaust around CV joints and making lots of smoke. Are there typical sources for this like diff or AWD? He is ready to donate it instead of fixing/selling.
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    Samba Share Windows 7 not remembering password

    I have Banana Pi running OpenMediaVault as a DIY NAS that works pretty well for the $50 spent and a variety of old laptop HDD's in $6/each usb enclosures. The annoying thing is if I map a drive in Win7 pro it forgets the credentials on reboot. It is hooking using SAMBA. Any experience with this?
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    pirelli p7 cinturato all season plus Legacy GT

    We recently purchased pirelli p7 cinturato all season plus to replace really chopped up tires for our 2005 Legacy GT wagon in 215/45/17. I think prior chop was bad ball joint which was required during alignment ($270 <img src="/forums/graemlins/crazy.gif" alt="crazy" title="crazy" height="15"...
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    Michelin Premier A/S vs Pilot Sport A/S 3

    I am looking at these two models to replace well worn tires on my wife's 2005 Legacy turbo wagon with 215/45/17's and 180k on the odometer. The Premier's cost $630 installed vs Pilot Sport A/S 3 $600 installed locally after a rebate. Premier has longer(warranty) life? at 60k vs 45k on Pilot...
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    Jeep Renegade

    I noticed these start to trickle in locally at our Jeep dealer. I have seen one on the road. Oddly Jeep has never been my thing but there is something about this vehicle that is extremely appealing. I think it may actually do well as there is nothing quite like this out.
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    Okay to drive for another 10k?

    I know these tires are well done(approaching wear bar) however they perform decently enough in the rain. I want to maximize life out of them (47k on Yokohama Avid Enveagor) as I never ran tires this long. My questions is are these cracks anything to be concerned about for another 5k-10k (before...
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    2016 ILX massive improvement

    I used the dealer recently for some work on my MDX and they always hand out a loaner. Previously I got a TSX wagon(nice!) and an ILX they apologized about. The 2016 ILX I saw with a window sticker of $28k is really a nice car. The engine has wonderful power and shifting was decent. I believe an...
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    Why are minivans and pickups so bad in icy driving

    Driving today in extremely icy conditions in my Acura MDX the only vehicles to fling off the road x 7 were pickup trucks including 3 rollovers onto roof (newish Tundra, Dakota, Colorado) in the same general area. Do they lack any saftety standards in terms of rollover protection or stability...
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    Why I own AWD Suv

    <div class="video-container"><iframe frameborder="0" width="640" height="360" src="" allowfullscreen></iframe></div> This driveway at our winter getaway had to get plowed by backhoe as it was up to mirrors. It drifts like crazy due to open fields and...
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    1 year mark with Nokian WR G2 SUV

    This is my one year update on Nokian WR G2 SUV. Its an H-rated all-season that is apparently winter tire rated with a snowflake that it meets something for snow tires. The tires was a tad pricey $860 for a 07 Acura MDX. I feel they were a tad squishy on dry cornering compared to prior...
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    Snow blowing gloves

    Hi I desperately need a pair of tough work gloves that also very warm to use basically for snowblowing. Waterproof enough and durable. I buy a cheap pair of gloves and they get soaked and rip on the metal of the levers etc. Budget is (<=$125) I keep gloves a long time(ski gloves/mittens I have...
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    Xfinity sneaking in hotspots! loving it!

    It seems like an invasion of using you as a public wifi hotspot with the new xfinity internet routers. Basically they offer a secure wifi for your own network and also a xfinitywifi public broadcast from your home that is accessible by anyone who has a xfinity login/password. I finally can stop...
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    Very Tempted but Sailun Tires

    There is a black Friday special going on at local tire chain. Buy two tires get two tires free for "value brands". I don't need but always wanted winter tires for my MDX with oddball 255/55R18 that are typically expensive. Approx $170-$200+/tire for winter tires uninstalled on For...
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    VOIP quality for work

    VOIP is tempting on price but what is the catch? Is it good enough for personal conversation but ho hum for telecommuters? I work 40hrs/week from home. Google Hangouts quality is incredible with video. However I try it with connections to phone and quality is mixed from excellent to choppy and...
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    iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6+ (big screen Android owners)

    I am an unlimited data plan holder for Verizon that does not allow for upgrades(eg I pay full retail). I have an offer for $200 for my current and well used iPhone 4s in dire need of new battery & 3g data speed is painful which makes it palatable to upgrade. The iPhone 6+ looks very tempting...
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    Kohler and fuel flooding oil

    My kohler 16hp(2003ish) would not turn over so I checked oil and smelled fuel. I drained out the oil(usually 1+ quart) and nearly filled a gallon jug up! I replaced oil. Two questions 1) it likely will continue leaking some fuel in, does this ruin oil or can it take some? I need to mow lawn...
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    Windows License Key

    My two older computers(T500 & Lenovo u460) went from dog slow/not used to installing a $60 PNY 120GB SSD making them snappy and quick for wife & kids. I own Win 7 pro upgrade (from XP) and Home>Pro licenses. I also had the license on a sticker long worn off the buttom of each computer. That is...
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    Quality Windows version of Mac Book Air

    Any suggestions of a Windows version of the Mac Book Air? My niece is going to college in the fall and was wondering about suggestions of high quality Windows notebooks that similar to Mac Book air. Look for >=i5 and 128GB SSD Or just buy the Apple? I only buy Thinkpad since 1998 so I know...
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    Repaired Motor (Major)

    I recently had a valve job done to my 2005 Legacy GT(turbo) wagon w/166k due to a burned valve. Due the engine removal a pleathora of parts were changed out. The mechanic for good measure and unsure of condition of piston/rings replaced the rings on the pistons and honed it. We have been...
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    Engine work

    My 2005 Legacy GT(turbo 2.5L) w/170k went in for a burned valve/loss of compression on a cylinder. The heads were machined/rebuilt. The mechanic peeked into engine further to replace rings only and do something called honing cylinders. This service was $400 extra. He stated rings were worn as...