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    Nitrogen in the Shell gasoline?

    What does THAT mean?
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    So, I took the Cadillac...

    Ma's 1990 Eldorado.. 82,000 miles, lived in the garage it's whole life, maintained to a "T". She didn't drive it, but my sis and I drove her around in it when we were in town. It was Pop's, and she maintained it for sentimental reasons, and maintained it well. So, no one wanted it after Ma...
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    Motorcraft Synthetic Blend

    I'm more than impressed! 5W20, I changed it back in the last week of Feb., and after a 1000 or 1500 miles of short trips in cold weather, I've put another 4000 miles of long trips on it (5500 miles total on this OCI with an AA store branded Purolator Premium 14459 dixie cup filter), it hasn't...
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    12-15% Ethanol?

    So are cars going to handle the stuff? Motorcycles? The proponents don't care, obviously, they just want to recoup their investment in the corn-cookers. I suspect my 2008 Hyundai is built for it (some of the articles say most new cars can run on E-85 without harm even if they aren't officially...
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    Informative Coolant Table

    <a href="" target="_blank">Coolants</a>
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    Sticker Shock!

    Boy, got my eyes opened at AA last night. $8.09/qt for PP? $8.99 for M1, $9.59 for EP. All the dino was nearly $4.00 and curiously, YB Pennzoil was $3.39 for 5W20, $3.79 for 5W30. I suppose it's safe to say the refineries are NEVER to allow prices to drop to the old levels, no?
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    Sustained, fairly high-speed

    Well, relatively, anyway. 2008 1.6L four-banger Hyundai 5-Speed, this OCI has about 6K out of 7K on PP 5W20 at Interstate speeds, 65-80 or 85. RPMs run at a steady 80ish around 4000-4400. Gold Purolator filter. Not using a drop, the oil is darker than new, not black. Is this severe service, hard...
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    Temps vs Pressures

    So, I run my tires at around 32f/30r, give or take. Higher pressures are a little more efficient but pretty had on the suspension, so I keep em to spec. First night the temps dropped to 12 or so, I had a TPMS light for a low tire. I checked them, they were around 24psi, but it was a little...
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    Fumoto Sponsor?

    I go long drain these days, so I don't sweat the drain plug so much, but for UOA purposes, I wouldn't mind a Fumoto on this new car (I was a moron and left the last one on the lemon I traded). I bought it on an outfit on the board that used to give us Bitoggers a 10% disco and when I write...
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    M1 EP 5W-30 consensus

    2008 Hyundai Accent. 1.6 liter 4, non turbo. No redline runs, I shift at two or three thousand RPM, period. 7500 miles total on the car, 6500 miles of that 7500 on M1 EP5W-30. Oil is very, very little darker than when it went in. Golden, rather than yellow, but not even brown even on the stick...
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    M1 Pricing at AA

    7.68 for EP 5W30, 6.98 for regular and 0W20. Is that comparable to your area?
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    So here I sit with my brand new headlights..

    On my 2008 Accent sedan. The plastic is crystal clear, perfect and lovely. Now. How do I keep them that way? I've never had a rock situation with the plastic headlights, but the fogging, fading, and clouding is another issue. I saw the remarks about rock-blockers. But what do I do about the...
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    VERY solid puke tank..

    New 2008 Accent Sedan, 1.6L (again, same as my 2005GT). On every car I ever had, the recovery tank was no more substantial than the W/S washer tank with the same snap on, non-airtight cap as the W/S fluid tank. On this new one, the cap is screw on, has a heavy rubber seal, and the structure of...
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    The company line on break in?

    New Hyundai. 1.6 Liter four-banger with the CVVT. Owner's manual says 70MPH tops, mix up the brake usage without a lot of hard stops, maintain these conditions for the first 1200 miles. What are you folks hearing? A few runs to redline? None? Break it in easy or hard, or just drive it like I...
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    Wow! My new Car Specs ILSAC GF3!

    Through repeated hassling with the factory, dealer, and letters of complaint, I was offered an attractive buyback of my 05 Accent (which has been enormous trouble service-wise since purchased new), and replacement with a 2008 Accent, the fine details of which I won't trouble with here. Suffice...
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    Wow! 100MPG for every car!

    I gotta get me one of these! Engineers? Possible or no? <a href="" target="_blank">Pre Ignition Catalytic Converter</a>
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    Regular vs. Premium

    Back in the day when gas was say 2.20 for regular and 30 and 40 and 50 cents more for Premium, why is premium merely the same or so more when the price of regular is pushing or over 4.00? Proportionately, premium is much cheaper. I know there's something I'm missing here. <img...
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    Strategic Reserve

    No political interest here whatsoever, just curious-they voted on the Hill today to stop adding to the Reserve. I think they said they dump in 70,000-100,000 bbl/day. Not a lot compared to our usage. I know on a few occasions we've "loaned" portions of the reserve. But my question goes to...
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    Anyone know which brands' base oils are GroupII+? Is there a recent listing somewhere? The way these folks change formula without much consultation with the public, I'm just wondering..
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    You engineers out there? Stonehenge Guy.

    Folks like these (jeez, folks like some of Yall here, for that matter), the stuff they come out with, the stuff they know, the stuff they do amaze me. I am humbled. Ya gotta check this guy out if you never saw these. <a href=""...